What Is An Iron Cord Minder?

Have you had problems with the electric cord of your iron getting stuck on the corner of your ironing board, restricting the distance you can iron? You’ll understand if you iron a lot. 

If you iron regularly, you are bound to get more frustrated with the cord on your iron, which constantly seems to get in the way. Of course, ironing over the cable is not a good idea, but attempting to focus on your ironing while also keeping watch of the connection may get tiring.

Do you have a wide ironing board  and wish you had a longer cable so you could iron anywhere on your more oversized top? How many of you have hoped you could use a cordless iron?

So, we have found the next best thing, and it may be the best $20 you spend all year. We discovered a method that did not necessitate the use of a long extension cord. Instead, we recommend you try an iron cord holder. This nifty invention has made ironing much more straightforward for people all over the globe.

Keep reading to find out about this fabulous invention and how it can help you in your ironing dilemmas!

What Is An Iron Cord Minder?

The Flexible Iron Cable Minder got invented to hold the cord up and be out of the way. That is like adding a third hand that keeps the cable away from the ironing board at all times. This holder attaches to your ironing board and accommodates both right and left-handed ironing styles. Furthermore, the arm fits snugly when not used, making it easy to store.

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Why Should You Invest In An Iron Cord Minder?

There are so many reasons why you should invest in an iron cord minder, and we decided to make a list for them! So you can learn why they are the best; we are sure you will be running to the store to get yourself one!

  • The Ironing Board Cord Minder keeps cables safely out of the way when ironing.
  • It effortlessly elevates your cable out of the way and connects to the most common ironing boards with an adjustable clamp.
  • While ironing, the flexible design moves with the string. Therefore, it is flexible and may get utilized by both right- and left-handed persons.
  • When you’re ironing, the spring-loaded wand keeps the power cable out of the way.
  • When not in use, the iron cord minder is lengthy and clips neatly out of the way.
  • While ironing, keep the cable in place. It helps prevent twisting of the line when ironing, keeps your wires out of unnecessary danger, and prevents stumbling over the cord while ironing.
  • Can use Cord Minder for any hand-held device, including irons, glue guns, hand-held power tools, and kitchen appliances. It easily fits all standard ironing boards.
  • Mounts to any craft table or surface with ease.
  • Cords get carefully kept out of the way, and the swivelling arm allows for unrestricted mobility. Never again will you have to iron over your cable.
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Features of An Iron Cord Minder

The iron cord minder has many features that make it a worthwhile purchase. These features set it apart from all the other DIY projects that are bound to fail since they are not the real deal. Here are some of the characteristics that will entice you to get your iron cord minder!

1. A cord that can get adjusted

Don’t ever iron or trip over another cable again with a tall spring-based cord minder, which connects to any ironing board and gently lifts your cord out of the way as you move your hot iron across your garments.

2. Base that rotates

With the minder securely fastened to the board, you may concentrate on your pressing rather than the cable. The wand spins 360 degrees on the clamp base, making it suitable for right and left-handed users.

This holder clamps into your ironing board and accommodates your ironing skills, whether you are right or left-handed; moreover, the arm folds down when not in use, making it easier to store.

3. A long spring base

Think about it – a garment that got ironed with both hands often appears more immaculate than anyone ironed, including one hand and another struggling with the wire. With the cord minder in charge of the cord’s movement, you have the other hand you’ve always needed to draw taut cuffs, folds, and arms for the finest in immaculate fashion.

4. A clamp that is built to last

The looped shape of the cord minder allows it to twist and stretch with the stroking action of your iron, ensuring that you’re not hampered or pulled to an unpleasant halt. A heavy-duty clamp tightens and secures the board by tightening the attached nylon bushing until it is secure.

Frequently asked questions

Some people are still confused about the cord minder even after looking at the long list of things that can compel anyone to buy an iron cord minder for themselves. Maybe you are one of them!

To put your mind to ease, we have answered all of your frequently asked questions, so you know what you will be receiving once you decide to get one of these handy-dandy iron cord minders.

1.    Is It Durable?

Yes! An iron cord minder is a durable product that will stay to help you out for a long time! No need to worry if you need to keep replacing them; make sure you buy the more reliable ones!

2.    What Are The Dimensions Of The Product?

The dimensions of any product vary from seller to seller, but the most common sizing we have observed is a 20 inches cord!

3.    How Does An Iron Cord Minder Work?

It is a straightforward device that consists of a metal clamp and an upright rod. A spring with a long loop on end sits on top of the rod. The clamp is attached to the ironing board’s edge. The Iron Cable Minder also includes an electric socket on the clamp; connect the Iron Cord Minder’s electric cord into a wall outlet to make the socket active.

You may put the iron cord into the clamp’s plug after passing it through the big loop on the end of the spring. Simply connecting the iron cable into the Iron Cord Minder allows you to use the whole length of the iron cord to cover the ends of the ironing board.

3.    What is the difference between an Iron Cord Minder and an Iron Cord Holder?

Nothing – these are just different names for the same thing. You’ll see them sold as both online.

Final thoughts from Pat the Cleaning Queen

The Flexible Iron Cable Minder got created to keep the cord in place and out of the way. It acts like that extra hand you want while ironing anything. Things can get pretty annoying when you  are pressing your clothes, and the cord keeps coming in the way

The Iron Cable Holder extends the iron’s cord by six feet. The most pleasing element, though, is the vertical spring rod; when you are ironing at the far end of the board and returning, it keeps the wire out from the way.

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