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Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

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Scroll down to see my long list of comprehensive vacuum cleaner reviews, cleaning tips and household recommendations. I regularly update the ‘What I am using right now’ section to keep you in the loop with the equipment I have on high rotation in my home.

The humble household vacuum cleaner is not the sort of thing you want to be upgrading regularly. My best advice is to buy the best vacuum you can afford. This approach will ensure you get the best functionality for a healthy, dust mite free home. And you’ll also save yourself the hassle of having to buy again anytime soon. A high quality vacuum could last you 10+ years if treated properly

The Vacuums I am using most right now

As of Sept 2021 


Dyson Ball Multi 2

Makes cleaning feel like a genuine breeze!
car vacuum cleaner

VACPOWER Handheld Vacuum

Whips out in no time to do a small job well!
mopnado product review


Takes the chore out of mopping!

Vacuum Cleaner Reviews