What Is A UV Light Vacuum Cleaner?

Throughout the years, there have been variations of vacuum cleaners. As the year increases, so does the quality of vacuum cleaners. The UV light vacuum cleaner is getting increasingly popular, but there’s a lack of information about what it is. Most people are confused about what it does and what it doesn’t. 

In this article, we will talk about uv sanitizing vacuum cleaners and how they are different from regular vacuums, the benefits they provide, and key features to look for in one.

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What is a UV light vacuum cleaner?

Before the popularity of a uv light vacuum cleaner, many people relied on iron to kill bed bugs or dust mites. People use other ways to eliminate pesky insects, such as diatomaceous earth. These methods have proven effective but strenuous compared to using uv sanitizing vacuum cleaners

A uv vacuum cleaner is equipment that uses uv light to clean various surfaces. Via its radiation, dust mites, germs, bacteria, or mold can be effectively cleaned from the surface. They prevent the growth of microorganisms on surfaces. 

One major way that uv sanitizing vacuum cleaners are superior to other methods of getting rid of dust mites is that they can work on any surface. So you can get rid of dust mites from the carpet or rug and your bed and sofas. Also, the equipment cleans dust depending on the type you buy, and it can purify your air through its HEPA filter. 

A note about the UV sanitizing vacuum...

UV light vacuum cleaner can eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms while other methods can’t. The vacuum can also clean dirt, dust, and debris. The importance of using uv sanitizing vacuum cleaners cannot be overemphasized. 

Note that uv sanitizing vacuum cleaners do not kill bed bugs or dust mites; rather, they suck them out. With that said, you cannot rely on the uv light alone. The suction of the vacuum has to be powerful to effectively suck out the bed bugs. According to sciencedaily.com, researchers have shown that uv light, in addition to the suction and brushing of a vacuum cleaner, can eliminate more microorganisms from surfaces than when you vacuum alone.

Many people have concerns over using a uv light vacuum cleaner, but there’s been no case of complications when people use uv sanitizing vacuum cleaners. It’s children and pets friendly. Since the UV light is inbuilt, you’re not in direct contact with it, but please don’t point it to your skin, eyes, or pets. According to RAYCOP, a popular manufacturer of uv light vacuum cleaners, ultraviolet light with wavelengths longer than 200nm does not produce ozone which can pose harm to individuals. 

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Where You Can Use UV Sanitizing Vacuum Cleaner

These are the common places where people use uv sanitizing vacuum cleaners.

1. Homes

Homes are one of the places that require a uv light vacuum cleaner. This is because our homes are full of bacteria and germs, and two places we often overlook cleaning are our beds and couches. These places have lots of bacteria that regular vacuums can’t effectively clean. 

UV sanitizing vacuum cleaners can get rid of dust mites and, at the same time, kill bacteria and germs. Using a uv light vacuum cleaner at home is safe, but don’t stare directly into the UV light.

2. Hospitals

More hospitals are using a uv light vacuum cleaners to disinfect the hospital floors, beds, furniture, etc. They use uv sanitizing vacuum cleaners as a way to eradicate germs and bacteria from places we’d typically overlook. 

3. Professional Setting

You can use a uv light vacuum cleaner in your workplace, schools, restaurants, or any professional setting. 

Note that there’s no limit to where you can use uv sanitizing vacuum cleaners.

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Features Of a UV Light Vacuum Cleaner

1. Lightweight

UV sanitizing vacuum cleaners are lightweight, which makes them easy to store and carry around. Some appear bulkier than others, but one thing they have in common is their lightweight. Some are handheld which allows you to clean your chairs, upholstery, or beds. The lightweight feature of uv light vacuum cleaners will enable you to clean without stress. 

2. HEPA Filter

Another feature of uv sanitizing vacuum cleaners is that they use HEPA filters. A HEPA filter is a high-efficiency air filtration system that removes up to 99.7% of mold, pollen, dust, and other airborne particles of 0.3 microns. This filter keeps your home’s air clean and eliminates allergens that can trigger asthmatic and allergic reactions. According to WebMD, HEPA filters work by pushing air through a fine mesh that traps harmful particles from returning to the air while cleaning.

3. UV Light

A key feature of uv sanitizing vacuum cleaners is that they use UV light to trap dust mites on surfaces, including sofas, beds, floors, etc. The UV light prevents the multiplication of dust mites and kills viruses and bacteria found around the home. UV light vacuum cleaners use this feature to clean your house thoroughly. 

4. Strong Suction

The vacuum’s strong suction, along with the UV light feature, gets rid of dirt. The vacuum’s strong suction can eradicate any trace of dirt from any floor. Handheld variations of uv sanitizing vacuums can remove dust mites from mattresses effectively.

5. Warranty Period

The warranty period of a uv light vacuum cleaner lets customers know how long the manufacturers are willing to attend to their needs. A long warranty period also symbolizes that the designers trust their product. Be sure to look at the warranty of the vacuum covers before purchasing. 

Other features of uv sanitizing vacuum cleaners are usability, different suction modes for cleaning, long battery life, large dust cup, etc.

Benefits Of UV Light Vacuum Cleaners


A uv light vacuum cleaner is important for people with allergies and dust mite infestation. If you want a more thorough and deep cleaning of your environment, you should get one. Ensure you research the product you wish to purchase, so you’re completely safe.

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