How to Use a Bissell Carpet Cleaner – Vacuum Base

Are you worried about finding the best solution for carpet cleaning? Well, think what? Bissell carpet cleaner is your solution. I have been using Bissell over three years now I have to say directly it replaced carpet cleaning detergents and having to break my back cleaning the dirt and dust off my carpets.

I was worried for years and could not find a better solution until my best friend introduced me to the Bissell carpet cleaner. In my case, because my entire house is carpet, I found Bissell carpet cleaner that would clean my carpets all at once. But the important thing that I want to focus here on how to use a Bissell carpet cleaner successfully.

So please stay with me until the last dot of this article to learn more the step by step procedures.

A guide to using a Bissell carpet cleaner

The Bissell carpet cleaner makes the cleaning process easy and fast. Now preheat the heavily dirty regions before you start. Then move the cleaner over the carpet, clearing and refilling the water reservoir on time. Use the carpet cleaner by the following step by step procedure and keep your carpets perfect.

Step 1 (Clean the surface of any furniture)

  • Move the furniture from the carpet and if possible out them from the room.
  • Give enough room or space for operation and reach spots in tight areas.

If you cannot move the furniture, work around it a little. Carefully run the carpet cleaner to avoid any scratches on the furniture.

Special tip: Larry Ciufo (reviewing carpet cleaning tests) says, “When it comes to clean the furniture area, you should go for a cleaner with a brush that is easy to rotate around fractures and clean fabric.”

Step 2 (Vacuum the carpet thoroughly to clean off the dirt)

  • Pre-treat the carpet with a standard carpet vacuum.
  • Make some moves to clean off as much dirt and dust as possible. It stops the dirt or grime from being worked more into the carpeting.

Step 3 (Treat deeply stained spaces with a carpet shampoo)

At any general store, you can buy the bottles of carpet cleaning shampoo. Mark the areas that have lots of foot traffic and any heavy stains or spots you find. You can spray the shampoo into the carpet directly or apply it through the wet paper towel. Usually, you should let the shampoo dip in for at least three minutes before moving the carpet cleaner.

  • Sometimes using the carpet cleaning machine is not enough to clean the deeper stains. A carpet cleaning shampoo helps the cleaning process to find a clean carpet.
  • Carefully review the instruction on the back of the bottle to make the proper use of the shampoo.

Method 2 (Setting up the cleaner)

Step 1 (Refill the water reservoir with hot water) 

  • Separate the water reservoir on the front side of the carpet cleaner.
  • Ensure hot water is flowing from the faucet of your sink.
  • Then put the nozzle of the tank under it. The tank has a border, about A of the measure, showing how far to refill it.

Special tip: See the manual of your owner for help locating & cleaning off the reservoirs of the cleaner. Typically, all you need to do is pick up some plastic locks to release the tank.

Step 2 (Apply carpet cleaning formula to the water reservoir)

At any regular store, you can find carpet cleaning formulas. This is a unique formula planned to work with a carpet cleaning machine, so it is not similar to the carpet shampoo. The water reservoir comes with a second (2nd) fill line upon the first (1st) one. Now pour the formula immediately into the hot water until it touches that line.

Note: There are some cleaning machine comes with formula tanks & hot water reservoir. So you fill the hot water into the water reservoir and the cleaning formula in the formula tank.

Step 3 (Set the cleaning clock if your cleaning machine has one)

Next, to the tank on the front side of the cleaning machine, you will find a cleaning clock. The cleaning clock has individual settings for heavy, standard and light cleanings. You need to choose the right setting depending on how soiled your carpet is and adjust it as you go.

Step 4 (Turn the gadgets clock to the floor cleaning alternative)

The gadgets clock is the big one on the head of the water reservoir. Turn the clock towards the floor cleaning alternative until the stain removes. Your cleaning device is filled now & ready to move.

Method 3 (Cleaning the carpet)

Step 1 (Turn over the power & heater buttons)

  • Plug the power line into a closed channel.
  • Then find the buttons on the back of the cleaning device.
  • Press both buttons to flip the cleaner on and start its heating process.

Step 2 (Pull the trigger of the handle)

  • While moving the cleaning machine back & forward, you need to pull the trigger of the handle.
  • Spray water in the carpet by pulling the trigger.
  • Push the cleaning machine forward while holding the trigger.
  • Then pull it back and concentrate on cleaning small spaces by moving the device forward as much as you can reach without moving.

Step 3 (Make a hard move over the same area)

  • Now stop pulling the trigger and make a move over the same space.
  • Again run the cleaning machine forward.
  • Then pull it back to remove the dirt and water.
  • Repeat this process until no more soil and water can find from the carpet.

Step 4 (Keep on the cleaning)

  • Until the water reservoir is full keep on the cleaning
  • Move the machine over heavily dirty spaces again
  • Pull the trigger to for more water and formula
  • Then try a massive cleaning order if it is required
  • Go through different areas, alternating between dry & wet moves to clean off dirt

Step 5 (Empty the water reservoir)

Because you use the cleaning machine, it removes the dirty water into the tank next to the water reservoir you filled before. Also, it comes with a fine line displaying its highest capacity. Pour the dirty water out into the tank once it reaches this line.

Step 6 (Refill the clear water reservoir to keep on the cleaning)

Now refill the hot water once again. Fill up the tank or pool with formula and water by using the instructions. Your cleaning machine is ready to move once again. You should remove the dirty water depending on the size of your carpets and refill the reservoir several times before you end using the cleaner.

Step 7 (Add equipment to the end of the hose to clean tight to reach spaces)

There is some carpet cleaning devices feature a tube & extra stuff, for example, a vacuum attachment. Slide the device to the free edge of the hose to meet spaces such as hard corners.

Step 8 (Before use the tools set the dial)

One important option is to set the tools dial of the cleaner before you start the floor cleaning. Turn the dial towards you. It is an option which changes the power settings from the floor cleaning machine to the hose.

  • The tools are essential to reach tight areas for example stairs & corners.
  • You never need to do this part last, but it is easier to aim at the more significant areas first & return for deeper stains.


After following these steps, I guarantee you find the right solution to clean the carpet quickly and effortlessly. You will no longer need to worry about finding your knees to clean and a backache later. Overall it is well worth the money. So why don’t you stop working hard & get yours now? If you find any mistake in this article, then make sure to leave your comment below.

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