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Twist and Shout Mop Review | Pros and Cons

A fair amount of expertise has gone into the development and creation of the Twist and Shout mop. The ergonomic handle, durable construction, and self-wringing spin design are just but the common features you would expect from it, and other, mops. What makes this such a gem? Is all this hype created around it justified? Let’s see what our twist and shout mop review uncovers…
To answer these, and other questions that you may have, we put together a guide on the benefits you would enjoy if you purchased this mop. We realize that not every good product is ideal for everyone. As a result, before the reviews, we have included a short guide to help you determine whether the Twist and Shout mop is for you.
Now let’s get into that, shall we?
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Twist and Shout Mop Review - Who should buy it?

If the versatile design and ergonomic feel is anything to go by, the Twist and Shout is for virtually everyone. However, it will be at its best if you or your home falls into one of the following categories.

Great for tall people

The Twist and Shout mop comes with a long handle that can be adjusted to match different height needs. You can increase the height up to 55 inches, making it the ideal choice for people over 6 inches tall.

A gem for seniors and people with bad backs

The use of plastic parts and lightweight aluminum makes this mop exceptionally easy to wield. It weighs less than 4 pounds. As such, using it is a breeze and won't need additional effort.

What’s more, to wring the mop out requires almost no effort at all. Just put it in the spinner at a ninety-degree angle and push it down gently to spin.

Perfect for cleaning constrained spaces

If you have some hard to reach areas such around corners and under furniture, you will love this mop. It pivots an entire 180 degrees to clean under low profile furniture. You can also use it to clean along baseboards as it rotates at a 360-degree angle.

Do you want to save time?

Let's take a moment of absolute honesty... no one really likes cleaning and if only there was a way to rush through it and get amazing results, we would all go for it - am I right? In using microfiber on the head rather than the conventional cotton, the twist and shout mop seemed much faster and better than most I have tried. The microfiber cleans 3 times better than cotton and absorbs up to 8 times it's own weight.

Pet owners

Cats and dogs shed a lot of little hairs that can build up over time. So if it's just hard floors that you have at home with your pets you won't actually need your vacuum cleaner to pick up the hair, the twist and shout mop will do this as you mop. It can pick the hairs up when used as a dry or wet mop and can reach even the thin seams between your flooring.

Features and benefits of the Twist + Shout Mop

User-friendly design

As the 2011 gold medal winner of both the INST International Invention Show and iENA International Innovation Award, there is much to be said about its design. It has seen a couple of improvements since then, which have main centred around user experience.

The handle is made of an aluminum alloy for durability and resistance to wear. Some of its parts are made of industrial grade pp plastic, so you can move it around nice and easily as it’s super light. The handle can be adjusted from to up to 55 inches to match various height and conditions which suits my tall husband and short me! Although it may feel thin or even flimsy to some, we ensure you it is strong enough to withstand normal cleaning abuse. You shouldn’t, however, get too aggressive with it.
The subsequent improvements included a splash guard on some parts of the mop and the included bucket. This helps to reduce spills and leaks as you clean. Its swivel function allows you to clean various surfaces and constrained spaces with ease.

Absorbent microfiber

The head of the twist and shout mop is 14 inches in diameter and is made of microfiber rather than the conventional cloth and strings mops. Microfibers are a number of times thinner than the human hair, and twist and shout make use of more than 8000 of them.

Microfiber gives excellent cleaning results. A recent study by the UC Davis Medical Center showed that conventional mop components reduce floor bacteria by 30 percent, while microfiber reduced it by 99 percent this is so as they can penetrate crevices and cracks that can’t be reached by cotton, string, and cloth mops.
Microfiber can absorb water up to eight times its own weight so you will cut your cleaning time by almost half. You can maintain the mop clean by washing it in a machine with ease up to three hundred times. You wouldn’t need to do so after every use as a simple swishing in the bucket then spinning it dry will keep it clean.

Simple operation

Being one of the original spin mop system, and after a few model updates it now has a fairly good swag of convenient features. This became very clear when comparing this to other models during testing for the best spin mop which I did after my twist and shout mop review.

For starters, instead of the conventional method of having a food pedal at the bucket to wring out water, the Twist and Shout comes with an innovative patented technology. You only need to place the mop in an upright position and push gently. When you push it starts spinning automatically and does so at a speed of 2500 rotations per minute. This technology does away with the need for a breakable foot pedal.

To release the head for it to spin, there is a conveniently located lever. Flip it down to release the mop, and up to lock it as you mop.
twist and shout mop review
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Easy to transport

The use of mainly aluminum and industrial grade pp plastic makes Twist and Shout very lightweight. It can be carried by almost anyone from one room to another as they clean. This makes it a wonderful option if you have back problems or little arm strength.

The microfiber fabric is significantly lighter than other mop head materials. For this reason, even when it is dripping with water, it won’t be too heavy to hinder precise cleaning.

Versatile use

The microfiber at the head allows you to use Twist and Shout either as a dry or a wet mop. It is much more effective than brooms to remove dust, although this small mop is definitely impractical in large commercial areas. This ability to double up as a dry mop allows you to use it to clean windows, walls, ceilings, and even cars if you like. Twist and Shout swivels at a 180-degree angle at the bottom of the handle, where it attaches to the head.

This furthers its functionality and convenience as you don’t have to move heavy furniture to clean spotlessly. It also simplifies cleaning high vertical surfaces such as where the ceiling meets the wall. To let you clean along baseboards well, it also rotates 360 degrees.
The handle on this broom, as aforementioned, is adjustable. It comes with a height of 44 inches, which can be adjusted to 55. This allows you to reach the farthest of corners and edges and prevent build up of dust.


The use of an aluminum alloy means it can withstand use for a very long time without rust or wear. You will go through a number of mop heads before you actually need to replace the aluminum handle.

With regular use, a single microfiber mop head will need replacement in about 6 to 12 months. This will also save you a bit in replacement costs compared to some competitors.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The soft microfiber material allows it to be usable on all floor types including marble, vinyl, wood floor, and stone among others.
All solutions – except the corrosive ones such as vinegar, 409, or bleach – work well with Twist and Shout.
With normal, regular use, it will last between six and twelve months.
You can wash it in a machine using gentle cycle, then air dry it.
Absolutely, the soft microfiber material is effective in a variety of surfaces without leaving stains and scratches whether dry or wet.
No, it doesn’t. it leaves the floor spotless by absorbing spills and cleaning grime.
When filled up to the “Max Level” line, the bucket holds around 2 gallons.

My Final thoughts on the Twist and Shout Mop Review

Up until this point, it is safe to say that we have shed some light on why there is so much hype surrounding the Twist and Shout mop. From its functionality to its versatility, it is easy to see why this is easily one of the best (if not the best) wet and dry mop in the market today. If not for anything else, why don’t you go get it because everyone else is?