Tineco Floor ONE S5 Review: Wet Dry Vac for Hardwood Floors

Cleaning nowadays can be a struggle, especially if you have kids and pets running around the house and you’re running short on time. My Tineco floor one S5 review left me pretty pleased about how easy caring for our floors has become – the perks of living in such an advanced world. 

In this article, we review the vacuum cleaner to see if it’s worth the price and the features that make it stand out from other vacuums.

All You Need to Know About the Tineco S5 Cordless Vacuum

Tineco S5 cordless vacuum is the ultimate hard floor cleaner. It is fast, efficient, and easy to use. It is a wet-dry vac for hardwood floors, meaning it incorporates both vacuuming and mopping into one place and a variety of features that make cleaning more fun and less stressful.

The Tineco s5 stands upright and has an elegant black color. Designed in such a way that gives comfort to the user. For example, the vacuum handle has a shape that allows for a firm grip because it is not bulky. Buttons are located next to each other in a bold design. 

At first when collating info for my this tineco floor one s5 review I though the machine looked a bit intimidating because of its sophisticated design. But after having used it I think the manufacturers have made it quite easy to use with the quick-to-read manual that comes with it. There’s also a voice assistant that tells you all the vital things you need to know, and if you prefer, you can turn off the feature. For additional assistance, you can install the TINECO app on iOS, which lets the product connect to WiFi. You can even change the language spoken by voice assistance through the app and access other information.

Some of my favorite things...

Enhanced Edge Cleaning Our exclusive brush head design provides optimized, streak-free cleaning along baseboards and into hard-to-reach corners.

This device can easily spot a mess due to its iLoop smart sensor technology feature. You can rest assured that it will find and pick up every dirt, even the smallest grain. You also don’t have to bother to switch settings if you want to clean wet or dry dirt like spilled liquid or your pet’s hair, as the vacuum adjusts to different types of dirt and cleans them efficiently. 

The product does an impressive job at reaching debris in edges and corners due to the specific design of the brushes. They also don’t leave streak marks, so your floor is left shiny. 

If you’re short on time and need to multitask, you can do other things while you clean with the Tineco S5 because it is a self-clean vacuum. The best part of this feature is that it tells you when the mess is clean through the smart iLoop display. 

It is easy to store, and you don’t have to worry about long cords because it is powered by a 4000mAh battery that can last up to 35 minutes. It charges to a full percentage within two-four hours. 


  • Easy to maneuver and grip
  • Elegant design
  • Perfect for time-sensitive people


  • Quite pricey
  • Battery isn’t long-lasting and can die while in the middle of cleaning
  • The internal filter is small and gets clogged easily

How To Use The Tineco Floor One S5

The Tineco hard floor washer One S5 comes in a box that includes a huge range of accessories. Like a cleaning brush, handle, manual, two spare filters, floor stand with an accessory attachment holder and deodorizing solution. 

To assemble the vacuum cleaner until you hear a click. Then fix the accessory attachments and the charger to the floor stand. Voila! These are all the required assembling, and your machine is ready to use. 

The machine comes with two water tanks — one to hold the clean water for mopping and the other to collect the dirty water as you mop the floor. You can either mix a cleaning solution in the tank with the clean water or use the water as it is to clean. This way, you don’t have to push an extra bucket around to collect water. 

Other things I loved about this wet dry vac for hardwood floors...

When you turn on the power by pressing a button on the handle, voice assistance tells you the product and other vital information. A display panel also shows the current cleaning setting and the battery level. There are three buttons on the handle. At the top of the handle is the ‘self-clean’ button. This feature only turns on when there’s water in the tank, and the unit is on the charging base.

You can also clean on Max cleaning settings by pressing the Auto/Max button on the handle. Cleaning in this setting gives the floor a very deep and thorough sweep. The voice assistant will alert you when there is any change. On the flip side, when the vacuum is running, it could be hard to hear the prompts from the voice guide in this setting. 

Barring any extenuating factors, the Tineco Floor One S5 is powerful enough to clean up dirt in one sweep. Once the machine comes on, the installed power rollers will clean a surface, apply water (if needed), and the suction sucks in any debris left on the roller. Although the vacuum doesn’t leave any wet streak on the floor, you must remove the roller cover frequently to remove any stuck debris or hair. You can also swap the internal roller for the spare one very easily.

When the batteries die out, place the unit on the floor stand equipped with power charging pads. The voice assistance tells you when your unit is charging. 

How To Keep Your Tineco S5 Clean

As you clean, the voice guide will tell you when it’s time to empty the water tank. However, you can choose to do this before it does — it’s entirely up to you. The tank is small, so you might need to empty it several times before you finish cleaning, especially if you’re cleaning a large area. This is one of the downsides of the product. 

After using the unit to clean, place it on the charging base. The vacuum is self-cleaning and does a cleaning cycle to keep the insides clean. Once the self-cleaning is complete, an indicator ring changes from red to blue. 

However, even with this ‘self-clean’ feature, you still have to remove the roller for further cleaning. Wipe down the surface housing the roller because hair or debris could be stuck there too. To clean the filter, take it out through the opening and then rinse. You can use the floor stand to store or dry the roller and extra filter. 

Final Thoughts: My Tineco floor one s5 review

This wet dry vac for hardwood floors is a smart technology that makes cleaning much easier. It can clean various types of dirt, such as mud stains, pet hair, debris, and more, all by itself. On the other hand, it’s quite bulky, so it can’t reach underneath some furniture or clean certain surfaces. You can use any of these best spin mops reviewed for hard-to-reach spaces like those.