Shark Vacuum Lost Suction? How To Fix It

Shark are certainly known for their high quality and long lasting vacuums. But it’s true that any vacuum can fall victim to suction issues. So, has your shark vacuum lost suction? If so, don’t throw it away yet – here’s how you can fix it… 

I have tried to make this post as “actionable” as possible 😆 so there are a few different things to tick off in your quest to fix your shark vacuum suction.

Shark Vacuum Lost Suction? How To Fix It

If your shark navigator lift away stopped working, you should follow these steps to fix it. But first, you must figure out why your shark vacuum lost suction. The reason could be: 

shark navigator lift away stopped working

1. Something is Obstructing the Vacuum

It is one of the common reasons why your shark navigator lift away stopped working. If you suddenly notice that your shark vacuum lost suction, there are two places to check for possible obstruction. They are the opening that leads to the brush roll and the dust cup air duct.

The reason why these two places are prone to be blocked is that the dirt you clean goes through them. If you accidentally allow the vacuum to suck in toys, nails, or other chunky objects, it could cause obstruction and can be the reason why your shark vacuum lift away stopped working. Another reason why your shark vacuum lost suction could be because of a thick mass of pet hair obstructing the vacuum.

How To Fix

To fix the blockage around the roller brush area, place the vacuum on your legs with the cleaning head facing you.

If it’s small chunks of pet hair or debris you can easily remove with scissors or a pair of tweezers, slowly and carefully do so.

If you see an object obstructing the brush roll, you cannot forcefully take it out. Instead, you have to remove the brush roll from the vacuum, which is easy. To expose the screws underneath the vacuum, use a metal spudger to take out the wheels covering the screws. Get a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the screws.

Remove the roller brush carefully to prevent debris and pet hair from flying around. You can place the brush roll on an abandoned cloth, magazine, or newspaper, so you don’t dirty your floor. Carefully remove the obstruction, then reconnect the vacuum cover plate with screws. That should fix your shark vacuum suction.

To fix the air duct blockage, stand the vacuum upright. Remove the dust cup, then detach the hose to check for any clog in the air duct behind the dust cup. 

2. Unclean Filters

Another reason why your shark vacuum lost suction is that you’ve gone a long time without cleaning the filters. The accumulated dirt and debris around the filter might be why your shark navigator lift away stopped working.

How To Fix

Press the dust cup release button at the back of the vacuum handle to release the dust cup from the vacuum body. Once you’ve located the dust cup, take out the filters. Rinse the filters with warm water until they are clean. After thoroughly drying the filters, you can reattach them to the vacuum. Please note that if you’ve been using the filters for a long time, the only solution that might work is replacing them.

3. Full Dust Cup

It is the most common cause why the shark navigator lift away stopped working. When the dust cup is full, there’s no place for the dirt the vacuum is taking in to go. It causes the suction to stop working, but this problem has an easy solution.

shark navigator lift away stopped working

How To Fix

Remove the dust cup from the vacuum, then empty its content. If you’re unsure of how to locate the dust cup where the filter is on your shark navigator, check your user’s manual.

4. Old Hose

The reason why your shark vacuum lost suction might be because of the old hose on the vacuum. As you use the vacuum to clean, its various parts are prone to wear and tear, and over time, it gets weaker. One of the two hoses, or both (the hose between the hose and handle or the hose between the vacuum head and the base), might be fragile, which is why your shark navigator lift away stopped working.

How To Fix

The only solution is to replace the hose, and you can do so by visiting the Shark website, or you can buy it from Amazon.

5. Damaged Motor Head

If none of the reasons above are why your shark vacuum lost suction, it might be because of a damaged motor head. 

How To Fix

Give the vacuum to a professional to replace the motor head. Most people opt to buy a new vacuum since returning the motor head is almost the same price as purchasing a new one.

Who Makes Shark Vacuums?

The shark vacuum cleaner is made by the American designer SharkNinja Operating LLC. SharkNinja has two main brands; Shark, which specializes in vacuum cleaners and other related products, and Ninja, which designs kitchen appliances. The combination of their two brand names is where the company’s name originates from.

Shark vacuums come in different models and types. They have handheld, stick, upright, cylinder, and robot vacuums. Some vacuums are cordless, while others are battery-powered. 

Shark Vacuum Lost Suction

Key Features Of Shark Vacuums​

1. HEPA Filter

Most, if not all, of shark’s vacuum cleaners, have a HEPA filter feature. This type of filter cleans 97% of dust, pollen, and other airborne particles with a size of 0.3 microns. HEPA filters are necessary for every household to eliminate pet dander, dust mites, and other airborne allergens.

2. Lightweight

Most shark vacuum cleaners do not weigh much which makes them easy for you to carry. Their corded stick vacuums have the least weight with an average of blah.

3. Low Noise Level

The least noise level on a shark vacuum cleaner is 50dB, while the most are 80dB. Unlike other vacuums, the noise level is manageable for noise-sensitive people.

4. Cleaning Accessories

Shark Vacuum Lost Suction

All shark vacuums have extra cleaning accessories for versatility. Accessories like crevice tools, upholstery brushes, pet tools, dusting tools, etc. 

For other features, check this shark vacuum cleaner review.

How Much Suction Power Do Shark Vacuums Have?

Shark vacuums often have more than one cleaning mode, each having different suction power. For example, the shark navigator lift away has a maximum suction power of 18 Kpa.

Shark Vacuum Lost Suction be gone!

If you notice your shark vacuum lost suction, immediately turn off the vacuum while you search for the reason. If you fix anything on the vacuum, ensure it is turned off and unplugged. 

Good luck and happy vacuuming.

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