shark navigator lift away deluxe NV360 upright vacuum review

Shark NV360 Vacuum review + buyers guide (updated 2021)

When it comes to cleaning our home, upright vacuum cleaners are a great help and are making a huge comeback. A friend suggested I put together a Shark NV360 vacuum review as she loved hers so much. She is a huge fan because they have greater mobility and functionality and are more comfortable than sled models. Most also work without cables or cords, making cleaning even more agile and convenient.

The Shark Navigator Professional Upright vacuum is towards the top of the list for upright vacuums. Being ultra light and equipped with the exclusive cyclonic system the brand is known for. This cyclonic system is what  offers an efficient cleaning with two levels of aspiration.

Whom is Shark NV360 Vacuum designed for?

This vacuum suits anyone looking for a cordless vacuum experience.  You’ll get freedom of movement and forget about the annoyance of cords and electrical plugs. 

Shark Nv360 vacuum review

Important features of the Shark NV360


It has several types of brushes, including a special one in case you have pets. It’s deposit can hold two litres of waste, so you won’t need to change bags often. And the radius of action reaches up to nine meters, ideal for moving it in large spaces. To make moving even easier it has  soft rubber wheels and a handle to transport it in a simple way.

This vacuum allows you to regulate the power to the level you need. The HEPA filter usually lasts up to six-nine months before you have to change it. Plus you can wash or rinse it up two or three times. If you are looking for a simple and cheap option that simply get the job done, this vacuum could be a winner.

This Shark Vacuum also has a multifunction brush, designed for all types of upholstery. With soft bristles ideal for those spaces that are small and hard to reach with a traditional vacuum cleaner. But that’s not all it’s also equipped with an adapter so you can reach those narrow areas. There will be no place in your house that is left without cleaning.

Anti- Allergen Complete Seal Technology + a HEPA filter

Inside the sledge vacuum cleaners we find models that work with a bag and others, like this one, that work without a bag. Specifically, this vacuum cleaner has a large deposit of 1.6 liters of capacity so you can vacuum the entire house without emptying the tank during work and, thanks to its design, you can empty easily and without losses of dust.

As for your filter, this vacuum has a HEPA filter that prevents dust from returning to the environment after cleaning, so you will always get impeccable results in your home and eliminating from the environment even the most microscopic dust, mites, hairs, dandruff and any other particle that is present on the ground and in the environment of your home.

Accessories and transport

If there is something in which the design of this sled-type vacuum cleaner stands out, it is precisely in the ease of transportation of the same, which, thanks to its improved ball-shaped sled design, will be much lighter and easier to handle all over the house and take it to all corners of your house without difficulty.

So that you have everything you need to thoroughly clean your home, this vacuum cleaner includes a Musclehead brush, a carbon fiber turbo brush, an articulated parquet brush that will allow you to reach every corner, a Tangle brush. Free to access the most difficult corners and of course, the HEPA filter.

What’s included-

  1. 5.5-inch Crevice Tool
  2. Pet Power Brush
  3. Dusting Brush


Shark nv360 is a broom-type appliance, capable of offering deep cleaning in walls, ceilings, floors and any type of surface. It is an excellent alternative to the most common vertical or sledge type vacuum cleaners in homes. You can collect fine dust and all the dirt in different types of soil. It has two levels of aspirate high and low, which you can select according to your needs.

It is the model of vacuum cleaner without cable with greater power and efficiency of the market. In addition, its manufacturer grants up to 2 years warranty. What gives you security and reliability in your investment.

Power and capacity

Despite its apparent simplicity, this great model of the vertical vacuum cleaner has a powerful digital engine Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum, which rotates up to 110,000 times per minute and gives you excellent suction power, ensuring efficiency and performance. Thanks to 2 Tier Radial Cyclone suction technology, with 3 times more power than a conventional engine.

Now vacuum your house will be children’s thing. You will not have to strain too much for your home to look impeccable. It is equipped with a capacity of 4 liters to store dirt and dirt and empty your tank is very simple. You just have to press a button and in a hygienic way you can clean the bucket.

Portable design

In the past, vacuuming the house was a titanic job, with a heavy vacuum in all corners and being connected and disconnected every time so that it could reach those more remote places, it was a real headache. And not only that, but the walls and ceiling were for another time. Now you can forget about all that effort and clean your house with more comfort.

The Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum cleaner offers you the option of being able to suck easily all the places of your house, even the most difficult corners. It has a weight of 13 pounds and measures 15 × 11.4 × 45.5 inches. This vacuum cleaner has a vertical, modern, simple and functional design. It has 15 cyclones designed in two parallel rows that allow to increase the air flow and in this way capture even the finest dust.

The Shark NV360’s full recharge time is 3.5 hours and its battery life is 20 min with the low power level and 8 min with the high level

This really is a very useful vacuum cleaner for its versatility when cleaning roofs, walls, windows, terraces, garages, and the whole house in general. It is equipped with different accessories that allow you to use it for various types of surfaces. It includes a novel motorized brush designed with carbon fiber filaments and resistant nylon bristles, which facilitates cleaning vacuuming work on floors and carpets.



How to use a vertical vacuum cleaner

These appliances specializing in cleaning floors, furniture, curtains and carpets of homes, offices, and shops are also called “broom vacuum cleaners” as they have supplanted with remarkable efficiency the traditional brooms in the process of removal of dirt.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the sliding force regulation?

The automatic sliding force regulation allows the Shark nv360 hand vacuum cleaner to be guided more easily with the same pleasant sliding force.

Can the Shark nv360 handheld vacuum cleaner also absorb water?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. Damp spots or larger puddles should be picked up manually before vacuuming.

What is the automatic start/stop system?

Similar to cars, the shark nv360 vacuum cleaner turns off when it is put in the park position, for example, to move chairs.

How to vacuum carpets

Vertical vacuum cleaners are particularly effective in cleaning carpets, rugs, and carpets (including welcome mats). They suck up the micro-particles of dust and other dirt residues (attached to the footwear, for example) removing them from the textile strands of the different carpets, using the wider head that exerts direct pressure on the fabric: for this, you will have to choose the maximum suction power offered by the model you have, drawing successive straight lines, just as if you were mowing the lawn of your garden, although, this time, indoors.

Start from top to bottom

A very useful advice on the use of these vertical appliances is to vacuum the room from top to bottom; that is, you start the cleaning process in the highest places (corners of the roof, lamps, fans, curtains) and go moving towards the upholstery of the furniture until, finally, dedicate yourself to the floor and carpets, which is precisely where most dust and environmental dirt.

The functionality of the removal hand-held vacuum cleaner

Particularly convenient are those models that come with a built-in removable handheld vacuum cleaner that allows you to access high-end places such as lamps, ceiling fans or corners of shelves or libraries and, with similar efficiency, to the cracks of your upholstery, furniture. This extractable hand vacuum cleaner has the peculiarity of containing the motor of the equipment, which gives it a wonderful suction capacity that gives you an enormous productivity in a minimum time of use.

The advantage of the long handle of the vacuum cleaner

Obviously, the suction power decreases once you return to integrate this removable part to the body of the equipment, although, on the other hand, significantly increases the comfort of the user, who is no longer forced to bend in any way to clean the floor, thanks to the diagonality during the operation that concentrates the effort in the head and not in the handle that manipulates who aspires at the moment.

The invention of the electric vacuum cleaner

Contrary to what is said, it was not the American industrialist William Hoover who invented this appliance, but the ingenious porter of a farm who sold the patent to the businessman for a scant handful of dollars at the beginning of the 20th century. What the clever Hoover did was to market that original portable electric vacuum cleaner on a planetary scale, developing it to the product you enjoy today in your home, making your life easier.

My final Shark NV360 vacuum review

Some reminders that will help you improve the effectiveness of your vertical vacuum cleaner: use this household equipment on a weekly basis, avoiding the accumulation of dust and other dirt residues. Remove and clean the filter and the heads immediately after finishing the aspiration process; in this way you preserve the suction capacity and the useful life of the equipment.