Shark HV382 Review | 2020 Update

Although the latest trend in vacuum cleaners broom is to have the wireless or cordless product, the models with the cable still have their users. Users who do not want to have to worry about charging batteries or other stories and that just having a plug nearby can work properly.

This is what happens, for example, with the shark hv382, which has a lightweight design of just 9.9 pounds in weight, where we find 800 watts of power and a spectacular performance to clean your floor without effort.

If you are a housewife and you like to keep everything neat and tidy, it would be ideal if you could count on some products designed to make your cleaning days a little easier and more relaxed.

In this way, if you need to remove the dust accumulated on your sofas, carpets or small spaces that are a bit difficult to reach, the presence of a vacuum cleaner broom with cable would not be bad, since according to the design you have chosen you can even use it in several ways, thus guaranteeing exceptional functionality.

That being the case, then we will leave you with some information for the user that you should give to carry out a good cleaning.

Shark hv382 Main Features

Power and suction capacity

For a good sledge vacuum to be effective sucking all types of particles, it must have good power. In this case, this Dyson model solves this issue by giving the vacuum cleaner a great power of 1200w, the power that gives it a great suction capacity to get thoroughly clean all types of soil, whether hard or soft.

In addition, and in terms of this suction capacity, you should know that this shark hv382 vacuum cleaner has an exclusive cyclonic system that will allow you to maintain the suction capacity always in a sustained and continuous without having to empty the tank during use.

Type of filtering and capacity

Inside the sledge vacuum cleaners, we find models that work with a bag and others, like this one, that works without a bag. Specifically, this vacuum cleaner has a large deposit of 1.6 liters of capacity so you can vacuum the entire house without emptying the tank during work and, thanks to its design, you can empty easily and without losses of dust.

As for your filter, this vacuum has a HEPA filter that prevents dust from returning to the environment after cleaning, so you will always get impeccable results in your home and eliminating from the environment even the most microscopic dust, mites, hairs, dandruff, any other particle that is present on the ground and in the environment of your home.

Accessories and transport

If there is something in which the design of this sledge-type vacuum cleaner stands out, it is precisely in the ease of transportation of the same, which, thanks to its improved ball-shaped sled design, will be much lighter and easier to handle all over the house and take it to all corners of your house without difficulty.

So that you have everything you need to thoroughly clean your home, this vacuum cleaner includes a Musclehead brush, a carbon fiber turbo brush, an articulated parquet brush that will allow you to reach every corner, a Tangle brush. Free to access the most difficult corners and of course, the HEPA filter.


  • ideal for small apartments
  • unlimited range of action
  • considerable suction power
  • sumptuous accessory ensemble
  • easy handling
  • efficient nozzles
  • motorized brush roll


  • frequent filter changes necessary
  • cannot stand vertically on its own

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Why does my vacuum smell like burning?

Since the vacuum cleaners are responsible for moving and vacuuming the dust, it is possible that part of his dust penetrates into the interior of the engine area. In case the dust comes in contact with any part of the engine, it is possible that it will burn, generating this burning smell.

However, if the smell persists, it is advisable to check the engine in case there is a problem. If we see sparks, we notice the loss of suction or we perceive some other smell, for example, rubber, it is probably necessary to take the vacuum cleaner to a technical service to be checked.

  • Why the vacuum cleaner does not suck?

In general, when a vacuum cleaner loses suction power or does not directly aspirate, it is because there is an obstruction that prevents air from circulating freely. To eliminate this obstruction, it is necessary to disassemble the product and check that there is no object obstructing the entrance area or any of the inlet hoses to the vacuum cleaner.

If this does not solve the problem, it is possible that the filters of the product may be dirt, so we should also check and clean them to recover their capacity. As a clue, when the suction loss is sudden, it is usually due to a jam, while the loss of progressive suction is usually caused by a dirty filter.

  • How to clean the vacuum cleaner?

The cleaning process of the vacuum cleaner varies depending on the type of product we are using, although it is still quite similar. When cleaning the interior, we will have to remove the deposit or the paper bag as appropriate and clean the interior to remove the remains of the dirt.

This situation is also suitable for cleaning the filters, which are generally removable and can be passed through the water jet to leave them as new for the next use.

As for the cleaning of the exterior, in general, it is enough to pass a soft cloth over its surface to remove any possible dust. And to top it off, check the cleaning brushes to remove the lint and other elements that may harm the cleaning.

  • When to vacuum?

There is no closed frequency when it comes to vacuuming. It is something that depends on your specific needs and the tendency to deposit dirt in the environment.

However, it is true that it should be more frequent in dusty environments, in homes where there are people with respiratory problems or allergies or in homes where pets leave hair and other waste around the house.

What to consider when buying?


Depending on the power can vary the suction capacity of these teams, for that reason, it is important to prepare your comparison of hand vacuum cleaners you look at this aspect.

Before determining which is the best hand vacuum cleaner you have to consider the utility that you will give it. If you need to perform demanding tasks, such as vacuuming the car or areas in which too much dirt accumulates, it would be more convenient to choose powerful models.

Depending on the type of work to be carried out, it may be sufficient to use models that work at 350 W of power, which will probably suck a considerable amount of dust quickly, which will allow you to complete the cleaning in less time.

But, on the other hand, if the cleaning work that you are going to carry out is simpler, then it will not be necessary to use such a powerful equipment, it will be enough with those models that work with a maximum power of 22, 65 or 100 W.

On the other hand, as each task is different, it is necessary that you can adjust the power level to the demands of them. There is equipment that allows to regulate it, in this way they contribute to achieving better results during the cleaning process.


The more movements the machine allows you to perform, the greater your chances of accessing elevated or remote areas, for this reason, in this guide to buy the best hand vacuum, we recommend you to evaluate if the equipment you select guarantees good mobility.

There are vacuum cleaners with or without cables. The first ones obtain their energy directly from the electrical network, which allows them to work at a higher power level, but, because they must remain connected to the plug, their mobility will depend on the length of the cable.

If you do not want to lose the advantages offered by a powerful hand vacuum, nor do you want to give up maintaining a good level of mobility, then you can try those models that have long cables, there are some that can measure up to 5 meters in length, for that reason, allow you to move more freely from one site to another.

On the other hand, if you are one of those people who avoid cables, it will be better to perform cleaning tasks with wireless vacuum cleaners, which allow you to move around all rooms without ties.


This aspect is more related to the free models of cables because the other type of vacuum can be used for as long as it is considered necessary.

Wireless handheld vacuum cleaners must be charged for a considerable time and, depending on the level of autonomy they offer, it is possible to use them continuously for 30 minutes or more.

If the period during which it is in operation is very short, then you will have to pay attention that the charging process does not take long, so that you are energy can increase in just a few minutes and so continue with the cleaning of the house or the car.

How much a vacuum cleaner costs is a doubt that may arise when making your purchase, but the price of these products varies depending on their different characteristics and, although some models are expensive, you will also be able to find a good option in the market. economic that fits budget you have available.


Carrying out the cleaning tasks can be complicated, therefore, in addition to making sure you have equipment that facilitates this process, it is also necessary to evaluate the level of comfort they provide you.

If you do not want to make an excessive effort when cleaning, you should look for a piece of equipment with an ergonomic grip, that you can hold comfortably, and that it be light, so you can handle it more easily and without getting tired excessively.

The dimensions of suction fittings, tubes, and other similar items also deserve to be reviewed. Vacuum cleaners with small nozzles are suitable for absorbing accumulated dust in confined spaces to which the larger equipment does not reach.


The shark hv382 is a practical and very modern tool. It simplifies access to dirt in the burned areas of the house. It is very light and its movement does not require a lot of physical strength.