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Severin Vacuum Cleaner Review | A to Z Guide | 2021

When buying a bagless vacuum cleaner, we expect a to get a fuss free user friendly vacuum that lives up to all expectations. But the truth is, they are known to often disappoint by promising the world and failing to meet consumers high expectations. I wanted to do a severin vacuum cleaner review this week as I really enjoyed my experience with one in a holiday rental we had – I knew immediately it was the sort of vacuum that exceeds expectations.

And when I looked up the price of one of these new I was actually really surprised – in a good way!
My user experience and buying guide will walk you through some of the details and features of the Severin bagless vacuum cleaner and will hopefully help you determine whether it’s the right match for your home.

Who is the Severin Bagless Vacuum cleaner Designed for?

If you are looking for a good vacuum cleaner with Class A energy efficiency, then you are likely to be interested in the Severin vacuum cleaner. This vacuum is ideal for anyone who values great design and energy efficiency.

With a typically german “simple but very effective” accessory system it is also a great option for those who get overwhelmed with complicated products.

Lots of other reviews I have read also praised the ergonomic handle, which can be set extra long for taller user (I’m a shortie so I didn’t even notice that).

Severin vacuum cleaner review of features

Multi-cyclonic technology

Bagless vacuum cleaners have managed to gain ground with the masses over recent years, for their performance and efficiency with floor cleaning. The Severin Bagless vacuum cleaner is a vacuum cleaner that offers you performance when it comes to suction as it has the state-of-the-art multi-cyclonic technology that it is renowned for.

In contrast to the cyclonic models, where the swirling air is filtered only once, this vacuum cleaner bases its operation on trapping dirt through a multi-cyclonic filtering mechanism. This process consists of sucking the air with the dust, which then passes at high speed through multiple cyclones; here the air is filtered in several stages where the centrifugal force efficiently separates the dirt. That’s about as technical as I get 🙂

This model holds its suction really well, thanks to the double HEPA filtering system that traps dust efficiently and without the need for constant maintenance. The clean air is returned to the environment and the dirt goes to your deposit of 2 litres capacity.

Severin Vacuum Cleaner power and accessories

It is a powerful vacuum cleaner with an engine that generates a power of 750 watts, capable of vacuuming dirt on all types of floors. In order to make your job even easier, it has various accessories to reach all corners and places that are difficult to access.

You will receive a rectangular shaped nozzle suitable for hard floors, a multipurpose brush for floors and carpets, a specially designed nozzle to reach the slots and a practical brush recommended to vacuum the dust of the upholstery of your furniture or your car.

An ultra-quiet bagless vacuum cleaner

Like all electrical equipment, you're always going to get some noise from the device. However, we're seeing now that vacuum cleaner companies are trying to conquer the silent prototypes, where the sound levels are considerably reduced. Severin are well on their way to achieving this with the severin s'special collection, whose noise production does not exceed 66 decibels, hence it can be used at different times, without fear of waking sleeping babies (or husbands!).

At the same time, it is a fairly light machine, with a weight of 7 kilos, this makes its transfer between stories, handling and storage easy compared to heavier and voluptuous models, making the generally unexciting task of vacuuming that little less unappealing.

Severin Vacuum Cleaner Compact design

As effective and functional as its performance, so is its compact and modern design. This vacuum has a weight of 23.9 lbs and dimensions of 22.2×18.4 ×13.1 in. So when doing my severin vacuum cleaner review at home I found it really easy to move around.

It has a telescopic tube made of metal with ergonomic qualities for a better grip, it also has 2 large rear wheels and a multi-directional front wheel, which favors a comfortable movement of the machine throughout the house.
It is equipped with a clean express system that improves the elimination of accumulated dirt and dust, in a hygienic and simple way. Another feature I am starting to appreciate more in any electronic device is its good energy classification, which allows you to save on electricity consumption.

How much does a Severin Bagless Vacuum Cleaner cost?

As I mentioned earlier, I was seriously surprised to log on and see the retail price of the Severin.

This vacuum bagless is not only offered at a hard to beat price, but you will also make significant savings by not having to refill on vacuum bags. Its washable filter is said to last and last, meaning the only real running costs is the electricity – win!
It comes with a comprehensive set of accessories, namely, a crevice tool, a furniture nozzle, an armchair brush and an ergonomic two-position flat brush that can be used for dusting carpets and carpets as well as cleaning the carpet. hard ground like tiles and slabs. So there aren’t really many additional accessories you need to go out and buy either.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

With animal hair, the device gets along pretty well. This is based on others reviews as I simply used mine for on a 10 day holiday rental.
Yes, both accessories included. Most kits will also come with a premium accessories kit. Keep a look out for that deal.
Yes, the suction cup has a holder for it. This makes it easy to fix the pipe which is always important if you plan on keeping this for many years to come.

Tips for Choosing a Vacuum Cleaner

Try the vacuum cleaner

Whether a vacuum cleaner is personally handy and well-suited for you, you can easily find out if you try such a model in practice. Of course, you do not necessarily have to go to the nearest electronics store for this.

Instead, you can also order a vacuum cleaner of your choice conveniently and test it once. To determine if the vacuum cleaner is too loud for you or how well you can regulate the suction power. It is also very important handles feel good in your hand. Try this too and remember that different floor coverings should be tested.

Only then can you determine whether you are well served in the long term with a brand vacuum cleaner.

The right wattage

When choosing vacuum cleaners, many consumers pay attention to the power given in watts. In principle, you should note that since September 2017 manufacturers in the EU can only offer vacuum cleaners with a maximum output of 900 W. The performance itself does not play the most important role. Much more relevant is the combined system of performance, nozzles, and filters.
So many tests of vacuum cleaners already confirm that you can achieve comparable suction results with models with 700 W Power, as with 2200 W versions. Especially in terms of saving energy, it is also recommended that you put a lot of emphasis on consumption and pay attention to the information when buying.

Can the vacuum cleaner be conveniently parked?

Imagine that your phone is ringing right now or you need to take care of the child? In such a case it is important that the vacuum cleaner can be safely parked or parked. When choosing a vacuum, remember that there are appropriate brackets and that the appliance can be easily turned off. In practice, this can be extremely annoying, provided the appropriate conditions have not been met.


Are slip-on nozzles included?

Many manufacturers of vacuum cleaners include many slip-on nozzles in the scope of delivery. Depending on how you would like to use the vacuum cleaner, you should pay attention to the accessory package. Often nozzles for carpets and hard floors are reversible and always available.

Some models, also have special slip-on nozzles, with which animal hair can be particularly easy to absorb. The same applies to upholstery vacs, which are particularly important if you often want to clean upholstered furniture.

HEPA filter

If you are allergic, be sure to use vacuum cleaners that have a good HEPA filter. This means that even the finest particles can be absorbed or filtered to 99%. Many manufacturers also specify a specific filter class. The higher this number is, the better the quality of the built-in filter.
severin vacuum cleaner review

How to use a bagless vacuum cleaner

You want to keep your house clean while dodging suction losses. Bagless vacuum cleaners will guarantee maximum efficiency without losing power. How to prevent your device from breaking down and benefit from its faithful services for many years? Here are some tips for the optimal use of your equipment, from handling to maintenance.

Be careful not to pull too much on the wire

To prevent the power cable from breaking, do not loosen it too much. So, make sure you know your work area. Most users make the mistake of stretching the wire too much and then they are surprised that their device breaks down.

Make a correct connection

To be able to operate, the equipment requires a power supply via a mains plug. You must then make sure that it is perfectly connected to a source. The contact must be reliable otherwise it will not start. Also, make sure that the plug is not defective as this may damage your device.

Wash the filters

There are several types, including washable. To perform the cleaning, disassemble them and then immerse them in warm water. Keeping the water at the right temperature is important to avoid damaging them or altering their operation. Then, dry them in the open air.

Replace non-washable filters

Bagless vacuum cleaners are equipped with several non-leachable filters. Also, think of changing them regularly by new ones. To know which ones do not support water, it is better to refer to the user’s manual.
Regarding the motor filter, the renewal is done at most once a year.

Clean the dust container

A bagless model does not need to be serviced frequently. However, every six months he asks to be emptied. It is crucial to get rid of the collector perfectly. To avoid being surprised by a cloud of dust during the operation, carefully pour the contents directly into your trash.

Remove dirt on the brush

After dusting carpets and carpets, particles may remain on the brush. Larger ones can be removed with the hand. For small dirt, separate the handle from the vacuum and clean and do not forget the hose.

Pamper your device

Even if you store it in a closet or garage, make sure you have clean, bright equipment so that it does not break down easily. You can use a cloth to dust it off. Also make sure that the hose is not obstructed. This will reduce the performance of your hardware.

Final verdict: Severin Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Severin vacuum cleaner is a very good vacuum cleaner with a solid price-performance ratio and modern features. When buying, remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. This is because the engine filters and engine intake filters should be cleaned every three months.  After twelve months of use, it is also recommended that the exhaust filter is replaced. This will give you the best possible cleaning performance.

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