Sebo Vacuum Review: Sebo Vacuum 9679am Airbelt

It’s true, I am a BIG fan of Sebo. While they may not dominate your screens with marketing prowess, they sure do make good quality vacuums that last the test of time – and dirt. This week I thought I’d do a Sebo Vacuum review of the Sebo 9679AM Airbelt

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Knowing the limitations of your vacuum cleaner is important when choosing one for your home. Also, the features will help determine if the vacuum suits your needs. In this article, we will give an extensive Sebo vacuum review, so you will understand why the vacuum is one of the most demanded and why it stands out from the rest. 

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Sebo Vacuum 9679 Review

The Sebo vacuum 9679am is manufactured by the Stein & Co GmbH company based in Germany. Their vacuums are reliable and known to last up to fifteen years. The Sebo to 9679am is part of the K Airbelt canister vacuum series.

Its features and performance are outstanding compared to other brands of a canister vacuum. They come at a relatively low price, and they require constant maintenance, like replacing parts, for them to reach their full lifetime. 

Sebo Vacuum Review: Specifications

Sebo Vacuum 9679am specifciations

Sebo Vacuum Review: Features

1. Ergonomic Design

The Sebo vacuum 9679am has a design that guarantees usability. Unlike other canister vacuums, it doesn’t weigh much, so you can easily carry it. Its slim handle makes it easy for you to push the vacuum around without putting too much load on your wrist. 

2. Strong Suction

Like other Sebo vacuum cleaners, this one has a strong suction that can pick up debris and dirt around the house. Its suction-only feature makes it perfect for hardwood and carpet surfaces.

3. Allergy/Asthma Friendly

The Sebo vacuum 9679am has a 3-stage filtration which makes it compatible with individuals that have allergies. The filter traps 99.7% of dust particles which makes the air of your home clean for a long time. Its hospital-grade filters ensure allergens are cleared from the air.

4. Versatile Clean

There are three extra onboard tools in addition to the Kombi nozzle. These tools ensure that not only your floors are squeaky clean but other areas of your home too. You can use any tool to clean your ceiling, chairs, tight corners, curtains, etc.

5. Wide Range of Motion

One of the reasons why people tend to steer clear of corded vacuum cleaners is that they have a limited range of motion. The Sebo vacuum 9679am doesn’t have that issue due to its 20 feet electric cord. You don’t have to plug your vacuum into more than one electric outlet to clean. Its cord is long enough to allow you to clean every area of your home without hassle.

6. Long Warranty

The Sebo vacuum 9679am has five years of non-wear parts and labor and a seven-year motor warranty. The long warranty period from the manufacturers guarantees customers that their comfort is their priority.

Sebo Vacuum Review

Sebo Vacuums 9679AM Airbelt
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You need to assemble the Sebo vacuum 9679am before you can start cleaning with it. There’s a user manual to guide you through it. All you need to do is attach the Kombi nozzle, and in less than fifteen minutes, you’ll have your vacuum up and running. There’s a 20 feet cord that you can plug into an electric circuit to start working. 

The first impressive thing about the Sebo Corded stick vacuum is how low the noise level on the motor is. It would be a great pair for people and pets with noise sensitivity. Also, the vacuum cleaner is compact, lightweight, and easy to maneuver. Its size also makes it easy to store by the corner. 

The Sebo vacuum 9679am uses straight suction rather than a roller brush to pick up dirt from the floor. You can operate the vacuum via the push button to turn it on/off or increase/reduce the suction power. There’s a soft bumper around the canister that protects the vacuum from dents and scratches when you bump into walls and furniture. It also prevents your delicate property from being damaged. 

The suction of the Sebo vacuum 9679am is incredible. It easily picks up pet hair, dirt, and debris in one glide. The vacuum is great on hardwood floors, and you can adjust the suction power to suit your cleaning surface. The vacuum is gentle on hard floors due to its rubber wheel design which would not leave any marks. 

The lowest suction power on the vacuum can effectively get rid of dirt. Another great thing about the Sebo vacuum 9679am is that it doesn’t lose suction as the dirtbag becomes full, which is common with many vacuum cleaners. 

What type of carpet pile is compatible with the Sebo 9679am vacuum?

On low pile carpets, the vacuum performs efficiently. It’s gentle on rugs and wouldn’t cause any damage to them. When cleaning carpet, it’s best to increase the suction because the vacuum has a harder time picking up dirt here. On high pile carpet is where the vacuum performs least. If you use high pile carpet all around your house, you will find it challenging to use the vacuum. 

Sebo vacuum 9679am has three attachment tools to help clean other areas of your home. An upholstery nozzle, dusting brush, and a crevice tool. You can attach them to the 4 feet wand to clean above head areas or crevices. 

Unlike other canister vacuum cleaners, the Sebo vacuum 9679am has a low head profile which allows it to go beneath furniture and clean. Due to its sealed filtration system, dust particles and dirt don’t blow back, which makes it great for asthmatic people.

With this vacuum cleaner, you don’t need to constantly check if the dirt bag is full. You get a notification when it is full. The bag can last up to three months, after which you will need to replace it. After using the vacuum, you can tug the cord, which allows it to retract. Don’t tug the cord all the way unless it will weaken its retracting function.

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The Sebo vacuum 9679am is essential for people who need a reliable vacuum to make cleaning their home much easier. Since it is a corded vacuum, you can pick it up anytime to clean.

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