Roomba 890 Robot Vacuum guide (updated 2021)

Cleanliness, comfort, economy: the robot vacuum is usually given many advantages. However, for the purchase of your robot vacuum to be worth it, look at the criteria relating to the performance of the device, its ease of programming, not to mention the size of its recovery tank.I hope you enjoy my iRobot Roomba 890 vacuum review…

If you do not have the time to consult the products from our comparison, you can always look at the 2 models that we recommend below. The iRobot Roomba 890 is one of the top products you can choose from for its iAdapt technology, its Dirt Detect dirt detector and its ability to clean in the most remote areas of your home.

Equipped with an intelligent detection system, iRobot Roomba 890 features 25 sensors, a gyroscope, and an accelerometer, allowing it to adapt its cleaning strategy to the environment. To make your life easier, you can schedule your weekly cleaning sessions in advance.

👉🏽 2021 update: The iRobot Roomba 890 vacuum is now also available in a version that integrates with Alexa, and it has awesome reviews! See it here.

Whom is iRobot Roomba 890 robot vacuum Designed for?

You can go for a week on vacation, iRobot Roomba 890 will do the cleaning automatically every day, at a different time if you wish. At the end of his 120 minutes of autonomy, he will automatically recharge his battery at its docking station.

iRobot Roomba 890 robot vacuum feature review

Performance and power of the device

This vacuum is powerful and this is due to the strong power of its aspiration to the AeroForce system. To clean the floor, he uses a combination of movements, including swirling, agitation, and dirt absorption. Whether you use it on carpets or hard floors, the result is impeccable. With its flattened shape, this equipment can access areas that are difficult to access. Thanks to its side brush, dirt suction is optimized even at the corners and edges.

This iRobot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a battery with a good autonomy. Being full, it can work for 75 minutes. This allows you to clean an area of approximately 185 m². Be aware that when the unit can no longer clean the programmed areas, it automatically moves to the charging station. When the battery is full, it continues to work where it left off.

An easy-to-use device

One of the strengths of this model is its simplicity of use. Indeed, it is possible to schedule cleaning schedules according to your needs. You can easily check the suction condition, usage and maintenance tips through a single button. Note that as this is a smart device, it can be controlled through your tablet or smartphone, through an application called iRobot Home. In short, this equipment does not require any manual intervention.

This model is also easy to maintain. At the end of cleaning, you can easily empty the trash. The latter is equipped with HEPA filters that are very easy to clean. Even if hair and long hair encrust, the cleaning is fast and is not complicated. In short, its maintenance does not require a great know-how.


This Roomba 890 robot vacuum cleaner also has many features that allow it to be effective in all circumstances. It performs both cleaning, sweeping and suction to optimize the maintenance of the premises.

The use of this equipment is very interesting since it is possible to change the operating mode according to the type of soil and level of soiling. This technique helps you enjoy a personalized cleaning. At the same time, you can change the direction of the device.

The purchase of this device is also very advantageous since it is suitable for all types of floors. You can use it on tiles, wood, and others. Whatever the type of soil concerned, it will show an optimal efficiency.


It could be your first vacuum cleaner of this kind, in this case, you do not have to worry about its use. Contrary to appearances, the use of this material is not so complex as you might think. Moreover, this model comes with a very detailed manual.

Upon delivery, the device is sold with many accessories that are essential to complete its use. This is the case for the adapter, the brush, the battery, and others. After a full charge, it can run continuously between 90 and 120 minutes. During this interval, it is able to maintain an area ranging from 70 to 90 m².

The remote control that accompanies the device is simple to handle. It allows remote control of the equipment. Given its high sensitivity, the risk of collisions is also reduced. In addition, this machine emits a low tone with its 55 dB.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does it take to recharge?

The store lasts on average about 3-6 hours. But you do not have to empty the battery every time, but you can simply recharge the vacuum cleaner after every cleaning process so that it is always ready for use when you need it. Before the first use, the robot should be fully charged.

Can the robot suck several rooms at once?

Basically, this is not a problem, but the vacuum cleaner robot can not cross doorsteps that are higher than 2 cm. Here you would either have to implement the robot by hand or bridge the thresholds with small ramps. If the robot is to suck several rooms, the use of Virtual Lighthouses is recommended.

For which room sizes is the robot suitable?

A battery charge is enough for about 40-80 square meters (depending on model, pollution, and number of obstacles). Larger rooms can be split with a Virtual Wall cleaned 2 stages.

How to use a robot vacuum cleaner?

After being convinced of the efficiency of a robot vacuum cleaner, you bought one. At this point, the question is how to use this device. Here are some steps by which you can spend to use it in a good condition.

Verifications to be done

Before starting this equipment, some checks are necessary. First, check that the battery has been fully charged before using the camera. Then make sure you have chosen the right programming before putting it into service. The cleaning of the house can be done on a defined part of the room only or on the whole of the room.

When his battery is exhausted, it can reach his charger by himself, one must be sure that there is no obstacle to get there alone. Remove any object that may land between it and the charging base that may prevent it from being powered.

Ground preparation

In order for the robot vacuum cleaner to perform its task in a good condition and with efficiency, you should help it to do this. Before using this equipment, remove large items from the floor that may prevent it from moving easily. Check that there are no power cables from other devices lying around where this device is going to play its role. If it’s possible, get your animals out who can consider this equipment as a competitor and fight against it. Do not drag small objects that you do not want to be vacuumed.

Mastery of its operating principle

A robot vacuum works autonomously. After you have started it, it does not require any human intervention to accomplish the task you entrust to it. Some successful models are able to bypass obstacles alone. Others are accompanied by a vacuum detector to prevent them from falling down the stairs. Anyway, you do not need to have experience in handling a device of this type to be able to master its operating principle.

Maintenance for optimal longevity

In order to extend the life of his equipment, it is important to know how to maintain it. To begin, after each use, the vacuum cleaner should be cleaned. Empty the component that has collected the dirt and does not wait several days to do this. If it is necessary, the dirt compartment must be rinsed by the sucked elements.

Then, it is necessary to maintain its rotating brushes which are known to retain hair and hair. Get rid of dirt after each use and avoid letting it accumulate for a long time. These may lead to a blockage of the device when combined with accumulated dust accumulations for a long time.

Thorough cleaning

As for the in-depth maintenance, this device only rarely requires it. There is nothing that requires you to do it after each use. In order to offer a long service life, this task includes maintaining the filters on the unit and cleaning the complete structure of this equipment.

How to choose a good robot vacuum cleaner?

A robot vacuum cleaner is a device designed to clean the floor of your home. Among the tips for buying a good robot vacuum cleaner, it is important to remember three criteria, namely the performance of the device, the programming and the size of its recovery tank.

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Performance and power of the device

If a price comparator is useful to know the price of each robot vacuum cleaner, it is not enough to know if the purchase of a model of apparatus will be profitable for you. The suction capacity of your robot vacuum allows you to determine whether it meets your expectations or not.

While this suction power typically ranges from 30 to 40 W, the newer units have more power, making them more efficient when they are used on carpets and rugs. It is therefore important to favor this criterion, especially if you have a large house.

In this context, it is sometimes useful to choose a robot vacuum associated with a charging station to which it goes automatically when its battery is discharged. If possible, opt for a device with a memory that is able to return to work where it stopped to recharge.


If you do not know how to buy a robot cleaner better value for money, the best solution is to study the possibility of programming your device. In this way, he can go on his own while you are at work or shopping. This programming is also of interest when you go on vacation. Indeed, when your device starts at fixed times, the noise it makes seems to indicate that the house is busy, which deters potential burglars. In addition, this feature is quite interesting since it allows you to program the hours when the machine will work and those where it will recharge, to take advantage of EDF’s off-peak rate and save money.

The size of the recycling bin

The advantage of the robot vacuum cleaner is also that it can work alone, without you having to intervene. However, the dust and dirt he has collected during his work must be stored in a specific bin. Before you go to the store where to buy a new robot vacuum cleaner, think about finding out about the capacity of the dust tank.

If it usually runs between 0, 25 to 0.6 liter, better a choose the largest capacity, which will avoid you to empty it frequently, There are even models with an extra tray in the dock where the device empties all the trash at the same time as it charges!

To keep your device running at peak efficiency, you should also consider cleaning the brushes and filters regularly.

Final verdict

The performance of your robot vacuum cleaner is also reflected in its autonomy. Indeed, the longer the battery life of the device, the more it can operate for a long enough time without it being necessary to recharge it all the time. You will, therefore, have an interest in choosing the robot vacuum cleaner that is able to clean all parts of your home in one go. I can strongly recommend the Roomba 890 robot vacuum for use in most households.