Robot Vacuum Cleaners

If you're someone who likes to put as much on "automation" mode as possible than a Robot Vacuum cleaner may just be a household necessity for you. While some people thought the Robot Vacuum cleaner phase was going to come and go, it's clear that with more and more brands hitting the market there is clearly lots of demand for robotic vacuum cleaners. 

Do Robot Vacuums really work?

I thought you may ask that! And while I actually get some strange enjoyment out of running around my house (and other peoples for that matter) with a vacuum cleaner – I must admit, that a Robot Vacuum could easily put me out of a job with their reliable efficiency.

Robot Vacuums will definitely have a little less power than a traditional plug in the wall vacuum just due to the battery power and the ….. (continue reading).

Which Robot Vacuum is best?

Like with most technical things in life there is not one “best” robot vacuum. Different brands and models will work better on different surfaces, with/with out stairs, surface areas etc.

Other things to consider are that some robot vacuum are more technologically advanced than others (eg something hooked up to your smart phone) and for those seeking an automated solution this could be a big value add.

What is the best robot vacuum for pet hair?

Pet hair certainly can be a hard task master. How good a robot vacuum is with pet hair will depend almost entirely on the suction and the filtration.

Pet hair is a nightmare on filtration systems and the brush roll so a priority is to ensure these can be easily removed for regular cleaning. 

Here’s one my neighbour uses and swears (literally!) is a life saver with her pet hair issue.

What is the best robot vacuum brand?

I’ve been lucky enough to test out a few of the best brands of Robot Vacuums since starting my blog.

The robot vacuums that are best reviewed and considered market leaders include the following brands…

‣ iRobot
‣ Shark
‣ Eufy
‣ Yeedi

An interesting tidbit for you. Commonly people refer to their robot vacuum’s as “Roombas”. However the name Roomba is actually registered to the iRobot Brand. And as iRobot now advertise on their marketing collateral “If it’s not from iRobot, it’s not a Roomba”.

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