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Every house needs a mop. So I am hoping my mop reviews and how-to guides provided below are a useful source of information to you in your quest for a great mop for your home or office.

If you have hard surface areas like tiles or hard floors then yes I believe you should have a mop in your cleaning arsenal. A mop is the best cleaning instrument to use to wipe superficial dirt and grime off hard watertight surfaces.

Mope are generally used to clean floors in homes, but some people will use them on high windows as the mop has a long handle to cope with this.

Unsealed surfaces don’t do well with lots of water so be careful if choosing to use a mop on these areas in your home.

There is certainly no one best mop. It depends on your preferences.

In short, spray mops work well for small areas, like condo or apartment kitchens, or for “spot cleaning”. Spot cleaning is when you just wipe up a small area after a spill, as opposed to doing a full room clean.

Spin mops and traditional mops are generally considered the best choice for larger surface areas or deep cleaning.

A spray mop is a mop with a simple flat mop head and a spray nozzle. Spray Mops are designed to wet the surface ahead of you as you mop.

In both commercial and residential settings the traditional mop has become an outdated item. Nowadays most families and workplaces opt for the more modern spin mop or spray mop. Traditional mop heads are hard to clean and keep sanitised. To some extent traditional mops defeat the purpose of mopping as an effort to “clean”.

A spin mop generally has a more traditional mop head and is coupled with a special mop bucket that provides an easy way to wring the water out of the mop head. Most spin mops are considered a really user friendly mop to have around the house.

If you live in a large house or have a house with multiple rooms spaced far apart that require mopping (bathrooms, kitchens, laundry, mudrooms) then I believe the best modern day mop for you to own in the spin mop.

But if you live in a condo or apartment and have less than 150sq/ft to mop then you may just find the spray mop the most user friendly for your requirements.

Personally, in my home, I have both. I like to use the spray mops for spot cleaning, and I use the spin mop when I do my regular deeper cleans.

A good mop will have the following features: 

‣ Be Lightweight

‣ Made of strong sturdy parts

‣ Have a bucket with the appropriate size for your house

‣ Bucket ideally on wheels or with a sturdy handle

‣ Removable, washable and replaceable mop heads

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