Miele Ironing System review

Miele Fashion Master Ironing System Review

I do believe a good ironing system can make a world of difference to any busy household – or more specifically for the person in charge of actually doing the ironing. I had been eyeing off the Miele Fashion Master Ironing System for quite a while, so I have been really excited to put together this review for you.
While there are many different ironing systems on the market, just a handful may get suggested to individuals who want to get the most bang for their buck. However, some manufacturers have gone out of their way to ensure that their ironing boards include unique features that simplify the ironing process.
Today, we will be looking at an ironing system that everyone is talking about – the Miele Fashion Master. But, of course, you would not leave your look to chance, whether for work or pleasure! That is why, for the finishing touch, you should only rely on a genuine professional; the Miele Fashion Master offers the best ironing results swiftly and softly.

You can continue to read out this review to know what this incredible ironing system is, how you can use it, and do you need it in your life or not…. And I hope you enjoy my first step out of carpet cleaning tips and reviews! 

Miele Fashion Master Ironing System Review
Image: Miele Fashion Master Ironing System, image credit Amazon

What is the Miele Fashion Master Ironing System?

An “Ironing System” is really the category we use to describe an all-in-one ironing unit. It generally includes the iron, ironing board, electronic system and the case.
With simplicity and efficiency, this all-in-one ironing and steam system allows you to effortlessly smooth and refresh textiles – from thick multi-layered pieces to the most delicate clothing.

It comes with a height-adjustable active ironing board, a strong iron with a honeycomb steam soleplate, a nonstick iron soleplate, and a hand-held steamer. The Honeycomb-structured soleplate offers optimal washing care. Rapidly and evenly disperses steam across the whole plate, thanks to this device.

Why you need a ironing system like the Miele...
The Miele Fashion Master is capable of handling every type of clothing with consistent professional-quality results. For fast and flawless ironing results, the iron’s film of steam allows it to glide smoothly over your clothes.

The Steam pressure of up to 4 bar penetrates even the thickest fabrics, saving ironing times at the press of a button; you may choose between brief bursts of steam or continuous steam. Its hand-held steamer is ideal for refreshing suit jackets, dresses, and other hanging things, and it is pretty convenient.

One value that Miele adheres to wholeheartedly is safety. This machine’s design has many indicators to detect excessive temperatures and inactivity. The memory feature incorporated into the design of the two-speed table fans monitors temperature and switches on or off when it becomes too hot or cold. After twenty-five minutes of inactivity, the Auto-Off Function will turn off the complete computer.

Product details

53 x 18 x 20 inches
66 lb. / 29.3kg
White/Black only
It requires a voltage of 120V/60 HZ
Has strong availability in the USA + Canada. Check here.
Miele Fashion Master Ironing System Review
Image credit: Miele
miele ironing system
Credit: Miele
Miele B 3312 FashionMaster Iron
Image credit: Miele
Miele Ironing System review
Credit: Miele
steam iron to kill bed bugs on sheets
Image credit: Miele

Features of Miele Fashion Master Iron System

This ironing station has numerous intriguing characteristics that make it an appealing ironing options…

The FashionMaster Iron System from Miele offers a variety of valuable functions. Now we analyze the pros and cons of this product before making a purchase decision.

Pros of the Miele Ironing System
Cons of the Miele Ironing System

My Final thoughts


I give the Miele FashionMaster Ironing System 4.5 stars

Miele FashionMaster Ironing System is an exciting and convenient device when you consider the features it provides. However, an often posed question is, Is the $2,400 price tag on the Miele FashionMaster justified? Probably not for the majority of us. Perhaps for someone who needs (and can afford) high-end clothes repair equipment, they might want it more than we do.

Aside from the $2,400’ish cost of entry, there will undoubtedly be a learning curve to come up to speed. Our outcomes were no better than a conventional iron and ironing board, but the FashionMaster might save a more skilled ironer time and effort.

If you’re going to buy an ironing system, you should choose the greatest one possible. Think of it as an investment; if you purchase something expensive that genuinely works, it will accommodate you in the long run! As a result, there’s no reason to settle for a low-cost option that will lead you back to the shopping center after a time.

It gets set up permanently, but if you don’t have the space for that, you’ll still need a place to keep it while folded. Also, it does not fold as compactly as a standard ironing board. Finally, the approx $2,400 price tag (see latest price)  might not appeal to most people; you could hire someone to iron your clothing for $45 per week for a year which might be affordable for most people.

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