Miele C3 Cat and Dog Vacuum review

Pets are certainly a lovely addition addition to any family. They spice the mood of the room, improve the family bond, and at times, especially for trained pets, can save lives. However, with most household pets comes the dread of cat and dog hair. As this is such a common issue I chose to review the Miele C3 Cat and Dog Vacuum this month to highlight how this vacuum cleaner could be a useful weapon in this fight. 

One challenge that most pet owners dread is the shedding season. The sheer amount of pet hair in your house can even cause asthma and other illnesses. Fortunately, with a vacuum cleaner that is explicitly designed for pet owners, like the Miele C3 Cat and dog Vacuum you’ll have a much easier time capturing pet hair and avoiding pet odor.

In this article, we will look at the Miele C3 Cat and Dog hair vacuum cleaner and see if it lives up to its name as one of the best pet hair removers. Let’s get started!

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Miele C3 Cat and Dog vacuum

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Design : Miele C3 Cat and Dog Vacuum

Well, the Miele CS cat and dog vacuum cleaner comes in a minimalistic yet feature-rich design that gives you access to all functions Miele is known, loved and trusted for. Not only does it allow you to control settings with your hands but also your feet. This mitigates instances where you have to bend down to change settings.

And when it comes to its aesthetic element, the Miele C3 features a combination of white and black colors. The vacuum cleaner is lightweight weighing around 34 pounds. This means you can carry it with ease on staircases and from room to room. It is also designed with 360-degree rotatable wheels for easier maneuverability.

Storage is not a fuss with this pet hair vacuum cleaner owing to its compact design. It also comes with reservoirs on the sides and bottom. Here, you can slide the hard flooring attachment for easier storage. So it's not too bulky, making it easy to squeeze it in your closet or small storage spaces.

Another stellar design is its ergonomic handle. The Miele handle is certainly superior - ensuring strain-free carrying from room to room. This is the same case with the hose. You will enjoy the comfortable non-slip grip that its handle has on offer.

Features: Miele C3 Cat and Dog Vacuum

As you know, Miele products are feature-rich; be it their kitchen or laundry products. The same is true for this bagged pet hair vacuum cleaner. It comes with much-needed features for easy cleaning for pet lovers.

If you are battling Pet Odor this Miele C3 cat and dog vacuum has got you covered. It comes with a charcoal filter that significantly removes pet odor. This means it leaves the room fresh and free from dirt and dust. It also has a HEPA filter that boasts of removing 99% of bacteria and other illness-causing organisms. With it, your family will be less susceptible to asthma and other respiratory illnesses.

For easier control, the machine is equipped with hand and foot-controlled buttons. On the hose, you have the power button that switches the attachments on and off. On the machine, you have the power button that turns it on and off.

Are you tired of winding cords every time after use? Well, this Miele C3 has Miele's famous automatic cord winder button that automatically winds the cord once you unplug it from the power source. It's amazing what a difference this makes to the user experience. Besides, once retracted, it is stored inside the machine. As such, you will never have to worry about losing or destroying the cord.

It also comes with a -/+ button that controls the suction settings. This allows you to personalize your cleaning experience. Furthermore, it enables you to clean anything from delicate to hard surfaces with ease. I find this a handy feature with all the rugs I seem to have accumulated in my house. 

With six-speed settings, you can adjust speeds to suit the cleaning surface. If you are fond of losing attachments, you will love its onboard storage space. It allows you to store your specialty cleaning attachments.

A standout feature for pet hair

The Miele Cat and Dog vacuum consists of a self-sealing dust bag that prevents dirt and other particles from escaping bolstering its hygiene standards. The 4.5-liter bag ensures large-capacity pet hair storage so you can clean your carpets or furniture for a long time. And thanks to the bag indicator, you can know when to empty the bag.

Miele C3 Cat and Dog Vacuum review

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Attachments: Miele C3 Cat and Dog Vacuum

This vacuum cleaner comes with numerous attachments that are a must-have for any pet owner. They include:

  • Electrical telescoping wand: this stainless steel attachment allows you to clean high ceilings, door jambs, windows, and other high-up places. It features a button that when pressed allows you to extend the length of the wand for better high-up places cleaning.
  •  Parquet Twister: this attachment rotates 180 degrees so you can easily clean around furniture. Also, its smooth bristles ensure that pet hair is captured whether on a soft or hard surface.
  • Turbo attachment: it works exceptionally well on upholstered surfaces. This enables you to capture pet hair and dust on your sofa, car seats, and other similar surfaces.
  • Electric carpeting powerhead: this cleaning head features two levers. One to control the height of the powerhead and the other to release the wand from an upright position. This allows you to clean all types of carpets and under furniture.
  • Crevice tool: With this tool, you can capture pet hair in cracks and other tight spots with ease.
  • Dusting brush: you can attach it to the wand to dust curtains and other delicate surfaces such as mirrors.

Performance: Miele C3 Cat and Dog Vacuum Cleaner

Well, the Miele C3 cleaner certainly offers stellar performance on carpets and hard floors! Pet hair removal is a standard feature of this vacuum and thanks to the self-sealing dust bag, it does not release debris once captured. Since it comes with a 33-feet cord, it allows you to clean for long periods without switching power outlets.  In short, this is a must-have cleaner for any pet owner.

Pros of the Miele C3

  • Captures pet hair on hard floors and carpets
  • It comes with hand- and feet-controlled buttons
  • The filter system not only captures hair but also allergens and deters pet odor
  • Ideal for cleaning both the floor and high-up places

Cons of the Miele C3

  • Relatively pricy compared to other similar vacuum cleaners
  • Attaching the hose can be cumbersome

My Final verdict: Miele C3 Cat and Dog Hair Vacuum, reviewed June 2021

As you can see, the Miele C3 Cat and Dog vacuum cleaner comes with features that are necessary for any pet owner. The trusted Miele brand lived up to my lofty expectations for such a high end vacuum.

Another additional thought on  why you should buy this model is its quiet operation. This makes it ideal for pets that are sensitive to sound or homes with young kids. So, the next time you think of buying a vacuum cleaner, don’t hesitate to choose the Miele pet hair remover.

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