How to Remove Turmeric Stain From Carpet

Turmeric is a yellowish Indian spice. It is often used in curry and other Indian recipes. It can deeply penetrate fabrics easily. Hence it can be used as a yellow fabric dye. The penetration capabilities make it very hard to clean up accidental spills, mostly on carpets and heavy garments which are not easy to clean in most instances.

However, with the correct materials, efforts, and some patience these stains can be erased. This article takes you through the possible procedures of removing stains from your carpet.

Section one: Pre-treating the turmeric stain

1. You should remove excess turmeric as quickly as possible.

Time is a critical aspect with these stains. Once turmeric sets in a piece of fabric it becomes a great challenge to take it off, and this is the reason why it is used in various parts of the world as a dye for fabrics. Immediately after noticing a stained spot on your carpet, get a clean spoon or any other scooping tool and remove any excess substance. Rinse the spot with warm water and soak using a towel.

2. You can also pre-treat with a detergent

Use a considerable amount of all-purpose liquid soap directly on the stained spot. Scrub your carpet with a brush or a water soaked towel for several minutes depending on the intensity of the stain. It is also advisable to let the detergent settle for about 10 minutes for it to soak perfectly.

Section two: Washing the turmeric stain off your carpet

1. Wash your carpet in hot or warm water

You can manually wash the stained carpet with hot water. Also, wherever possible drop the rug into a washing machine and adjust to the hottest temperature. You should use a considerable amount of detergent for both machine and manual washing.

2. Dry the carpet in direct sunlight

Once you finish washing the stained rug, scrutinize it to ensure that the no longer exists. Severe stains may fail to disappear after the first wash, so it is advisable to wash repeatedly. If the weather is conducive for drying the carpet, hang it on a drying rack, or on the ground, or even on a wire where direct sunlight is present.

It is documented that the bleaching capability of the sun was among the popular ancient methods for keeping white fabrics white. Leaving fabrics for long in direct sunlight accelerates natural tear and wear.

3. Repeat the washing process as many times as needed

In some instances, turmeric stains are remarkably persistent. Quickly pre-treating with detergents and washing your stained carpet is always a much choice, although the process may not remove the patch on the first attempt. You should always be ready to repeat the same procedure several times to attain the best results.

Section three: Bleaching a white carpet

1. Bleach white carpets

Bleaching is one extra option you presently have for the treatment of white carpets. Bleach is a powerful acidic detergent with the power to strip any colors from a piece of fabric remarkably fast, making it an ideal choice for getting turmeric stains off your carpet. Add a considerable amount of bleach in a washing vessel and soak your carpet for approximately 15 minutes before washing it manually or using a machine.

Note: You should never use bleach on colored carpets.

Section four: Using home remedies to treat turmeric stains

1. Use baking soda paste

Using this paste is one easy stain-removal trick that utilizes the natural properties of baking soda to fight tough turmeric stains on your carpet. For example, scoop a considerable amount of baking soda and put in a vessel, then add some water to make a moist-thick paste. You can use a soft brush to scrub the turmeric stain off the carpet with the solution before washing the entire fabric.

For several reasons, baking soda is an excellent cleaning agent.

  • It has a crystal structure making it a mild abrasive that cannot easily damage a surface while washing. Second, it cuts through grease since it is a mild alkaline.
  • You can also use most of the cleaning solutions mixed with vinegar. White vinegar is another home solution for combating turmeric stains on carpets and other types of fabrics. Mix two tablespoons with a half glass of rubbing alcohol or two glasses of water and dish soap. Soak the stain in the solution for a few minutes a blot using a dry towel or cloth to absorb the liquid. You should repeat the procedure severally and allow the carpet to dry.

Note: White vinegar is the only type of vinegar you can use since balsamic or red wine kinds of vinegar might contain dyes with tough stains.

2. You can also treat turmeric stains with glycerin

Glycerin is a natural chemical produced during the processing of animal fat or while making soap. This product is readily available at specialty stores and pharmacies at a pocket-friendly price.

Once mixed with water and ordinary soap it can form a powerful cleaning agent ideal for even the toughest stains. Mix 1/4 cup of glycerin with a 1/4 cup of soap and two cup-full of warm water. Soak your carpet on this mixture and carefully rub to erase the turmeric stain.

3. Consider soaking your stained carpet in soda water

Home experts praise clean, bubbling, flavorless beverages like club soda or soda water to be a perfect cleaning agent. You can freely use soda water in washing your turmeric stained carpet since it is a mild substance that won't hurt the fabric.

What are other methods available for salvaging your permanently stained carpet?

You can apply the following remedies in salvaging your badly stained carpet rather than replacing or throwing it away.

  • You can tie-dye your stained rug. For example, if you possess a light-colored carpet with a turmeric stain bury the entire stained spot in a swirl of bright colors that no one will ever notice.
  • You can also stain the whole carpet with a similar color to cover up for the stain.
  • You can use embroidery to cover a resistant turmeric stain on your carpet. Stich the carpet using attractive colors to cover the stain.

Finally, consider using the badly stained carpet for some other uses such as splitting it to fit for door rags and other required rags.


Turmeric stain can be very tough and tricky to handle. However, there are very many chemical and home remedy based procedures to choose. Whenever selecting a stain removing method, you should always inspect the material or fabrics making up your carpet.

Also, you should carefully consider the chemicals to use while eliminating turmeric stains and desist from using the ones that can quickly destroy your product.




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