how to get oil out of carpet

How to get oil out of carpet?

Need to remove an oil stain from your carpet?

There are two effective ways to get oil out of carpet and the good new is that you’ll probably have one or both of the items necessary to help in this process at home already (saves a trip to Walmart!)
I has success with both of these methods in a standard polyblend household carpet pile. If you have wool, shag or long carpet pile then it could be a little trickier. I would still attempt the below methods but be prepared to have to resort to professional cleaning to finish the job. But let’s hope not.

Method 1: Use a powder based product to remove oil from carpet

What is a powder based product?
Any of the above powder based products should do the trick. Just choose one – don’t mix them all together 🙂
clean red wine from carpet

How does Baking soda, Baby Powder or Corn Starch remove oil?

These agents will all work to absorb the oil. In the method outlined below we advise you to leave this on for a while so that the absorption process can take place. It won’t happen instantly.
My first choice would be the baking soda as it also will neutralise any smells.

How do I get the oil stain out of my carpet ?

Method 2: Use Rubbing Alcohol to get oil out of carpet

What is rubbing alcohol?

Rubbing Alcohol is called different things all over the world. Rubbing Alcohol by definition is a solution generally made up of 70% isopropyl alcohol + water. You can find rubbing alcohol in all big stores, and thanks to Covid-19 it is now found in just about every service station too. You may even have some in your handbag or car glove compartment. Noting that gel hand sanitizer is a little different to rubbing alcohol as it has added chemicals in it to form the gel. 

rubbing alcohol to remove oil from carpet
You can use rubbing alcohol as hand sanitizer, but you can't use hand sanitizer as rubbing alcohol.
In the UK Rubbing Alcohol is called surgical spirit.

How does Rubbing Alcohol remove oil?

Rubbing Alcohol is a solvent. The isopropyl alcohol will work to break down the oil. This is a different technique to the powder based method above which aims to absorb the oil.

How do I get the oil stain out of my carpet with rubbing alcohol?

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