How to Empty Shark Vacuum | The Best Guides and Tips

Shark vacuums contain plastic dustbin that carries dirt and debris instead of using disposable vacuum bags. Did you know you need to clean your favorite Shark vacuum from time to time? No need to worry. Do I need any bags for the Shark vacuum? No, you can simply empty the vacuum canister from the top or bottom.

While there is no need to purchase new bags, you are supposed to empty the dustbin on your Shark vacuum regularly to prevent suction loss or clogging of the cleaner. Additionally, if your Shark vacuum makes odd sounds that were not there before and it pumps out air with a weird smell then it is time to give it a clean.

According to the manufacturer, Shark vacuums must be emptied after use or when the bin becomes full while vacuuming a dirty section or area. Ever wondered how you can empty your Shark vacuum? Here you will find a guide of how you can empty your Shark vacuum, including HEPA filters, rotating brush plus other vital components.

How to Empty Shark Vacuum

How can you find out when your Shark vacuum cleaner require cleaning?

Here are some signs that your shark vacuum requires a cleanup.

Bad odor: Why does my vacuum produce a bad odor? If an unappealing odor is emitted from your vacuum, it could be a sign of an accumulation of dust, dirt plus other debris in the cleaning tool. On cleaning the unit, the stench will go away and your unit will smell normal loss of suction power. A loss in suction power is a key indicator. In such scenarios, your unit will fail to function as well as before.

The filters may be clogged and dirty and it may take a hit on the vacuum suction power. Accumulation of a lot of debris or dirt over time on the rotating brush at the bottom could also impact on the suction power.

Change in sound: Your shark vacuum machine can produce a different sound type that varies from what emanated from it earlier in an operational state. This can mean that the machine needs to be emptied sooner. It may fail to suck in all the dirt and debris.

How to empty Shark vacuum?

It is best to clean a shark vacuum in the three steps; the rotating brush, canister, and filters. These cleaning methods work for all shark vacuums. Cleaning the rotating brush has your rotator brush stopped rotating? It seems crazy the type of debris that can be stuck here. For those with pets, you will more than likely find pet hair stuck on the rotating brush.

Step 1: Ensure you turn off your vacuum and turn it over. You can put it on a garbage bag or otherwise do it outside if the mess worries you.

Step 2: Check for anything stuck on the rotating brush. This may look gross as you are likely to find hair, old bits of food, strings and other materials trapped around the brush. It is normal and you can utilize a pair of scissors to cut through the materials that have wrapped itself on the rotating brush. This makes it much easy to remove all of that material from the brush. At some point, you may have to untangle some spots, though it will come off.

Step 3: If you have removed all the materials that you can see, you can use a small brush and gently scrub the rotating brush to remove any debris that you may have missed.

Cleaning the canister of the shark vacuum

canister of shark vacuum
Photo from Shark Store on Amazon
Cleaning the canister cleaning is not the grossest part of the cleaning as you may think it is. It is actually quite easy to do.
Step 1: Detach the canister from the shark vacuum and clear all of the garbage. Many people do this and stop there and rarely have an issue.
Step 2: Additionally you can get a baby wipe and clean the inside canister as much as you possible. You can also clean it with a mild soap and warm water. The canister contains no electrical connections and cleaning with water is not a problem. It takes a few minutes wiping or washing and you can simply leave it to fully dry once washed and rinsed.

Cleaning the filter of the shark vacuum

Cleaning the filters HEPA filters are a vital component of a shark vacuum cleaner that makes them so good. These filters keep all the nasty dirt and allergens inside the vacuum. When a funky smell comes from your vacuum, the filters require cleaning. These guidelines will work for HEPA filters plus the regular standard filters.

When it comes to non HEPA filters or regular ones, some models of Shark vacuum have felt while others use rubber filters.

The felt filters are a bit fragile and not recommended for washing. If you insist on washing, ensure you are very gentle on the filter.
Step 1: Detach all of the filters. It is easy and nice to handle, however, ensure you take note or master where each one goes to make returning them back easier. You can take a picture if you may forget.

Step 2: Tap the filters gently over the garbage bin to shake off as much dirt, dust and other materials you can. This can make your cleaning easier and less gross.

Step 3: Rinse the filters with a mildly warm water. The HEPA filters plus the other filters of the Shark vacuum should be cleaned in a similar manner. Give them a little and gentle rub to remove out all the dust. If necessary you can make use of a mild washing detergent. Rinse till the water that comes out of them is clear.

Step 4: This step is very vital. Leave out all the filters to dry. You will notice that the filter that is plastic based dries faster, however, the other filters take a long time, particularly the HEPA filters. Do not return them into the vacuum cleaner till they are completely dry.

Step 5: When they are completely dry you can return them back in the shark vacuum cleaner. The HEPA filter can over time wear out and may need replacement.


Cleaning your vacuum may not be a pleasant experience, but it is a simpler one. In all honesty, you would conclude that the whole drying of filters takes longer time compared to the actual cleaning process. In case your shark vacuum has been failing to perform the way it normally does, a good cleaning should be able to bring it back to life.

You will find no excuse to offer your shark vacuum a good regular cleaning now that you know how to clean the shark vacuum.

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