How to Clean Dyson V6

Dyson v6 has not been with us for decades. But, the four years of its splendid services to those who the dread cleaning task is worth knowing some DIY aspects about it. Well, you may not be a Dyson fan, but whenever you get a bit unexcited about cleaning the fur from the canine friend, you'll soon realize the need for it. That is not all.

Once you fall in love with this cool vacuum cleaner, you will obviously want to maintain it. This is the only way to get optimum service worth the price.

Before, you collect a heap of articles convincing you to go for other models, consider the cleaning of your Dyson V6 to maintain its position as the best handheld vacuum cleaner. A clean Dyson V6 simply implies the removal of dust, debris, and clogs that prevent if from better performance.

Here is how to clean Dyson V6 As an initial step, empty the Dyson V6. 

This requires that you move to the nearby trash can and empty the clear bin.

Step 1: The Filter

Dyson v6 is fitted with a post-motor HEPA filter that purifies the air to the tune of 99.97%. Meanwhile, a dirty filter will greatly compromise this feature. To clean the filter, follow the steps below:

  • Unplug the device from the socket and make it sit upright
  • Twist the knob at the center of the cyclone in the anticlockwise direction
  • When it becomes sufficiently loose, pull it out.

Now you have the filter, how do you wish it?

  • You will need cold running water, and a hard surface
  • First tap the filter against the hard surface gently to remove the debris
  • Hold the filter and allow the cold running water to freely flow through it
  • Rotate the filter gently to ensure water reaches the pleats
  • Repeat the gentle tapping of the filter on the hard surface and then running cold water several times.

So, you have the clean filter. A few steps will still count. The drying process is important in getting your filter the best treatment. It is simple, put it upside down and let it dry for 24 hours.

When cleaning the filter, please remember the following-

  • Don't subject your filter to an open flame 
  • Don't dry the filter in a tumble dryer
  • Don't use a washing machine to clean or dry the filter
  • Don't use the oven or microwave to dry the filter.

The filter is the most sensitive part of the vacuum cleaner that makes it stand out among its peers in the market. Subjecting it to any of the above will destroy it or compromise its functionality.

Step 2: The Clear Bin

Well, Dyson V6 is known for its easy-to-empty clear bin. It is only during the cleaning process will you be required to do some slight disassemble.

  • First, remove the bin from the cyclone.
  • Open the bin case and push the red button to detach it.
  • Secondly, remove it carefully without applying any significant force.
  • To clean the clear bin you will only need a damp cloth.
  • Wipe the inside of the clear bin to remove the debris.
  • Repeat the process until it's clean.

Things to avoid when cleaning this part are -Detergents-Air Fresheners-Using a dishwasher to clean it.

Step 3: The Cyclone Shroud

The cyclone shroud is the force behind the vacuum cleaner's suction capabilities. Simply put, it helps in the optimization of the airflow. Use a soft brush to remove dust from the cyclone shroud. Unlike the rest of its parts, the cyclone shroud not is dipped in water.

Once you are done with the external parts, it is time to take on a bit complex disassemble to touch up the internal parts of your vacuum cleaner. While, the inner parts may seem to be less complex, Do not completely disassemble if you are not confident in re-assembling.

Step 4: The inner parts

Detach the cyclone from the main body-Use your Tory T8 Screwdriver to remove the screws-Separate the pre-filter.

The inner parts of the machine require dusting. Therefore, do not clean using a running water. Instead, use a dusting cloth to clean the reachable parts. Also, find a can containing compressed air to help you blow out the dust. Simply, blow the compressed air into these parts and watch the dust rush out.

During the brushing, take note of the following; Dust can be irritating. So, if you are allergic or asthmatic, keep off the flying dust while using a can containing the compressed air in cleaning the inner parts.

Step 5: The Attachments

While you allow the clean parts of the vacuum cleaner to dry up, Focus on the attachments. Both the brush and the Crevice tools come into contact with dirt. This makes your cleaning process incomplete if you don't touch up the attachments.

Their cleaning process requires:- Water-Detergents (soap) and, A dry cloth Wash the attachments without wiring in a soapy water rinse in cold running water Dry it with the clothe and, allow the parts to dry.  

The attachments containing wiring should not be cleaned using water to avoid electric shock and short-circuiting. Simply brush off the dust. To this point, the Dyson V6 is clean and you are ready to reassemble the machine.

Ensure that all the parts beginning with the inner ones click into place. Then carefully fix the outer parts. You are set to let the vacuum cleaner do its duties and relieve you of the dragging.

In sum, regular cleaning means improved efficiency. The 20 minutes cleaning power that lacks in most of the vacuum cleaners are largely attributed to how well you clean it on regular basis. The maximum pressure that results during touch up throws dust and debris into the inner parts of your machine.

When this is left to pile into significant levels, they soon render the Dyson V6 less effective. Here, are the secret on how to clean the Dyson V6.

Most important aspects to remember before cleaning is that:

  1. Some parts should not be cleaned using water
  2. Cleaning the Dyson V6 improves its effectiveness
  3. Observe the dos and don'ts when touching up your Dyson V6
  4. Clean it regularly
  5. Be careful to avoid injuries when cleaning the Dyson V6

Whenever the talk is about vacuum cleaners, little is yet to change the top position of Dyson V6!



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