How to Change Spin Mop Head - Full Guideline

How to Change Spin Mop Head | Full Guideline

If you’re asking yourself, how to change a spin mop head? I can help.

Sometimes all the free time that you have to clean your home is after a long day at work. You, therefore, need all the help that you can get in cleaning it in a fast and efficient way. The spinning mop is a mop and bucket system that allows you to clean your home quickly without much effort. This system ensures that you do not have to create a mess while cleaning. What is the point of cleaning if you end up pouring dirty water on the floor while trying to wring the mop of water?

Here are my thoughts on a spin mops benefits, downsides and a step by step guide on how to change the spinning mop head.

What Benefits Do You Get When Using the Spin Mop System?

The system has an amazing splash guard. The conventional mop and bucket system uses a lot of water while you are trying to ring the mop. The spin mop and bucket system is uses less water more effectively. The mop is built to fit right into the bucket. The spin system then pours the water right back to the bucket. There are also no stray mop threads to contend with, while spinning the water. This makes cleaning your house less frustrating and faster.

I love that you don’t have to bend down or twist your body in to strange positions to wring a spin mop. It’s incredibly easy and you can maintain an upright posture. 

how to change a spin mop head
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Another reason I love a good spin mop - the pedal feature!

Spin mops are made with new age materials that absorb a lot of water. So they are handy to mop up small spills, in addition to cleaning the house.

Alot of spinning mop systems comes with a foot pedal that means you do not have to over exert yourself to wring out the mop.  All you have to do when cleaning is dip the mop in the bucket and press the foot pedal to activate the wring.  How easy! I know lots of elderly people or those with mobility issues appreciate this feature.

What is the Downside of Using Spinning Mop?

So, how to change a spin mop head?…

One of the best features of using the spinning mop is that you are able to replace the mop head after some use.

So now you know, how to change a spin mop head!

The process of replacing a mop head is as easy as that. Just be sure not to rush or use too much force as these mops can be easily damaged. Follow the instructions to a tee. You can also always download the user manual and follow the manufacturers guidelines for your specific mop. Tip: You may have the receipt stored in your email to track down this info.

You will find that the package will usually come with different types of mops to be used on different surfaces. Speciality mop heads may be included  for the bathroom, window panes, and hard floors. Ensure that you replace them as instructed to allow for an easy cleaning process.

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      1. If they are the snap in they have little bumps on the ring you put your foot on the mop edge put them up straight up locked position I mean the mop handle in the straight up lock position stand on the pieces of the mop and slightly tug it easily straight up and it’ll pop off and then again leave it in the locked position lay it out flat and push down and you will hear it snap in place don’t know if there’s universal mopheads yet myself I bought my Hurricane 360 from QVC and ordered new mop pads off the website for spin mop’s and they fit fine

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