How to Change Spin Mop Head | Full Guideline

If you’re asking yourself, how to change a spin mop head? I can help.

Sometimes all the free time that you have to clean your home is after a long day at work. You, therefore, need all the help that you can get in cleaning it in a fast and efficient way. The spinning mop is a mop and bucket system that allows you to clean your home very quickly and without much effort. This system ensures that you do not have to create a mess while cleaning. What is the point of cleaning if you end up pouring dirty water on the floor while trying to wring the mop of water?

We shall review what the spinning head mop system is, of what benefit it is to you, the downside of using this system and a step by step guide on how to change the spinning mop head.

What Benefits Do You Get When Using the Spin Mop System?

  • The system has an amazing splash guard. The conventional mop and bucket system use a lot of wide water while you are trying to ring the mop so you dry your floor properly. But that is not the same with the spin mop and bucket system. There is into water spillage when using this system. The mop is built to fit right into the bucket and then you spin it making the water pour right back to the bucket. There are no stray mop threads that do not make it into the bucket while you try to wring the mop resulting in dirty water spillage. This makes cleaning your house that much easier and faster.
  • Upright position while wringing the mop. The conventional mop required that you had to bend to be able to appropriately wring the mop and get all the water out to allow for proper floor cleaning and drying after cleaning. many of us have back problems that do not allow us to bend. If you find yourself in such hardships it is best for you to use the spinning mop system as you can clean the house easily without bending at all.
  • The other benefit that makes using the spinning mop wonderful to work with, the mop absorbs a lot of water. When you have children under ten years you know spillages around your home are unavoidable. When using this mop then that is nothing to worry about. The mop absorbs a lot of liquid that makes cleaning the drink or beverage cleaning a one minute task.
  •  The spinning mop system comes with a foot pedal that means you do not have to use a lot of effort on your hands to wring the mop dry. All you have to do when cleaning is dip the mop in the bucket when you are satisfied with the amount of water and cleaning you have done. You place it to be wrong, at this point you step on the pedal and the mop is wrong completely. This aspect of the mop is highly appreciated by individuals that have carpal tunnel syndrome, back problems that will not allow them to bend over and individuals who suffer from hand arthritis.

What is the Downside of Using Spinning Mop?

  1. The Mop is not as heavy-duty as the traditional mops. The spinning mop though magical with all the benefits that it has is not very heavy duty. meaning that depending on how often you use it and what you use the mop for you will find that the mop will need replacing regularly. many spinning mop systems come with a refill mop that will allow you to replace the mop at no extra cost to you at least the first time.
  2. The Mop in the system comes in three separate pieces that have to be screwed together for the mop to be functional. You will find when you have used the mop for some time, the middle and bottom sections of the mop will usually detach when you apply pressure while cleaning.
  3. You may find that when you are trying to remove a stubborn stain off the floor, the plastic head of the mop may crap the floor. this could really damage your floor especially if they are colored smooth tiles. Try to use some tact when cleaning the floor so that you do not end up scrapping it.

So, how to change a spin mop head?…

One of the best features of using the spinning mop is that you are able to replace the mop head after some use.

  1. Find a spinning head to replace your old one. You can buy the mop in a number of online stores. make sure to do your research to find the best store to purchase your spinning head from.
  2. Place the mop head in straight position. The mop should be flat and spread out on the floor. Step on the mop head lightly, turn the handle of the mop until you have managed to align your foot with the bolt of the mop. After you manage to get the mop head aligned, bend over the handle of the mop in the opposite direction as your foot. Give the mop head a slight tag and it will be free from the mop cap.
  3.  Attach the new replacement mop head. To do this, set the mop handle over on the head in such a way that the mop cap on the handle completely covers the mop head. When you have the mop head in place, put some minimal pressure on the mop cap to attach it to the new mop head.

So now you know, how to change a spin mop head!

The process of replacing a mop head is as easy as that. it is however recommended that you do not use any other method to replace the mop. This is these mops can be easily damaged. Follow the instructions to the letter. if you still have the manual make sure you use the method that they have explained as the best way and follow the instructions as they are within it.

You will find that the package will usually come with different types of mops to be used on different surfaces like the bathroom, window panes, and the rest of your home may require different mops. Ensure that you replace them as instructed to allow for an easy cleaning process.

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