How long should a Roomba Battery last?

how long should a roomba battery last
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Technology has made leaps in the world; it almost feels like a movie. Science has provided us with various machines for different tasks. Today, we will be talking about the Roomba; the battery-powered cleaning machine takes virtually all of the effort out of housework.

If the clever Roomba had a heart, you would have found it next to the brushes, hidden beneath a screwed-in plastic square: the battery. Whatever version, the battery may be considered the Roomba’s soul.

Then again, this is what allows the robotic vacuum cleaner to function as a workhorse. Because of the battery capacity importance to the device, you should pay close attention to its health, particularly its run time.

Anyone wants a technical gadget that functions at total capacity and can do so for as long as feasible. Therefore, appreciating the boundaries of any equipment is essential for getting the most out of it.

Let us ask you something; Do you measure how exactly long the Roomba’s batteries will last before it has to get recharged? Or how many charges will it take until it needed to get replaced? Keep reading to know!

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Understanding the Roomba

Since the olden days, humans have wanted to live in a clean home. Cleanup daily, on the other hand, may be tedious. Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners got created for this reason.

These vacuum cleaners get embedded with sensors to maneuver around furnishings and nooks while cleaning autonomously. The sensors get intended to detect obstructions, dust, or even steep terrain such as stairs. In addition, these sensors are in place to make sure no mishaps occur.

You might be wondering; What level of intelligence can these robots achieve? Here’s an example, these cleaners can pick up any trash that gets in their way. As a result, cleaning the house has become easier and quicker. However, the leading cause of concern with these clever best vacuum cleaners has always been their battery life.

How Long Does a Roomba Battery last?

We understand why you’ve come to us; you want to know how long the Roomba battery will last! It is a dilemma that many people have whenever they choose to spend their hard-earned money on anything, even Roomba batteries.

However, that is a valid question. Who spends the money on a thing which does not provide high results? To answer that, let’s understand the anatomy of the battery first. The Roomba battery gets believed to be a healthy combination of 12 NiMH Nickel batteries compacted into one shape to generate a massive nickel-based power source.

On average, in a single charge session, the batteries of the Roomba would drain in about two hours of operation. However, an average Roomba battery will survive for almost 400 cleaning cycles (400 charges) in battery life.

However, based on the setting and cleansing preferences, the performance may vary. For example, if you clean a thick carpet with the Roomba vacuum, the battery capacity will reduce. In addition, the more careless you are about trying to keep it in good condition, the sooner it will entirely degrade.

Some users have reported that their Roomba battery is still working after two years. However, others have stated that their Roomba battery only lasted six months after buying, necessitating an urgent replacement. At this stage, it should be a no-brainer that maintenance is at an action in this difference.

Image Credit: iRobot

How to Increase the Battery Life of your Roomba

The Roomba battery may endure dozens of cleaning cycles until it needs to get replaced if adequately cared for from the start; thus, the battery capacity of your favorite Roomba will largely depend on how you maintain it.

The Roomba robot vacuum’s battery, like your vehicle, phone, and other technology, will treat you better and become more dependable the better you care about it. With all of these techniques, you can save the cost of new batteries and have your vacuum running longer.

Clean The Roomba Brushes after each use

As your Roomba moves about the house removing debris and dirt bunnies, its little bits and pieces become clucked up and packed with dust, grime, and hairs.

When that dirt accumulates, your robot has to work even harder to rotate the brushes, depleting its valuable battery life. So remove and clean your Roomba’s brushes, usually every week, to guarantee that your batteries last longer.

Cool before storing

Heat is among the most lethal enemies of NiMH batteries. During charge and discharge, heat naturally accumulates. Therefore, when your battery gets exposed to very heated circumstances, such as direct sunshine, heating vents, and so on, it will degrade.

Make it a practice to keep the Roomba in a cold, dry location to extend its battery life. Please keep it away from sunlight since the heat may cause the battery to fail. It’s also a great way to keep it far from high-temperature equipment like appliances.

Keep it charged and then use it frequently

Your Roomba gets powered by a battery, which which will last longer when used frequently. The battery’s performance gets sustained by using it regularly. Additionally, frequent cleaning helps to enhance the battery capacity and health. Leaving the Roomba inactive for long periods would do more damage than good to the battery’s life.

Drain the battery before charging it

Run the battery through its entire charge cycle.  Allowing the battery to drain before recharging it and fully recharge it helps the battery maintain a steady charge time entirely. But, of course, you wouldn’t have to do this every time, just about enough to empty it.

Remove the battery while not in use or set it to vacation mode

There will be occasions when you must be away from home for an extended amount of time. It gets referred to as placing it in ‘Vacation Mode.’ To do this, charge the Roomba’s battery first before removing it to put it in vacation mode.

It gets accomplished by turning the robot over. Before removing the battery, detach the two screws that secure the battery door. After the trip is over, reassemble your device after completely charging the battery. Before you continue your usual routine, make sure you run the unit until it completely shuts off.

Is the battery on your Roomba dead?

Do you think that the battery in your Roomba is dead, but you don’t know that for sure? Do you want to see if it’s time to replace your Roomba vacuum in general, or if only the battery has to get replaced?

A dead Roomba will no longer power on or charge. Is this not how it usually works?  If it will not charge or turn on, the battery is dead. If it hasn’t been too long after your purchase, you can contact the company for technical support.

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Final thoughts on Robot Vacuum Battery Life

When it comes to household vacuuming, the Roomba comes in helpful in removing pet hair, grime, dust, and other debris. It is a clever device that does not require much effort to get things perfect. Only minor maintenance on the Roomba is necessary to achieve peak performance.

The battery is an essential part of this cleaner. Unfortunately, the battery life of the Roomba has been a source of worry for many consumers. However, I have included an in-depth examination of virtually, if not all, of the information you want concerning Roomba batteries.

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