Hoover WindTunnel 2 Review – UH71250

Vacuum cleaners are one of the most basic needs of any household today. They’re your helping hand towards a cleaner, healthier home. And Hoover has certainly cemented themselves as the household vacuum of choice. I hope you enjoy the Hoover WindTunnel 2 Review I’ve put together to help you buy your next Hoover.

hoover windtunnel 2 corded vacuum review

Living in a fast-paced metropolitan environment exposes you and your family to harmful polluted air, which ends up settling on your homes floors, walls and carpets too. Coming into repeated direct contact with dust and polluted is not great for your health, hence the need for a great dust extraction solution.

Keeping yourself on the safer side with regular floor cleaning is essential. But getting that dirt off manually is such a tiresome task. Vacuum cleaners are helpful devices that get that harmful dust off your furniture, floors, carpets, mats, and rugs in seconds. While all you have to do is turn the switch on and carry it around. I hope you enjoy my Hoover WindTunnel 2 review, and that it helps you in your search for the perfect vacuum…

Why you need a good quality vacuum cleaner?

The reason why vacuum cleaners are so commonly found in households is that they’re an efficient way to clean your home. It is a device designed to automatically suction any speckle of dust on your home’s floor, making sure it’s germ-free and there is no harmful bacteria lurking around.  Manually cleaning each and every corner of your house will leave you exhausted and is just a waste of time.

There’s a diverse collection of products available in the market with each brand having its own unique point of difference. “Option overwhelm” when it comes to selecting the right vacuum for you is real. Choosing a bagless vacuum is a popular choice these days due to the convenient and cheap disposal methods (no refilling on bags!)

In a nut shell, what I love most about the Hoover WindTunnel 2, and why I have chosen to review it today is that is simply gets the job done with a reasonable price tag.

Why should you buy the Hoover WindTunnel 2 Bagless vacuum cleaner?

Hoover has been a top vacuum cleaner brand trusted by millions around the world. Its bagless cleaners show great performance and value for money, which most of the other bulky unwarranted vacuums aren’t.

The Hoover WindTunnel 2 is perfect for anyone looking to buy an affordable, easy to use and hassle-free vacuum.  If you’re sick of buying replacement bags for your vacuum, you’ll enjoy this bagless option. This is because the litter directly disposes from the vacuum to bin at the press of a button.

It has an integrated HEPA filtration process that ensures your floor is rid of even the tiniest dirt speckles. 

This vacuum cleaner is capable of holding more debris than half the vacuum cleaners available out there.

In short, Hoover’s canister won’t be full even after hours of cleaning around the house. It has double the number of suction channels we see in a regular vacuum cleaner and doesn’t need constant re-plugging even in a large room.

That’s because Hoover WindTunnel 2 comes with 25-foot power cord and an extension wand that reaches up to 8 foot. In addition to that there is a turbo tool for stairs. Seriously, I love the attachments on this one – they are hard to beat. 

It is designed with WindTunnel 2 technology that actually uses two vacuum channels in an attempt to double efficiency and power. 

You can easily rinse filters ensuring they are clean and working at their optimal function. And the bottom-detach cup makes it easy too release debris directly into the trash without any stress of buying or changing bags.

Hoover WindTunnel  2 is hands down a great all-rounder household vacuum cleaner.

Key features of a Hoover Windtunnel 2 Vacuum Cleaner

Benefits of Hoover WindTunnel 2

The biggest benefit of the Hoover Windtunnel 2 is it’s value for money. It has a lot of features and suction power of it’s more expensive competitors.

Dual-Stage Cyclonic Technology

Hoover WindTunnel 2 combines power and accessibility to provide best cleaning experience with no loss of suction. As previously mentioned, it’s generating two channels of suction to elevate and eradicate apparent dirt and deeply settled debris. Also, the 2 in WindTunnel “2” stands for dual suction functionality.

Retractable Cord

Tired of wrapping that long cord of your vacuum cleaner every time you’re done with the cleaning?

A convenient feature in this unit is the retractable power cord, something that is more often found in a canister vacuum. Once you have completed cleaning around the house, it automatically retracts the cord for you on the flick of a switch. The feature is great as it saves time and a lot of effort.

And it’s so rewarding hitting that switch at the end of the vacuum and watching the cord rewind!

Washable Filter

WindTunnel 2 basically has two filters attached- one is on the top of the dust canister and another one is near the bottom. Both are easy to clean, making that job an easy one. After all, who wants to have to  spend time cleaning the vacuum cleaner – ha!

The top  filter can be washed with water in seconds and only need to be cleaned every two months or 8-10 vacuums.

The bottom filter is a HEPA filter and is recommended not to be washed or rinsed with water.The best and easiest thing to do is dump this HEPA filter on a litter bin to remove the rubble out of the vacuum. HEPA filter is to be brushed lightly every two months or earlier, depending on how much you use it.

I have written this Hoover WindTunnel 2 Review about 12 weeks after receiving it so I have only cleaned the filters once, as a full disclaimer.

HEPA filter

HEPA is one of the most reliable filtration mechanisms a vacuum cleaner can have. This feature provides safety from hazardous disease while removing dust and dirt in a protected mode. While most vacuum cleaners need a double round to thoroughly clean a surface, Hoover is one of the few exceptions in that case. HEPA filtration is considered “hospital grade” for those interested in that accolade.

Extension Wand

Hoover has come up with a great feature in WindTunnel 2: the extension wand. It reaches up to 10 feet of cleaning area which won’t cause the hassle of re-plugging the vacuum elsewhere just to make it reach your room’s corner. There’s also an 8-foot hose attached to it which only adds up to the convenient cleaning experience Hoover offers with this device.

Bagless Disposal

Hoover WindTunnel 2 works equally great on every surface, be it hard floors, carpets or rugs. It’s evidently durable, manufactured with high-quality material and most importantly, isn’t going to hit you with the hassle or expense of replacing filter bags. Turn it on, clean around the house and press a button to directly dispose of the collected dirt in the bin.



Top 3 FAQs About Hoover WindTunnel 2

Does the WindTunnel 2 work well on stairs and carpet?

Yes, it works well on carpet and stairs with power suction integration. Not only does it clean every speck of dirt from your floor, but it also doesn’t let dust stay a second on your carpets and heavy rugs. The only difficulty with stairs is its weight. If you are strong you’ll be fine. If you are a bit light on in the strength department you could struggle.

How long does it take to assemble the unit?

The setup is quite simple and takes about 15 minutes to assemble. It wasn’t laborious for me as I was so excited, especially unboxing all the cool attachments. But then again, I am a carpet nerd. An introductory guide is included with the package which makes the assembling process a whole lot easier for you. It’s not overly complicated.

How does bagless disposal work?

Bagless disposal is an effort-saving convenient way to dispose of all the trash accumulated in your vacuum. All you have to do is place the vacuum’s trash section above a bin and flick the switch. The small gate on your vacuum opens up and litter directly drops into the trash can. I recommend doing this straight in to the outside trashcan to save you releasing any particles back in to your household.

The Verdict: Hoover WindTunnel 2 Review

Overall, Hoover WindTunnel 2 is one of the best, most convenient vacuum cleaner choices available at a fairly low price point. I really enjoyed my experience with it. It’s ETL certified and is tested against electrical and reliability faults.

Packed with features like advanced HEPA filtration, easy bagless disposal, and retractable cord make it clear that Hoover has put in their best to make this product extremely user-friendly. My friends were envious when I showed them around all it’s fancy attachments.

Undoubtedly, Hoover WindTunnel 2 makes it to our top recommended vacuum cleaners in terms of excellent features, decent pricing, relatively insignificant cons, and amazing performance. For anyone looking to buy a reliable vacuum cleaner for long-term use, I’ll give a confident nod ahead for Hoover’s WindTunnel 2!