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A home vacuum cleaner really refers to a vacuum designed for the demands of spaces inhabited by people everyday, for surfaces commonly found in the home. 

Do I need to have a vacuum cleaner for my home?

Naturally, the home vacuum cleaner is a necessity in any large house or house with carpets. This is because we need a piece of equipment to effectively remove dirt, debris and dust from the surfaces in our home in order to live there without suffering from dust allergens. 

The vacuum cleaner is the most efficient way to remove this dirt and dusk and eliminate it from your carpets, hard floor and ensure it doesn't stay in the air as dust particles. 

How is a household vacuum different to a commercial vacuum cleaner?

Commercial vacuum cleaners require very strong motors and durable parts as they generally have larger surface areas to cover and are often left running for hours on end. 

Because of the strong suction and durable parts commercial vacuum cleaners are generally more expensive and a lot heavier so are not commonly found in the average household. 

What are the best vacuum cleaner brands for my home?

There really are so many great brands to choose from these days. While many people still refer to their vacuum cleaner as a "Hoover" it certainly isn't the only brand dominating our shelves these days. 

Common home vacuum cleaner brands include Hoover (of course!), Miele, Dyson, Severin, Eureka, Bissell, Roomba, Shark, Kenmore, Dirt Devil, Sebo, VonHaus, Bestek, Black and Decker, Moosoo, Tineco, Homasy, Eufy, Carpet Pro and Sanitare - to name a few! There are more and I am almost sure I've missed some (need another coffee i think!).

What features should I look for in a household vacuum cleaner?

I think everyone would agree, we don't need our vacuum to do anything other than function supremely. So this is my "must have" feature list for a home vacuum cleaner. 

‣ Good strong suction 

‣ Easy to maneauver

‣ Appropriate for your carpet / flooring type

‣ Have a range of attachments to suit your needs

‣ Be easy to clean &/or remove the dirt and debris

‣ Be environmentally friendly

Where should I buy a vacuum cleaner for my home?

So this is actually one of the reasons I started my blog... most stores that sell vacuum cleaners have only a few of the leading brands and will be driven by sales targets and bonus' from brands to sell their product as opposed to matching a vacuum with your precise needs and best interests. 

Given vacuums cleaners come in big boxes and take up sizeable amounts of storage space we're now even seeing most retail stores move away from physically holding stock and rather dispatching your in store order from their warehouse to be delivered to your door. 

It's for this reason that I believe you're better off doing your research online and making your purchase online - delivered straight to your door in the end too. 

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