What I Think Of The H2O HD 5-in-1 Steam Cleaner For Floors

If you’ve been searching the internet for the h20 mop x5 reviews, you don’t need to search any further because you’ve landed in a spot where you’d get all the information you need concerning this H2O HD 5-in-1 steam cleaner for floors. Unlike other h29 mop x5 reviews, we would show you everything you need to know, the good, bad, and ugly.

H2O HD 5 in 1 All Purpose Hand Held Cleaner for floors

In this article, we will be reviewing the h20 HD 5-in-1 steam cleaner to see if it lived up to expectations or flopped big time. Along with this, we will discuss the benefits of using a steam cleaner for your floors.

The H2O HD 5-in-1 steam cleaner

The H2O HD 5-in-1 steam cleaner comes in a box that includes a nozzle, a coral floor pad (cloth), a black metal brush, a water filter, a glider, a green nylon brush, a microfiber cloth pad made with polyester, and a limescale cleaning pin made of stainless steel for cleaning hard to reach areas. There’s a user manual that shows you how to assemble all the parts. It’s really easy and doesn’t take up to thirty minutes.

The H2O HD 5-in-1 steam cleaner is straightforward to use all you need is to fill the 450ml water tank, attach the necessary parts then wait for the water to get hot. It has a 1500 watts steaming power so it doesn’t take long to get hot. The h20 HD 5-in-1 steam cleaner has three levels of cleaning power which allows it to lift the dirt off your floor with the microfiber pad. 

The h20 HD 5-in-1 steam cleaner comes with various cleaning pads for specific uses. The coral floor pad is used for cleaning floors sensitive to heat, the microfiber cloth pad is used for regular daily cleaning, and the other pad is used for cleaning tough stains. It sends concentrated steam to the area to tackle stubborn stains.

The handheld steamer option

You can use it as a mop or in a handheld format. It’s different from regular mops in the sense that it has a steam jet at the bottom of the mop head. While you’re cleaning your floor, you’re also sanitizing it from germs. Via a push button, you can detach the mop and use the steamer handheld form to clean tight corners and crevices. 

The H2O HD 5-in-1 steam cleaner is impressive on floors. It heats up very quickly and is effective in tackling the mess. It is efficient in getting rid of sticky messes from the floor. If you have a fragile floor or carpet, you don’t need to worry while using this steamer. It is gentle on the floor while successfully getting rid of tough stains, sanitizing, and deodorizing your floor. 

One of the best things about the H2O HD 5-in-1 steam cleaner is its versatility. It is fit for any type of floor. It doesn’t matter if you use marble, laminate, or hardwood floor. It’s also effective on rugs and carpets. When you use it in handheld style, you can clean your cabinets, upholstery, sink, bathroom, kitchen, offices, windows, countertops, etc.

h20 5-in-1 hand held steamer
Photo from H2O Store on Amazon.com

More things to know...

Its use is not limited to floors alone, you can steam your chairs, pillows, bedding, mattresses, etc., with the H2O HD 5-in-1 steam cleaner. Another great thing about the H2O HD 5-in-1 steam cleaner is that it prevents you from having to use chemicals on your floor. 

With the steamer, there’s no need for bleach that smells awful and that could damage your surface. All contaminants (up to 99% of germs) will be cleaned from your surface with the steamer.

The H2O HD 5-in-1 steam cleaner is lightweight which makes it easy to move around. Its low head frame and triangle head make it possible to go under furniture and clean. Use the h20 HD 5-in-1 steam cleaner to keep the floor clean from bacteria, viruses, germs, and other disease-causing agents. It’s the safest way to keep your home clean and improve the health of your household. 

To ensure your H2O HD 5-in-1 steam cleaner lasts for a long time, you need to maintain it as instructed by the manufacturer. Make sure you change the water placement filter every 2-3 months to prevent limescale and calcium buildup. 

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What I Like about the H2O HD 5-in-1 steam cleaner

1. Versatility

You can use the h20 HD 5-in-1 steam cleaner to clean any surface effectively. You can even steam your clothes with it.

2. Efficient

It is very efficient in getting rid of stains on the floor. You don’t have to go over a spot several times.

3. Easy to Store

The steamer and its parts are easy to store. You can fold its handle so it doesn’t take up as much space.

4. Several Attachments

The  h20 HD 5-in-1 steam cleaner comes with several attachments which make cleaning easier, faster, and less energy-consuming.

5. Great With Pets

If you have pets, this h20 HD 5-in-1 steam cleaner is a must-have. It not only eliminates pet mess, but it also sanitizes the area and keeps your surface fresh and tidy.

6. Warranty

If you have any issues with your  h20 HD 5-in-1 steam cleaner, you can contact the manufacturer to get it sorted out. Ensure you check what the warranty covers before you make a purchase.

What I Didn't Like

1. Not Suitable For Everyone

The steam cleaner is not very upright so individuals with back pain and joint-related issues will find the h20 HD 5-in-1 steam cleaner not very easy to use. Also, some elderly’s will find it difficult to carry the steam cleaner from room to room.

2. Best For Small Areas

You can’t use the h20 HD 5-in-1 steam cleaner for large areas because you have to constantly refill the tank and cleaning the floor will consume time and energy.

H2O HD 5 in 1 All Purpose Hand Held Cleaner for Home Use Complete (14 Piece Dual Blast Cleaning Accessory Kit)
Photo from H2O Store on Amazon.com

Benefits of Using a Steam Cleaner like the H2O HD 5-in-1 steam cleaner

1. Acts as a Disinfectant

Steam cleaners like the h20 HD 5-in-1 steam cleaner act as a disinfectant that eliminates germs, bacteria, and viruses. Disease and illness-causing agents like salmonella can also be removed from your surface. Unlike bleach, it’s a much safer option as it doesn’t cause any irritation to your eyes, skin, or throat.

2. Keeps Your Home Fresh

Steam cleaners keep your home fresh as they help to get rid of airborne allergens. Allergens like dust mites and pollen which might trigger an asthma attack can be completely removed with a steam cleaner. It also kills bed bugs and other pesky insects.

3. Easy to Use

Steam cleaners like the h20 HD 5-in-1 steam cleaner are easy to use and only require you adding water. They are also versatile and can be used on any surface.

4. It Deodorizes the Home

If you have pets, thick carpets or rugs, using a steam cleaner will help deodorize your home by killing those agents that cause the house to smell awful. For example, fleas and their eggs.


The h20 hd 5-in-1 steam cleaner is beneficial to every household. It’s the most safest and natural way to clean the home from germs and other contaminants. You can get the steam cleaner at an affordable price and begin to see a difference in your environment.

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