getting slime out of carpet

How to Get Silly Putty Out of Carpet

The stretchy and most impressive feature of silly putty is the pleasure to play with. Although it is a lot of work to remove this slime from the carpets, there are a couple of ways of getting it out completely. For instance, by freezing the slime stains, by using a detergent or by blotting the putty using a nail polish. This way, you can protect any carpet from any stubborn putty stains.

It was originally manufactured to replace rubber in the United States throughout the Second World War. Back then, Silly Putty was referred to as nutty putty. It also contains (silicone polymers) as one of its major constituents. Apollo astronauts also used it to protect their equipment in space (zero gravity) and since then, generations of both children and adults have enjoyed playing with it.

However, due to the good adhesive characteristics and its unusual flow properties, it is difficult to remove, but not impossible because, it rapidly loses its thrill. Luckily, it can be cleaned with a little effort without damaging the carpet.

Below are 4 major ways of removing putty from any carpet. So, let’s begin.

1. Using alcohol

You will need:

Steps to follow

Additional Ideas and Tips of getting putty out of the carpet.

2. by Use or Nail Polish Remover

Steps to follow

3. Using detergent to clean the carpet

4. Getting rid of silly putty using a solvent.

In case the detergent does not readily remove putty, it may be necessary to smear a solvent related stain remover. For instance, a spray-n-wash or shout. The solvent has the putty remover, which assists in breaking down the polymers in the putty stain, which eases its removal.


As soon as the carpet is free of putty, use the spray bottle to rinse using clean water and a white towel. Apply a thicker layer of towels to the wet carpet and weigh them with a plastic bag filled with books. Leave the towel and books on the carpet until it dries.

Removing putty off the carpet usually requires a little effort and time. It may be necessary to repeatedly apply the cleaning solutions as small pieces of putty separate from the carpet fibers. Once the silly putty is removed, and no stains remain, you may also want to use some carpet shampoo to remove these nasties from your carpet.


On the brighter side, silly putty does not contain any dyes and it does not affect the carpet coloring. Although silly putty is a fun and cool product, it is not good for carpets.

However, with the above methods on getting putty out of the carpet effectively, you can do it depending on what you have at hand. It only takes a little time, energy and a few simple steps to restore your carpet’s original state. So, if your carpet has some of those silly putty stains, get to work.

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