Vacuum Brush Not Spinning? Try these simple steps.

So if you have landed on this page it’s clear you have a problem. The first problem you face is figuring which of the three most common causes is resulting in your vacuum brush not spinning. 

I have broken down how to approach each inidividual problem with clear concise steps to try and remove the overwhelm from this very frustrating problem. 

Vacuum Brushroll not spinning

Reasons your brush roll may stop spinning

The brush roll is entangled with hair, string or extreme debris

Probably the most common, but luckily the easiest to fix, reason your vacuum brushroll may stop spinning. Let’s hope this is your problem as 15 minutes work will have this drama solved. 

👉🏽 See the steps to resolve below. 

The vacuum belt is stretched, damaged or jammed

Arguably the second most common issue that occurs causing brushrolls to stop spinning is a damaged vacuum belt. This is most commonly a do it yourself fix it job but may involved ordering a part for your vacuum. 

👉🏽 See the steps to resolve below. 

The brushroll motor has stopped working

Some vacuum cleaners have a brush roll motor. If your fancy pants vacuum has this, and the motor has given up then the fix it job is fairly substantial. 

👉🏽 See my thoughts below.

How to Fix an entangled brushroll

Ok people. Prepare to get your hands dirty hear, but if you are anything like me you will be strangely satisfied with this process. 

You will be in the best position if you remove the brushroll from your vacuum, but you *can* do this while it is still attached if need be.


Remove all superficial dirt and fluff from the brush roll, with out wetting the brush roll. Just use your hands to pull this away from the brush.


Clearly define where the brush/bristle section of your brush roll is. 


Get a stanley knife, box cutter or a sharp pair of scissors. Cut along the built up debris, hair, string etc, being careful to avoid the brush bristles. It’s like you will have to cut on a diagonal. 


Aggresively pull away all the hair and debris that you have just released with the knife. 


I would take the opportunity, if your brush roll is detached from your vacuum to give it a solid rinse. Just make sure to dry it thoroughly before replacing it. It needs to be 100% dry before being reattached to your vacuum. Lay it in the sun or dry it with a hair dryer if need be. 

Fix a vacuum belt that is stretched, damaged or jammed

Ok let’s dive in… But to be real this task will vary a bit depending on what model of vacuum cleaner you have.

If the belt is simply jammed (sometimes happens with hair) then simply cut the hair to release the jam. (Hoping it’s that easy for you!) 🤞🏽


Release the vacuum belt. This will likely involve removing screws that seem like they are holding the vacuum brush in place. 


Remove damaged belt. If it is noticeably distorted in shape or thickness then you may as well cut it off if it isn’t completely severed. There is no way to come back from a stretched or severely thinned out belt. 


Source a replacement belt. Amazon will stock *almost* all vacuum varieties. They are cheap to purchase and often come in 2 packs (here’s hoping you don’t need that extra one). Be sure to buy your exact vacuum variety. An incorrect size, or thickness will result in premature wear or more significant damage to your vacuum in the long run. 

Remove the brush roll and replace the vacuum belt with your new one making sure it is put in place securely with precision. 


Replace the brush roll and secure the vacuum head with any previously removed screws. 

💡 TIP: Get someone to video you taking the screws out in the first place so that you know where everything goes back. 

Fixing a brush roll motor that has stopped working

Bad news ladies and gentlemen. If your brushroll motor has stopped working then you will need to involve a professional to repair this. 

This video below shows just how complicated it can be to determine the intricacies of motor and power repair in a vacuum. If you’re very handy then this video below will help you along but again, I would personally involve a professional for this issue. Every vacuum is just so different. 

Brush roll STILL not spinning? Tried everything?

If you have had a good look in to all the above then it’s definitely time for a vacuum cleaner service – a professional will find the problem. And let’s be honest sometimes these things take the eyes of an experienced professional to get to the bottom of it.  

If your vacuum is worth less then $250 – you may well be better off buying a new vacuum cleaner. As it’s not likely a service and (likely) part replacement will be less than $250. 

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