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Dyson Animal 2 vacuum cleaner review

Dyson vacuum cleaners have been a favorite for many households for decades, and the Dyson Animal 2 is among these products. The vacuum is hailed for efficiency, stellar performance, and living up to its name which is capturing pet hair.
This high-end cleaner is intended for homes with pets and it also does an exceptional job when it comes to cleaning carpets and hardwood floors. So, should you purchase the Dyson Animal 2? In this article, we’ll have an in-depth look so you can learn more about the machine. Let’s get started!

Pros of the Dyson Animal 2 vacuum

Cons of the Dyson Animal 2 vacuum

Dyson Animal 2 Vacuum design

The Dyson Animal 2 vacuum cleaner comes in a bluish-grey color that bolsters its aesthetic element. Its dustbowl is clear so you can know when to empty it. It has a rotatable head brush which allows you to clean around corners and furniture with ease. The upright construction lets you reach below furniture and sofas.
Also, it comes with a storage area where you can store accessories when not in use. Besides, you can easily reach them when you need them. It is lightweight weighing 17.4 pounds allowing you to clean stairs and carry it from room to room without hand strain.
You’ll enjoy the ergonomic handle of the Dyson Animal 2 that bolsters its convenience when cleaning surfaces. Finally, it features a compact design so you can store it in small spaces. As such, you can save floor space for storing other gadgets.

The Dyson Animal 2 Performance

The Dyson Animal 2 does an excellent job when it comes to carpet cleaning. It can capture particles on the surface and those lodged in the carpet. Particularly rice, oats, and other cereals. All you need to do is change the suction power to suit the type of carpet at hand.
As expected, it does a stellar job when it comes to capturing pet hair. Be it on the floor, carpet, or couch, this vacuum cleaner got you sorted. And if you need a vacuum that can capture allergens and bacteria, this is the perfect pick for you. Why? Because it has an integrated HEPA filter.
As such, you’ll enjoy healthy and clean air free from illness-causing organisms. Its performance is also bolstered by the strong suction power. In fact, it boasts to have the strongest in the market.
As for hardwood floors, the Dyson Animal 2 shows solid performance. It especially does a stellar job capturing hair, dust, and cereals. However, it performs poorly when it comes to capturing flour leaving residues even after numerous passes. And for you to use it on such floors, you need to turn off the rotating brush.

How to use this pet hair vacuum cleaner

The Dyson Animal 2 was intended with ease of use in mind. This is because it allows you to switch the cleaning mode with the click of a button. For example, if you want to clean hard floors, all you have to do is turn off the rotating brush.
Also, you can easily adjust the height of the handle making it ideal for both short and tall people. The same is true for removing and installing components and accessories. With easy-to-press release buttons, you can add or remove accessories.
This high quality pet vacuum offers great handling whether you are using it on stairs or flat surfaces. However, it can be daunting to push and pull around given its sheer weight.

Features and tools:

Combination tool
This tool allows you to clean high up places such as shelves, corners, and over furniture. Thanks to its lightweight design and length, you can easily clean such surfaces without wrist strain.
Hard floor and mattress tool
If you want to clean hard floors, the Dyson animal 2 total clean comes with a tool for this job. It captures particles and cereals with ease. Besides, you can use it to clean under furniture and sofas.
On the other hand, the mattress tool is used to capture pet hair and other particles from your bed without destroying the fabric of the mattress.
Tangle-free turbine
This attachment is used to capture pet hair and dust from sofas and carpets. It uses counter-rotating technology to prevent the hair from winding up on the brush head. As such, you’ll have an easy time cleaning it. You can also use it to clean pet beddings.
It comes with two filters. A washable filter that significantly reduces maintenance cost since you don’t have to replace it and a HEPA filter. The HEPA filter is used to capture allergens and bacteria from the carpet and other surfaces. This ensures your family is less susceptible to asthma and other respiratory-related illnesses.
The Dyson pet vacuum total clean has an ultra-clear and large dust compartment that allows you to see the level of the dirt. Besides, it is easy to remove since all you have to do is pull it from the top.

Setting up the Dyson Animal 2 Vacuum cleaner

Well, setting up this vacuum cleaner can be hectic if you are a novice user. It is, for this reason, Dyson presents you with a tutorial on how to assemble it and add accessories. That said, the video is vague on some processes such as installing the brush head.


As expected, the Dyson Animal 2 comes at a high price (see price here) that is synonymous with Dyson products. This is due to the many stellar features it affords you. So, if you are looking for a budget vacuum cleaner, this is not the best fit for you. However, if you can break the bank, get yourself this industry-standard vacuum cleaner.

My final verdict

As you can see, Dyson lives up to its name thanks to this efficient Dyson animal 2 total clean. It comes with much-needed accessories, has one of the strongest suction power in the market, and is well-suited for homes with pets.
Also, it offers stellar performance when it comes to cleaning both carpets and hard floors. And if you want to clean high-up and hard-to-reach areas, this is the right vacuum cleaner for you. For peace of mind, Dyson awards you a five-year warranty.

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