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How to Deep Clean Your Carpet ?

So, do you want a clean and fragrant carpet?

You may have asked Google on how to remove the stain from your carpet. Kids, pets or just a clumsy friend; it is likely that you have had your fair share of stain on the carpet. Removing stubborn stains from carpets is quite an annoying task! But, it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Deep Cleaning a Carpet

Granted you do a great job spot cleaning. But, then the day comes when you turn around and spot that your carpet is a shade darker. Of course, carpets will get dirty.

Think about the time when kids spent playing Chutes and Ladders on the carpet, or watercolor painting, then suddenly spilled the solution on the carpet. Many of us own pets. They too can mess things up sometimes.

So, all this leads to situations when you really need to deep clean your carpet. Yes, you can deep clean your carpet without hiring a professional carpet cleaner.

Listed below are the five most effective ways to deep clean your carpet. Let’s get to clean!

Cleaning a Carpet: Method #1

Before you start deep cleaning, make sure the carpet doesn’t have any object lying around. Pick up toys, papers, magazines, shoes, or any other item that could obstruct your cleaning. Throw away any visible debris or large item or trash from the carpet.

Move furniture, tables, TV stands, and other smaller items that could obstruct cleaning your carpet. Overall, you need to have the carpet completely to yourself.

Carpet is the cesspool for dust, dirt, and other small particles. You want to vacuum clean the areas that were previously occupied by furniture, TV stands, etc.
There may be any soiled or stained areas that you want to get rid of. Before you clean the whole carpet, try to get rid of the visible stain out. In order to do so, use a carpet cleaning solution or all-purpose cleaners available on the market.


Cleaning a Carpet: Method #2

Materials Required

Tools Required


Try to rent a steam cleaner if you don’t have a steam cleaner. Even if you do, renting is better. It’s because new steam cleaners have better efficiency. You may want to clean the steam cleaner a bit if it doesn’t look that new.
Deep Cleaning
For deep cleaning, you can mix 1 cup white vinegar to 2.5 gallons of water. Many carpets are extremely soiled that they require deep cleaning. So, this is how could accomplish this.

Bottom Line

If you want to deep clean your carpet, you can do it easily at home all by yourself. Carpets look threatening and heavy to try cleaning. But, cleaning can be a breeze if you have the tools and ingredients. Learn how can you deep clean your carpet from this article.

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