how to clean your vacuum cleaner

How to Clean your Vacuum Cleaner?

So, are you looking for efficient and easy ways to clean your vacuum cleaner? Every household item needs cleaning once in a while to keep them in optimum condition. Although vacuum cleaner is a cleaning tool, it’s no exception. If you don’t clean your vacuum cleaner, it will reduce its efficiency over time.

Cleaning a Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are such blessings for those of us who dislike sweeping. Those pesky carpets, bookshelves, electronic appliances, and hard floors can be so difficult to clean. Moreover, dust is too merciless to consider sensitive and sophisticated appliances. Then, there comes a vacuum cleaner to aid. However, sometimes the tool you have been using to rid your home of dirt needs itself cleaning. A vacuum cleaner is just like any machine. It needs to be cleaned to be cleaned and maintained properly as well. Cleaning your vacuum cleaner regularly makes sure that it stays in optimum condition. When it comes to cleaning a vacuum cleaner, the complicated apparatus the cleaner looks immediately put many off. A couple of tools and 15 minutes of your time will offer you a clean and intact vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning a Vacuum Cleaner: How Hard Is It?

No, cleaning your vacuum cleaner doesn’t have to be difficult. You don’t need to be a specialist to clean your vacuum cleaner. Following a few simple instructions keep your vacuum working well. Before cleaning or servicing, make sure that the vacuum cleaner is unplugged.

How to Clean Your Vacuum Cleaner?

First, let’s introduce you to a few you are going to need for cleaning: Garbage bag
Let’s get to clean:
Step 1 – Empty the Canister Hold your garbage bag tightly across the rim of the canister, then invert it carefully to release dirt into the garbage. Or, you can try removing and disposing of the vacuum cleaner bag. Don’t empty the canister inside the house. Always empty it outside or in your garage. Leave the canister like this at least 10 seconds for dirt to go into the bag. Once you have emptied the canister. Seal the garbage bag and bin outside.
Step 2 – Taking Apart Dismantle parts of the vacuum cleaner that can be taken apart. Taking to bits makes sure that you get to clean everything properly.
Step 3 – Cleaning the Beater Bar Hair, yarn or string tend to get stuck in the beater bar of your vacuum cleaner. Although these are very thin objects, they can build up quickly and cause damage to the machine. Use a pair of scissors or seam ripper to cut and remove hair, yarn what is stuck in the beater bar.
Step 4 – Disinfecting Well, your vacuum cleaner is the hotspot for germ and bacteria . You need to disinfect the cleaner regularly to prevent transmission of germ. Alcohol works as an effective disinfectant. You could use alcohol to disinfect your vacuum cleaner. Apply to rub alcohol onto a cotton pad, then use the cotton pad to disinfect the bottom of the vacuum cleaner. The solution doesn’t linger, therefore it will dry instantly and disinfect your cleaner. Why the bottom of the vacuum cleaner? You need to disinfect the bottom of the cleaner because it travels all over your house. Therefore, the bottom is most likely to be the dirtiest part of the vacuum cleaner. It could pose a serious health hazard if you don’t clean the bottom of the vacuum. If you want a moral story on how dangerous this could be, read the story described below. My next-door neighbor suffering from stomach flu was a familiar affair. This continued for a month. The stomach flu was so severe that the family already started to look malnourished and tired. Then, the doctor made an official visit to the home and revealed what was really happening. A family friend once visited the home and puked on the carpet. Although the carpet was cleaned, every time they used the vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet, the germs got regenerated. When the bottom of the cleaner was dragged across the room, they kept infecting themselves. So, it is important that you clean out the bottom of the vacuum.
Step 5 – Clean the Canister If your vacuum allows you to clean the canister, wash or wipe it. After washing or wiping out the canister, ensure it’s completely dry. The canister needs to be completely dry before returning it to the vacuum cleaner. Wipe and clean the seals as well.
Step 6 – Wipe the Entire Vacuum Cleaner Use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe clean the entire vacuum cleaner. You can use solutions like Mr. Clean to give your vacuum cleaner extra cleaning liveliness. Besides Mr. Clean, there are other all-purpose cleaners available.
Step 7 – Change or Wash Filters Most filters can be washed, rinsed out. Other filters can be cleaned according to the manufacturer’s directions. After washing, just ensure they are completely dry before replacing.
Step 8 – Remove Scuff Marks Everyday household activity is likely to leave scuff marks on the machine. If you want to spruce up your machine, use rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad to clean.

Bottom Line

If you are not maintaining your vacuum cleaner well, it is possible that you are spreading dirt instead of cleaning it up! Learn how you can keep your vacuum cleaner in tip-top condition.

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