how to clean rubber floor mats

How to Clean Rubber Floor Mats

Rubber floor mats offer a number of benefits, such as anti-slip safety, floor protection, great to pick up dirt and debris. Rubber floor mats need a little maintenance as compared to the regular mats. They’re very easy to maintain and they’re extremely durable. Let’s see how to clean rubber floor mats.

Steps to Clean Rubber floor mats

Step 1: Lay the Rubber Floor Mats

Lay down the rubber floor mats on a clean surface. Make sure that the surface is hard and smooth.

Step 2: Use a Detergent

Take two tablespoons of dish detergent which is not too harsh for the mats. Take a scrubber and scrub away the buildup of dirt and debris. Dip the brush in soapy water and use it to remove dirt from the mats.

Step 3: Rinse

Use a high-pressure nozzle to get rid of the loosened dirt. Repeat the cleaning process and rinse again until all the dirt gets washed away.

Step 4: Remove the grease

After cleaning the mat thoroughly, you need to get rid of the grease from the mat. Apply a degreaser to sit on the mat and allow it to sit on the mats for 15-20 minutes. Use a high-pressure nozzle to get rid of the grease.

Step 5: Dry the mats

Use a towel or cloth to dry the mats. If the surface is not as clean as you want, you can repeat the cleaning process. You can also use an air dryer to dry the mats.

Step 6: Get rid of stains

You can use a soft cloth and vinegar to get rid of salt deposits and stains. Vinegar is highly effective in removing the watermarks that don’t seem to go away with detergent. You just need to mix some vinegar with water and use a dampened cloth to get rid of stains that are hard to remove.

Step 7: Finishing

Apply linseed oil to begin the finishing process after you clean the mats thoroughly. You can use a soft brush to spread the oil evenly on the mats.

Step 8: Apply a non -greasy solution

Apply a non-greasy solution to make sure that the floor mats are not slippery. Make sure that all the dirt has been removed thoroughly as you don’t want to combine the dirt with the non-greasy substance. It will reduce the life of your rubber mats.

You can follow the above cleaning process to clean the rubber mats thoroughly. You don’t need to clean the mats thoroughly too often. For regular cleaning, you can clean the mats using a vacuum cleaner. Let’s see how can you clean the rubber floor mats using a vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning the rubber floor mats using a vacuum cleaner

1: Sprinkle some baking soda on the floor mats to get rid of the foul odor and absorb moisture. Let the baking soda sit on the floor mats for 10-15 minutes.

2: Use a vacuum cleaner to suck all the dirt and debris from the mats.

3: Hit the floor mats against a hard surface to remove the embedded dust.

4: If there’s any hardened residue on the mats, you can use a scraper to remove it.

How to mop a rubber floor?

Prepare a Cleaning Solution

You can mix white vinegar with hot water to make a rubber-safe cleaning solution. You can also add lemon and essential oil of your choice to add fragrance to the floor. If you don’t have vinegar, you can also use mild soap for preparing the solution.
You can wash the rubber mats thoroughly or use a vacuum cleaner to clean the rubber floor mats. However, the process of cleaning the rubber floor mats can vary slightly depending upon their type.

Entrance Mats

Walk-off mats on the sides of your entrance can pick up the dirt as you and your friends enter your building. You can sweep your entrance mats and vacuum clean them on a daily basis.

After vacuuming, you can use a rubber-safe cleaning solution and use a mop to clean them. Allow your mats to air-dry.

Vehicle Mats

The primary job of your vehicle’s rubber mats is to keep the germs and dirt away from the carpet. First of all, you need to remove the mats and spread them on a clean and hard surface. Clean them with a high-pressure hose and a mild cleaning solution. You can follow the cleaning process explained above to clean your vehicle’s mats thoroughly.

Anti-fatigue mats

Anti-fatigue mats provide you the necessary cushioning to let you stand and work comfortably. Whether you’re working at a woodworking counter or working in the kitchen, you get the necessary cushion to reduce pain and fatigue.

To keep your anti-fatigue mats clean, you can use a vacuum cleaner or a broom. It is good to use a mild detergent or baking soda and cleaning them with a damp mop.

Avoid using any abrasive tools, degreasers, steam cleaners, etc. on your anti-fatigue mats. Don’t attempt to machine wash your anti-fatigue mats.

Gym mats

Keeping your gym mats dry and clean is critical for good health for you and others who visit your house. Gym mats come in contact with your skin, sweat and get trodden under your feet. Vacuum cleaning on a daily basis is probably the best way to keep your gym mats clean.


Final words

Cleaning the rubber mats on a regular basis will not only make them last longer but it is also good for your health and others who visit your place. Rubber floor mats are very easy to clean as dirt settles gently on the surface.

You just need to avoid acidic, acetone-based, turpentine or other harsh cleansers while cleaning the rubber floor mats. Consider adding your favorite essential oil to add fragrance – my favourite personal touch! 

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