How to Get Chocolate Milk Out of Carpet | Solutions & Tips

Do you love chocolate? Your children too? Chocolate is delicious to eat but it makes us despair when it gets dirty our carpet. Yes, because chocolate stains can be really difficult to eliminate, especially if you do not act in a timely manner.

But there are some simple DIY remedies that can help us in case of fresh or dry spots, the important thing is to use the right method to eliminate any halo from our favorite carpet.

So let’s see how to remove chocolate stains from carpet effectively with remedies suitable for each fabric.

How to Get Chocolate Milk Out of Carpet
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How to effectively remove chocolate milk from carpet

Chocolate milk stains are really difficult to remove and often the normal detergents fail in their mission to eliminate them. In this case, the home remedies come to help us: using simple ingredients like lemon, bicarbonate, ice, we can eliminate the chocolate stains and make our carpet look like new. That’s how.

The products for the removal of dry chocolate stains

There are so many products available to help get rid of chocolate milk out of carpet and you can also find them in the form of pens or wipes to always carry with you. These are the most practical remedies that save you time and effort.

Discover all the stains with immediate effect!
Products for removing chocolate stains from carpet and fabrics
If the stain of chocolate has stained a dress or a fabric and you do not have a product available for the immediate removal of the stain, it is advisable to use products for hot and cold washing such as stain removers.
Talcum powder to absorb the stain
Talcum Powder
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The first thing to do when you are stained with chocolate is to try to absorb the dirt with talcum powder, or alternatively with the flour. Dab the stained part and press on the area to be treated to penetrate the dust inside the fabric, you will need to pass on a dry cloth and then wash the garment in the washing machine.

Ice for fresh spots
If we can act on the stain immediately, when it is still fresh, we can use ice: cooling the area will prevent the fabric from absorbing the dirt. Rub the ice on the stain, you will notice that it will begin to fade until it disappears. Before doing all this, however, you will need to put a cloth under the fabric to be treated.
Salt and detergent for dishes or bicarbonate and vinegar for dry spots

If the chocolate stain has dried out, becoming dry, then there are other methods we can use. The first is salt: make a first wash of the dress stained in water and salt and then proceed with the normal washing using dishwashing detergent: it is a concentrated and thick product that will help to dissolve the stain in no time.

Another method to eliminate the old chocolate stains is to use a DIY remedy pouring on the stain: a teaspoon of bicarbonate, one of dishwashing detergent: let it act for a quarter of an hour and then pour over half a glass of vinegar white, after rinsing before proceeding with the washing.

Borax for colored cotton and ammonia for white cotton and silk

If a cotton fabric is stained with chocolate, there are two different solutions that we can use to remove chocolate milk out of carpet. For colored cotton pour into a small container of lukewarm water to add a little borax, mix well and then dip in the solution a clean cloth that you will then pass on the stain by rubbing it lightly.

On white cotton or silk we can use a few drops of ammonia to add to warm water: mix well and wet the area of the stain by dabbing. The stain will dissolve quickly and without ruining the fabric.

Alcohol and lemon for wool
Alcohol and lemon for wool
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And if you have stained your favorite wool sweater? Do not worry even in this case we can use a really effective home remedy: clean the stain using water to add alcohol and a few drops of lemon. Mix and clean the stain. After removing it, wash the sweater by hand in warm water.
Hydrogen peroxide for synthetics
If chocolate is a synthetic fabric, like a polyester dress, then you can use hydrogen peroxide or chloroform. Mix a part of hydrogen peroxide with six parts of warm water and immerse the stained fabric, rub a little and leave it in the water for a few minutes. Then proceed to normal washing.
Water and soap on a fresh stain

Did the stain just form? No time to waste. To clean a fresh chocolate stain on textiles – sofas, armchairs, clothing… – first remove the excess chocolate with a clean spoon, taking care not to stretch the stain. Then mix a drop of liquid detergent in a bowl of cold water.

If the water is too hot, the chocolate stain may “cook”. Soak a clean sponge with this mixture and rub the stain. To avoid any halo, make sure to extend the cleaning beyond the brand itself and rinse thoroughly with cold water.

Finally, if possible, place your laundry (clothing and removable covers) in the machine, following the program recommended by the washing label. At the end of the cycle, all traces of chocolate will have completely disappeared. This tip works on cotton, synthetic, linen but also wool, silk, and satin.

Clean with white vinegar
Clean with white vinegar
If the chocolate stain is inlaid, use the famous white vinegar. After scraping off the excess chocolate with the nail, rub the area to be treated with a clean cloth impregnated with this product. Then rinse with cold water. All you have to do is wash the fabric in the machine.
Press half a lemon
To remove a chocolate stain on a light fabric, cut a fresh lemon in half and press one half on the stain. Then rub the stained fabric between your fingers to let the lemon juice, known for its bleaching properties, penetrate. Leave on for ten minutes and then machine wash. If you do not have a fresh lemon, you can also use bottled lemon juice.
Pour a drop of milk
Here is a trick that is particularly popular with our grandmothers. To clean a chocolate stain, take your bottle of milk out of the refrigerator and pour it over the stain. Rub the fabric between your fingers. Let it work for ten minutes and then go to the washing machine! At the end of the washing cycle, there will be no trace left.

7 Tips on how to get chocolate milk out of carpet

Final Thought

If you can not get around a stain of unknown origin on a carpet or rug, try removing the stain by dabbing it with a cloth soaked in rust remover and hydrogen peroxide and finally ammonia, not forgetting to rinse the products after each stain removal operation with a wet sponge.

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