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BISSELL is one of the oldest and largest vacuum cleaner manufacturer in the world. They are well known for providing high quality appliances with focus on both productivity and affordability. In this article, we’ll review one of BISSELL’s most commended vacuum cleaner, the BISSELL swivel rewind pet vacuum (2254).

The BISSELL swivel rewind pet (2254) is an upright stick vacuum cleaner designed with vital focus on cleaning pet hair. It can easily pick up pet hair remnants from almost all surface types. Aside from that, it also proves to be effective for cleaning hard floor, upholstery, and low-pile carpets. It also comes with several different handy tools and brushes, which makes it easier to clean various surface types. Going ahead, we’ll review almost every aspect of this vacuum while also deep-diving into it’s features.

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Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet review
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Design Overview: Bissell 2254 Swivel Rewind Vacuum

The BISSELL swivel rewind pet vacuum has a modest mechanical look and features a plastic body, giving it a fragile feel overall. It stands 46 inches tall and weighs over 19 pounds, which puts it into more bigger, heavier side of vacuums. On the upside, it features a triple action brush-roll with a head adjustment dial, which works great and looks fine. Other than that, everything else seems to connect well. That being said, you would need to assemble it’s various parts before starting using it. Everything else is good. Measurements are shown in the table below:



WIDTH: 14″

DEPTH: 13″

WEIGHT: 19.19lbs

Items in the box:

Vacuum body



Dirt compartment

Turbo brush

Two pre-motor filters (Carbon & Foam)

Crevice & Upholstery tools

User manual

User maintenance + costs

The BISSELL swivel rewind pet vacuum is easy to maintain and the recurring costs aren’t actually that high. Everything from the brush-roll to dirt compartment seems to work fine. You can easily detach the brush-roll by removing screws adhering it.

 The dirt compartment is also easily removable and can be cleaned when necessary. As for the recurring costs, there are a few minor ones. First is with pre-motor filters as they are needed to be replaced overtime (around 6 months) in order to work consistently. Another is with vacuum belts, they might also need to get replaced but that depends on usability and if it is damaged or not – this is a pretty rare thing to have to repair.

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Bissell Pre-Motor HEPA filters

There are two pre-motor filters available, a carbon and a foam filter. But, as mentioned above, they would need a replacement after some time. Unfortunately, there are no HEPA filters available. However, it does have a multilevel filtration system to reduce household allergies. So, even though there is no HEPA filtration system, the BISSELL swivel rewind pet vacuum still manages to do good job at reducing household allergies.

bissell 2254 retractable cord
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Dirt Compartment

The BISSELL swivel rewind pet vacuum features a bag-less 1L dirt compartment with a full dirt compartment indicator. It’s good-sized and has a plastic body which is really nice as dirt volume is completely visible. Dirt compartment is without a doubt one of the strongest features of this vacuum with a decent storage and easy detachment. It’s definitely one of the best dirt compartments you’ll find in a vacuum right now.

Portability of the Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet

Even though the BISSELL swivel pet vacuum is big and heavy, it still provides decent portability. It has a carrying handle at top which makes it easier to carry around. Though not as portable as lightweight cordless vacuums but still better than other vacuums of its kind. Upon our review, we didn’t had much problem taking it from one room to another.

Now, let’s to take a look at some of the features the BISSELL swivel pet vacuum cleaner provides.

The Bissell Vacuum for pet hair

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Features + Highlights

Results on various floor surface types

  • Hard/bare floors – The BISSELL swivel rewind pet vacuum proved to work effectively on hard floors. It easily wiped in all the dust and pet hair with scattering debris.
  • Low-pile carpets – Just like on hard floor, the BISSELL swivel rewind pet vacuum was able to provide excellent results on low-pile carpets. So, you should have no problem using it there.
  • High-pile carpets – On the high-pile carpets the BISSELL swivel pet vacuum provided good enough performance to pass the test. Though, it worked mostly fine, it did struggled a bit while cleaning up pet hair remnants. Other than that, it was great.

Is the Bissell Swivel Rewind Pet Vacuum value for money?

So, now the question is that if the BISSELL swivel rewind pet vacuum is a good value for your money. Well, for the most part absolutely yes. It has a lot of pros over a few minor cons. As it has been said timely over this article, that it provides great performance on most of the surface types and does the job it’s designed to do. Yes, it does struggled a bit while cleaning high-pile carpets, and yes it does has a flimsy feel to it, but that doesn’t stops it being a great vacuum cleaner. So, overall, it’s a great product and does provides value for your money.

Verdict: My Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet review

BISSELL swivel rewind pet vacuum is great option for anyone looking for a highly productive and feature rich vacuum cleaner. Yes, it has its own flaws but they aren’t strong enough to fade it’s performance and features it provides. It is easy to maintain, has low recurring costs, and most importantly it performs effectively on almost all surface types. These qualities make the BISSELL swivel rewind pet vacuum a top contender and a must buy in pet cleaning vacuum market. We hope you found our review helpful.

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