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Bissell Big Green Review + Buying Guide (updated 2021)

Vacuum cleaning is an age-old technique for cleaning homes that ranks among the most popular to date. If you are tired of using mops or brooms to clean your home, consider the bissell big green reviewed here.

For the best results, however, buy a premium carpet cleaner such as the Bissell big green. I found this carpet cleaning machine to be super reliable. Its parts are durable, while its well-balanced feature-rich design is fun to use. In this Bissell Big Green review, we talk about its features, pros, and cons.

Whom is the Bissell Big Green Vacuum Cleaner for?

My Bissell big green review

The Bissell Big Green is a versatile vacuum cleaner that benefits:

Stay-at-home moms who have a difficult time keeping their homes clean. This machine’s light yet powerful design is fun to use. Most people (including kids) can maneuver it effortlessly on most types of floors at home.

Pet-lovers who have a hard time keeping their floors clean. If your dog or cat sheds hair often, you will enjoy having Bissell Big Green at home. Unlike brushes and tapes that are inefficient, it picks up pet hair efficiently.

People who have a hard time cleaning their delicate carpets. Wet mops are suitable for cleaning. However, their tendency to snug carpet fibers makes them unsuitable for day-to-day cleaning. Bissell does a better job.

Why I Bought the Bissell Big Green-Features

For centuries, people have dreaded spring-cleaning their homes or offices because of its demanding nature. It took many hours to clean the large carpets that most people had at home and in offices. The cumbersome accessories that people used to clean carpets worsened their experience further.

I have had a similar issue for years. The low-profile mop in my possession required me to bend for hours whilst cleaning. This strained my back, hands, and neck.

Furthermore, the fact that I needed many hours to clean floors during the weekend frustrated me because of my tight schedule. With the help of the Bissell Big Green, this changed. Its powerful design cleans most carpets. It also has a premium design with features that make carpet cleaning enjoyable.

Two-in-One System

Used in high traffic areas such as hallways and dining rooms, carpets trap dirt and debris, which are hard to clean. The hard-bristled brushes that people use at home only penetrate the upper layer of carpets. Others pull fibers or are hard to use whilst cleaning large carpets or area rugs. With Bissell Big Green’s two-in-one system, however, these are non-issues.

Its extra-large PowerBrush (DirtLifter) loosens dirt on stairs, low pile carpets, and upholstery without damaging fibers. You can also use it to lift dirt from high profile carpets without this vacuum cleaner sticking. Bissell Big Green also has a powerful suction that lifts dirt to keep carpets clean. With each pass, therefore, it does two things – loosens and pick up debris. This saves people a lot of time.

Spot Cleaning Tool

Removing pet stains on carpets is challenging, even with some of the leading rental machines available on the market. The rigorous brush roll maneuvers that some machines use damage carpet fibers in the end. Others use harsh chemicals, which are equally as bad.

Fortunately, Bissell Big Green has a remedy for this. Using its spot cleaning tool, you can remove troublesome stains in seconds without damaging your carpet. This 6-inch tool picks up debris from deep down the fibers of carpets. Its deep-cleaning system also removes caked or old pet and food stains. As such, you will never have to gamble with the cleanliness of your carpet.

With each pass, it checks the brightness and color reflectance of your carpet’s fibers to ensure cleanliness.

Forward and Backward Pass

Bissell Big Green is a time-saving device. If you have a large home that takes you many hours to clean every week, buying a new one is a good decision. Set up well, it cleans carpets in both its forward and backward passes. This is convenient. Moreover, because of its wide cleaning path (10.5 inches), it is a suitable machine for heavy-duty cleaning.

While cleaning a large carpet, you will do a good job in half the time that it takes your single pass vacuum cleaner. Finally, rated 12-amps, its powerful system picks up more water with each pass than some similar vacuum cleaners do. As such, your carpet will dry faster without blotches and stains.


We recommend this Bissell Big Green vacuum cleaner because of its quality of construction. Carpet cleaning is a rigorous process. It wears out brushes. It also strains movable and mechanical parts of vacuum cleaners, which affects their longevity. Fortunately, Bissell Big Green can withstand such a high level of abuse. Its tough ABS shell does not scratch nor breaks down as easily as some cheap plastic ones often do. Its bristles are durable.

Finally, the solid and swiveling handle that it comes with rarely snaps under stress. If yours fails in five years, its manufacturer has you covered. This product’s five-year limited warranty covers factory defects.


This 40.6 pounds carpet vacuum cleaner from Bissell comes ready to use. Off the shelf, you will receive a pre-assembled vacuum cleaner with add-ons that work well. The long power cord (25 feet) that it comes with, for instance, is convenient.

It enables individuals to clean large carpeted rooms efficiently from a single power outlet. Moreover, even though Bissell Big Green lacks surround suction, its flexible 9-foot hose covers this. While cleaning, you can use it pick up dirt or debris from hard-to-reach areas such as corners or along walls.

Two Large Tanks

With some vacuum cleaners, people have to empty their water tanks often to clean large areas. With this Bissell Big Green vacuum cleaner, however, this will be a non-issue for you. Its spacious dual tank system is suitable for full room cleaning. Both tanks are durable (ABS plastic) and relatively easy to empty when full.

Whilst cleaning, these tanks also separate dirty water from clean water. This lowers the risk of contamination.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does the Bissell Big Green work?

The Bissell Big Green has a powerful motor-driven system that cleans most carpets in two steps. First, a set of DirtLifter brushes agitate and loosen the debris and dirt on your carpet for easier collection. Using suction pressure, it then picks up debris and or dirty water to leave carpets cleans. This is a fully automated process.

How many motors does the Bissell Big Green have?

Most common vacuum cleaners have single motor systems. Unfortunately, because of their underpowered systems, they struggle to clean thick or heavily soiled carpets air upholstery. To avoid this, Bissell has fitted two motors (12 amps) in the Big Green vacuum cleaner. Its powerful suction is ideal for cleaning most carpets.

Which tools does the Bissell Big Green have?

Bissell Big Green is a powerful carpet cleaner. Moreover, the add-on tools that it comes with make day-to-day cleaning of carpets fun and easy. The 6-inch tough stain tool that you get, for instance, is suitable for removing tough stains from carpets. These can be solid or liquid. Its 9-foot replaceable hose is also notable. While cleaning carpets, you can use it to reach and clean hard-to-reach areas such as corners effortlessly.

Which are the maintenance practices for Bissell Big Green?

Do the following things to keep this vacuum cleaner from Bissell working in optimal condition: Empty and clean its tanks often: left uncleaned, the dual tanks in this vacuum cleaner might become smelly. To avoid this, empty them as soon as you have finished cleaning. Do not let dirty water sit in its system for long. Check attachments for blockages: pet hair and debris such as leaves have a tendency of blocking hoses and stain removal tools. Whenever this happens, it lowers suction power the overall performance of this machine.

Final Verdict

Most of us want to live in clean carpeted homes. However, because of the low-powered vacuum cleaners in our possession, dirt and stains accumulate to frustrating levels. We have a solution for this. In our Bissell Big Green review, we have highlighted the features of a good vacuum cleaner for homes and offices. This is an incredibly powerful machine. Its dependable and time-saving design is suitable for spring-cleaning all carpets.