Best Wide Ironing Board Covers (2022)

An ironing board is a big, flat plank of wood or metal coated with heat-safe cushioning and used to securely iron garments or linens. Modern ironing boards come in an astonishing variety of shapes and sizes. Something my husband never realised apparently, that extra wide ironing boards were a thing. Until he saw me unwrapping my new extra wide beauty with the worlds largest grin on my face. 

best wide ironing board cover

What are the diminsions of an extra wide ironing board?

Of course, these do vary a bit. But typically a wide ironing board is designed to be 19″ x 49″.  Compared to a standard size ironing board, which is “typically” designed as 14″ x 48″, you’re giving yourself a whole extra 5″ room to work on. 

Despite the design and size variances, every metal ironing board should have a cushion and cover to protect the metal bed from becoming too hot from the iron. The majority of ironing boards have a foam cushion and a fashionable cover.

Let’s talk about our top picks for the best wide ironing board covers, why they are the best in the market, and why you should consider buying them.

Why do people choose wider ironing boards?

For practicality of course. Wider boards make ironing bigger garments easier. This includes larger size shirts, sheets, table cloths and curtains. But keep in mind a wide ironing board will also make ironing smaller items easier on most occasions. It’s imply giving us more surface to work on. 

The only downside to a wider board is that it will take up an extra 5 inches of storage. Not a huge issue for most I imagine, but it’s worth noting and planning for if you’re in the research phase.

Best Wide Ironing Board Covers

1. SheeChung Ironing Board Cover and Pad

This SheeChung Replacement Ironing Pad and Cover have a one-piece design and sewn-in bungee cord binding for a tight fit, and the 100 percent cotton cover is pre-treated for dirt protection. This medium-duty pad and body comprise three layers: 2mm foam, 4mm felt, and one fiber layer.

Its easy-fit mechanism lets it suit noses of all shapes and sizes. In addition, it features a tailored nose pocket, which is easy to install and firmly secured by the bag and fasteners (optional), as well as elastic borders.

Elastic gets used to retaining and sustaining the cover under the board without needing a drawstring—3 Elastic fasteners (Optional) to secure the surface further.

wide ironing board cover
Image: Amazon
Best features

I really love that this cover gets coated to repel water and stains. Then, all you have to do is clean it! The surface also reflects heat and steam, allowing you to iron faster!.

2. Dalykate Ironing Board Cover

The Dalykate Cover  is another cover made with 100% cotton with scorch and stain-resistant coating. It avoids shiny marks or scorches by using a protective mesh cloth. This cover has been designed to suit 18 x 49 inches extra wide ironing boards—unique twin nose compartments for more straightforward installation and a more secure fit.

It adopts an extra-thick, sewn-in fiber & foam pad up to 6mm thick, which offers the ultimate ironing surface. The four elastic fasteners maintain the cover surface smooth with tensile strength. In addition, its elasticized skirt gets tailored to secure the cover all-round the surface firmly.

The premium elastic skirt gets designed to fasten the ironing cover all-around for a snug fit firmly. Make sure that it is challenging to move or slip. The four pairs of adjustable fasteners (optional) pull the cover surface taut and straight using tension straps for universal fit. Make sure your ironing is smooth and save time on ironing tasks.

It adopts an extra-thick, sewn-in fiber & foam pad, up to 6mm thick, the ideal thickness to eliminate ironing board marks on garments, creating the best ironing surface. In addition, these synthetic fibers and foams evenly disperse heat and steam, increasing ironing safety and efficiency.

Image: Amazon
Best features

I got the print pictured, but there are a few nice prints available in this one sure to match your preference. 

3. Balffor Silicone wider ironing board cover

The latest generation tri fusion cover by balffor makes quick work of that pile of clothing. With its triple fused layers, scorch proof surface, and tight 18×49 inches, you can cut down on ironing time while minimizing that chore-like sensation.

Ironing Covers aren’t the most exciting topic to discuss, but that was before the advent of TriFusion technology. Most covers, you see, have two distinct layers that are generally 6mm thick and 90gsm in weight.

They frequently bunch up, slide, and are not thick enough. A single layer may not bunch, but it is too thin to work! As a result, Balffor employs three layers of cloth that feel like one! It utilizes Fusion Technology, so you don’t have to.

A single layer may not bunch, but everyone knows it’s too thin to work! As a result, Balffor employs three layers of cloth that appear to be one! In addition, it utilizes Fusion Technology to eliminate bunching and sliding. This 8mm / 160gsm padding is ideal for smooth iron contact without being mushy.

Image: Amazon
Best features

I really enjoyed the 8mm padding on this one, it certainly felt springy and well made. 

Why having the best ironing board cover will make a difference...

Ever tried to use an iron at a shonky motel? Having an ironing board that lacks cushioning from the cover prevents that easy-glide feel and slows down the ironing process. That and it makes it an incredibly frustrating process. 

I recommend buying two ironing board covers at a time… you’ll need to replace them every 18 months to ensure optimal ironing conditions on your extra wide board. 

Happy ironing and “welcome to the extra wide ironing board club”! Tell you’re friends what a a big difference an extra 5″ can make 😉