5 Best Vacuum for Wool Carpet in 2020 | Buying Guide & Tips

So, you are looking for the best vacuum for wool carpet?

People who have wool carpeting may not have that much pleasant experience as those with soft or frieze carpets. If you have wool carpet installed in your home, you know how painstaking it can be to keep the carpet clean.

Well, besides the obvious construction of wool carpeting, there are plenty of reasons why you may find wool carpeting difficult to clean. Therefore, for obvious reason, you want to purchase a vacuum cleaner for your wool carpet.

Now the point is not every vacuum cleaner is suitable for wool carpet. You want to invest in a powerful vacuum that could pull and remove all of the dirt and grime existing between fibers. Simply put, no standard vacuum will be appropriate for wool carpet.

In this article, I am going to discuss everything you need to know about wool carpet, including the best vacuum cleaners and the features you need to look out for.

Let's get started!




1. DuoClean Technology

2. Ultra-lightweight design

1. Lightweight design

2. PowerScrub technology

3. Weight Less than 30 pounds

1. HEPA quality filter

2. Fragrance pods and 35-foot long power cord

1. Easy to use & Quiet operation - the good feature to take note on

1. HEPA filtration

2. Saves battery life upon trigger released

Best Vacuum for Wool Carpet Reviews

1. ​ Soniclean Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum Cleaner


The Soniclean Vacuum Cleaner makes use of patented advanced technology.

The advanced technology makes sure that you remove everything from visible dirt to the smallest particles.

Tow cleaning models, lightweight design, and large wheels some of the features worth mentioning. 

Advanced Sonic Technology 

The vacuum cleaner comes with a sonic bar that releases 200 vibrations per second. The patented technology is very effective at loosening dirt and debris. You are purchasing a vacuum cleaner because your main objective is to clean your wool carpet.

What if the dirt and debris are to hassling?

Yes, that’s where the patented advanced technology comes in. The advanced technology suctions dirt and dust very well. Many vacuum cleaners on the market in the USA feature stiff brush rolls.

However, the Soniclean comes with bristles that are incredibly soft and gentle on the wool carpet. The patented adjustable vent system allows users to open and close vents. The vents are achieved due to the desired amount based on the pile of the carpet.

HEPA Filter Bags

Usually people with allergies greatly doubt the efficiency of vacuum cleaners. What if the suctioned dust is released into the environment again? To allay your concern, I have to assure you that the Soniclean comes with Seal-Tech, hospital grade HEPA filter bags.

The filter bag makes sure that 99.97% of debris is cleaned. You don’t just want air to be clean, but you want the air to smell clean. The vacuum comes with a slot for Sonicfresh fragrance pods.

The pods release the scent of clean laundry while you work.
The vacuum continues to smell fresh, which is an added bonus as well.

Two Cleaning Models

The Soniclean Wool Carpet Vacuum Cleaner features a digitally controlled motor. The motor comes with two cleaning modes. Quiet Mode of the vacuum works perfectly for average soil levels on hard floors and carpets.

When a carpet is installed in your home, there will be areas on that carpet that will have high traffic carpeted areas. The areas will require a little more suction. Therefore, you need to invest more time in cleaning those areas.

For this reason, the Soniclean Wool Carpet Vacuum Cleaner has Deep Cleaning Mode that cleans high traffic carpeted areas. The vacuum cleaner has a jam protection feature that shuts down the vacuum if there is anything preventing the movement of the brush roll.

It happens many a time that jammed brush roll causes burning out of the motor accidentally. Or, it may happen that you snap the belt.


This vacuum cleaner is extremely lightweight. Large front wheels allow the vacuum to float across the floor. With a 35 foot long cord, you will have flexibility in cleaning up the room. Then, vacuum cleaning with the Soniclean becomes a total breeze.

The patented technology of the Soniclean Vacuum Cleaner will definitely make this vacuum effective for any kind of flooring technology. The Soniclean Wool Carpet vacuum cleaner will definitely be the perfect vacuum for your delicate wool.


  • Sonic vibration assisted
  • Soft brush roll - which is probably the most important feature of this tool
  • Carrying case for accessories


  • Can be loud when operating
  • Doesn’t come with bags but you can input one later technically
  • No attachments

2.  SharkNinja Rocket DuoClean HV382


This vacuum cleaner from Shark allows you to clean your house, as well as your wool carpet all the way.

When cleaning around the room, you can do with minimal changes to the device itself. 


When you are shopping for a wool carpet vacuum cleaner, you are definitely looking into versatility and agility. These two features are more valuable than anything else. If your vacuum cleaner has these two features, you can be sure that you will have flexibility and efficiency in cleaning.


The vacuum cleaner is super light. And, the design can be used to clean a variety of surfaces. When you have a lot of furniture, appliances to cover, you will depend on a quality vacuum cleaner. And, if the vacuum cleaner is the Shark DuoClean, you won’t have anything to worry about.


Your houseroom consists of floors and stairs. Cleaning them requires effort. Cleaning the floors and stairs requires the long handle. When you are ready to tackle furniture and other sections of your house, first clean the middle section of the room, then it becomes a handheld unit.

The handle can sometimes be a bit difficult work with as the handle is wide. The width of the handle may make it difficult for you to hold over time.


Brushes of the Shark DuoClean work perfectly with large and small debris. Therefore, if you have wool carpet, you won’t have to be worried about it. The Shark DuoClean will work on any type of carpeting.


  • Able to clean efficiently every surface in the house
  • Weighs only five pounds
  • Powerful suctionLED lights to probe under furniture
  • Swivel head for more agility


  • Limited space for dust and dirt
  • The front roller may cause a problem with long hairs

​3. ​Dyson V8 Absolute


If you have already used the previous vacuum cleaner, the Shark DuoClean, you will notice similarities.The Dyson V8 is built with the agility in mind.

One thing this vacuum cleaner is so distinctive on is the cord factor. Yes, this vacuum comes completely cordless.


So, you are annoyed with trying to extend your cord to clean every nook and cranny?

You have to come cordless then. Yes, it’s a bit of rarity to find a vacuum that is cordless. This is a distinctive feature that is worth noticing.

Since the vacuum is cordless, you will have to recharge it before use. Once fully recharged, the vacuum can deliver up to 40 minutes of powerful suction. The 40 minutes’ time should be enough for the average user, I guess.

Spot Cleaning

The Dyson V8 is designed for spot cleaning. Spot cleaning is very effective in removing localized dirt. The vacuum cleaner has been popular for its spot cleaning effectiveness.

Lightweight Design

The Dyson V8 comes with a lightweight design. Since it comes cordless, you can effectively clean areas of your home that would otherwise go unnoticed. You don’t want to use this vacuum cleaner for heavy-duty use.

But, I absolutely love the Dyson V8 because it is extremely effective for those hard to reach areas.


  • Ultra-light cordless vacuum
  • Can deliver powerful suction once recharged 40 minutes
  • Wall mount included
  • For better cleaning, variable power mode
  • Three attachments
  • Weighs only six pounds


  • Can be loud
  • More expensive than other models

4. SEBO X5 Upright Vacuum Cleaners


The SEBO X5 is specially designed for wool carpets. Automatic powerhead adjustment feature confirms its worth as a wool carpet vacuum.

The flexibility and ease of use will surely impress you in the long run.


The SEBO X5 Upright comes with double brush rolls that allow you to clean deep into soiled fibers. Of course, you don’t want to damage carpet fibers when using a vacuum.

Therefore, the SEBO X5 automatically adjusts the brush height. This prevents any damage that may be caused to wool fibers.

Solid Build

There is not a single reason as to why I wouldn’t trust this wool carpet. The SEBO X5 Upright will surely stand the test of time. You won’t have to replace this vacuum until you’re ready to replace your carpet.


The SEBO X5 Upright features a 15-inch wide cleaning track. And, 3-filter HEPA standard filter bags will make sure your room environment remains clean. The vacuum is easy to maneuver. It allows 180 degrees handle to get under furniture without having to move it.


  • Adjustable


  • Can be a bit heavy & Expensive

5. Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer FH50150


The Hoover Power Scrub is designed for any individual looking for the perfect mix of features in a carpet washer at the right price.

Homeowners favor this machine because it is easy to maneuver and is very flexible. Plenty of attachments make the Hoover Power Scrub really versatile!


I had purchased this carpet washer last June. I’m absolutely satisfied with its efficient cleaning. Every time it passes the carpet, you can feel it’s scrubbing and doing its job. One of the best experiences I had with it is the time when I had cleaned grape juice with it.

Grape juice left quite a mess in my carpet. I was worried that the mess wouldn’t be cleaned up easily. To my utter surprise, the Hoover Power rid the carpet of grape juice stain with just four passes. I am extremely picky when it comes to house appliances.

The Hoover Power covers 11 inches in its cleaning path. The cleaning path should be enough for the average homeowner. I have six average-sized rooms in a 2-story building to cover with this. And, I am glad this makes cleaning easier.

The cord length of this washer is 20 feet long. This may not be that long. But, the length is enough for covering a lot of ground quickly. I can cover two rooms perfectly without having to change the outlet. 


I had previously used numerous carpet washers. But, never did I see such efficient cleaning as the Hoover Power delivered. What surprises me is that the Hoover Power handles rigorous cleaning in a convenient design.

It is no way as flashy as its competitors are. It is likely that the machine slips under the radar for those looking for an efficient machine. The convenient design allows you to steer past obstacles smoothly. I absolutely love the built-in handle.

The handle gives the machine a portable feature overall. I don’t find it difficult to take the machine up and down stairs.   

Easy to Set Up

To be honest, cleaning is the most hassling domestic tasks. That’s why you need a machine, which would allow handling such a mammoth task effortlessly. I’m really glad as to how easy it is to set this washer up.

The unit has a wash and rinses selector, which makes my tasks enjoyable. I’m absolutely impressed with the way the machine works. All I have to do is switch to the wash setting and change to the rinse setting.

This is how it works

You can clean your carpet efficiently with the wash setting applied. Now switch over to the rinse setting once you are finished with the solution. Now, you can remove the pesky soap residue lingering in the carpets.


As I discussed earlier, I have been using the Hoover Power for a couple of months. And, I haven’t really found a mess it couldn’t defeat. I am satisfied with the way the machine delivers an exceptional performance. However, it may not be suitable for commercial settings.

SpinScrub Technology

The Hoover Power Scrub is well ahead of many of its competitors due to this technology. The brushes are found at the bottom of the cleaner, spinning constantly. They deliver a powerful performance during operation.

The technology is suitable for removing dirt and debris. Moreover, you can remove the brushes easily once you are done. This makes cleaning carpet significantly easy.



  • Leaking issues with the water tank

Vacuum Cleaners for Wool Carpet

Wool is a high-end fiber that is known to give the fabrics a robust build. If you are considering buying wool carpet, or already have purchased such carpet, then you know the demand for wool carpet. Wool carpets are very attractive products for many reasons.

Wool as we know can come from both natural and synthetic sources. With proper maintenance, wool carpets can last for a long time. Wool carpets retain their shape very well. Both soft and springy texture of wool carpet offers years of comfortable lounging for you and your family.

However, high maintenance of wool carpeting is what discourages many from buying wool carpet. You need to regularly vacuum and deep clean your wool carpet. If you use the wrong tool, you stand to damage your wool carpet. Therefore, avoiding vacuums with powerful suction is a must.

Wool carpet is one of the most expensive styles of carpet available. You really don’t want to have your wool carpet damaged due to poor maintenance. Therefore, you want to invest in an appropriate vacuum cleaner that could handle the job without damaging delicate fibers.

Wool carpet requires a certain type of vacuums. Standard vacuums cleaners won’t be suitable for wool carpet. You have to have a special type of vacuum cleaner if you want to keep your wool carpet clean. It’s not just true for wool carpet, but also true for every style of carpet.

Choosing the best type of vacuum cleaner can be a challenge. It’s become a daunting task when you have multiple options to choose from. If you use the wrong type of vacuum cleaner, it may damage your wool carpet irreparably.

When you have a wool carpet installed in your home, the fibers are likely to come off. Therefore, you are going to need a vacuum that will prevent the fibers from coming off. And, this will ensure that your wool carpets last a very long time.

Standard vacuum cleaners may break the strands and cause the whole wool to come off eventually. Many people fail to choose the best appliance for wool carpet. In this article, I am going to discuss the best vacuum cleaners available on the market in the USA.

You should be very conscious that the vacuum cleaner you are going to buy is a solid investment. If the vacuum proves worth your investment, you are going to enjoy quite a long time with your wool carpet.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Wool Carpet Vacuum

Well, investing in a vacuum cleaner for wool carpet has to be solid. It’s not easy to find the best vacuum cleaner for wool carpet. There are a few unique factors that you need to consider. The quality vacuum cleaner for wool carpet comes with a beater bar and brush roll.

The combination of a beater bar and brush roll allows you to move the fibers enough. Suction needs to be powerful enough to get all the dirt, dust, and small particles. But, on the other hand, suction that is too powerful can damage the wool carpet.

Moreover, brush rolls need to be carefully selected. A brush roll that is too abrasive will end up fraying your wool carpet fibers. So, the best option you can go for wool carpet is a vacuum cleaner with a gentle brush roll.

Another option you can go for is to purchase a vacuum without a brush roll. When shopping for a vacuum cleaner, you would want to find a model that offers as many options as possible. By options, I am referring to attachments.

Multiple attachments are effective for trying out different configurations. You can be able to discover and determine the best option for your carpet and soil level.

Vacuums with height adjustment can work as per your requirement. Height adjustable vacuums allow you to achieve the height that works best for the pile of your carpet. The depth, or pile works according to different types of carpet.

Even different wool carpets make differences between depth and pile.

The quality of vacuum depends mostly on suction power. The suction power enables a vacuum cleaner to lift dirt and dust from your wool carpet. Wool carpet tends to attract small particles that you can’t see. Of course, there is dirt that remains invisible to the naked eye.

This type of dirt accumulates at the edges of your wool carpet. You will find it difficult to clean this dirt in the long run.

A rotating brush can damage your wool carpet by causing a bit of friction. Of course, you don’t want to damage your wool carpet by unwanted friction. You would want a vacuum with soft bristles. The vacuum should have high powered suction.

Don’t forget to consider the availability of easy disposal option. You want to be able to empty the bag. Piling up dirt in the vacuum will decrease your vacuum’s suction power. You will have decreased efficiency as well. If possible, choose a vacuum with no bag.

Checklist for Wool Carpet Vacuums

  • Standard models won’t cut it. Therefore, the objective should be finding a vacuum suitable for wool carpet
  • The suction power should be open to customization. You need to be able to adjust your wool carpet vacuum for proper suction power
  • Large Wheels is another point worth noting. They prove their worth when you are trying to push your vacuum. Vacuum cleaners with Large Wheels do not damage fibers.
  • Motorized Brush Roll goes deep into Carpet fibers. The Brush Roll features nylon bristles, which allow you to lift up dirt from Wool Carpet Fibers
  • You should be able to adjust the vacuum nozzle manually. To introduce optimum airflow to your wool carpet, the nozzle has to come with height adjustment


If you have wool carpeting installed in your home, then you know how painful it can be too deep clean. With proper maintenance, wool carpet can stand the test of time, that’s for sure.

To ensure proper maintenance, you have to use a proper vacuum cleaner. Use the wrong vacuum cleaner, and it will damage your carpet. In this article, I discussed the best wool carpet vacuums available on the market in the USA.