Best Vacuum for Soft Carpet in 2020 – Buying Guide & Expert Review

So, you too have given into the publicity of soft plush carpets?

The vacuum for Soft carpet styles is becoming more and more popular. Homeowners like me also felt enticed to check out a soft plush carpet. And, I have been using it for the last couple of months. And, I understood why this type of carpet has become so popular. Yes, purchasing one was worth it for me.

Soft carpets are nowadays the featured products of the flooring industry. Looking at the hype they created, it is obvious the popularity of soft carpets isn’t declining anytime soon. The softer carpet fibers feel extremely luxurious and soothing for both retailers and consumers alike.




1. Lightweight design

2. Strong suction power

1. Swivel steering

2. Lit-away system

1. Lightweight design

2. A deluxe comfort grip handle

Best Vacuum for Soft Carpet Reviews

1.  Soniclean Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum

The Soniclean Soft Carpet Upright is designed to be used on shag carpet and soft-style carpets.

The vacuum has all the features to work perfectly on Caress®, Soft Spring®, Silk®, TruSoft®, and other soft carpet styles.

The nylon brush, adjustable vent system, large wheels, avant-garde cleaning technology, etc.

make the Soniclean Upright a perfect vacuum all around. If you are looking for the perfect vacuum to work on plush carpeting, then the Soniclean Upright will never disappoint you!

Soniclean Vacuum Cleaner: A Brief Introduction

Not many of us know about the vacuum brand, Soniclean. Soniclean is very low-key about advertising and promotional activities. Therefore, you are not guilty of not knowing about the brand.

Many of Soniclean’s competitors actually spend millions on advertising, whereas Soniclean relies on their quality products to speak volumes about the brand.

This is a Germany-based manufacturer that took the vacuum industry by storm. Many of their vacuum cleaners are best-selling products. The Soniclean Upright is also one for soft carpet.

Soniclean features the patented vibration technology that introduces the brand uniquely to homeowners. Soniclean products have several other distinctive features that set the brand apart from all other vacuum manufacturers in the marketplace.

The Soniclean products have been proven to have better suction power. Moreover, they clean even better, compared to the most expensive vacuum cleaners on the market.

Soniclean Upright: Vacuum for Soft Carpet

The Soniclean SFC-7000 vacuum is specially designed for use on soft carpet. You can use the vacuum on traditional carpet, as well as on shag carpet. If you have these styles of carpet, you will absolutely need a vacuum like the Soniclean Upright. The vacuum is specially designed for such styles of carpet.

Lightweight Design

A vacuum cleaner is meant to make our lives easier, right? Nobody wants to work with a heavy, weighty vacuum that makes you feel tired even after the minute. You will work with a vacuum continually for a while. So, you are going to need a light vacuum.

The Soniclean SFC-7000 has a lightweight design. The lightweight design ensures that you clean the whole house with minimal fatigue. Nobody said that cleaning tasks would be easy. But, yes, you want to do these tasks with minimal effort, hence the lightweight design.

Adjustable Vent System

Soft carpet styles are popular for having finer fiber composition. You would want a vacuum that could work perfectly without damaging the carpet or padding. The adjustable vent system of this cleaner makes it perfect for soft, high pile carpets.

Patented Vibration Technology  

Soniclean has its own patented vibration technology. The technology is proven to offer better carpet cleaning than most other vacuums on the market in the USA.

Main Features
•    Adjustable vent system
•    Allows easy maneuvering on soft carpet
•    Soft nylon brush roll that bristles clean thoroughly
•    Extra large front wheels
•    2 separate modes for cleaning


  • Patented vibration technology for deep cleaning
  • 7.5L HEPA Filter dust bag
  • 5.2amps motor and green technology
  • Covers any soft style carpet


  • Doesn’t come with an attachment
  • Sometimes locks up

2.  Kenmore Elite 31230 Pet Friendly Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner


The Kenmore Elite 31230 is designed for those who are looking for a quality vacuum to use on their soft plush carpet. 

The number of features the vacuum packed will surely amaze and confirm your confidence on it as a soft carpet vacuum. 

Kenmore: A Brief Introduction

Kenmore Appliances is the wing of Sears, a leading US chain of department stores.

The vacuum cleaners are designed in the USA by Kenmore designers. However, Kenmore is in alliance with Panasonic of Japan. Panasonic manufactures appliances in accordance with the design.

Produced for Soft Carpet

The Kenmore Elite 31230 boasts everything you need to clean your soft plush carpet. The vacuum cleaner doesn’t get stuck to the fibers of the carpet. And, it offers complete cleaning apparatus for carpet cleaning.

Automated Inlet Vent Channels

Kenmore has produced this vacuum in a way that it doesn’t require to look for any other appliance to clean your carpet. It comes with Automated Inlet Vent Channels that allow you to control airflow suction into the nozzle.

As I discussed how standard vacuums cause the problem with the suction lock. But, the Automated Vent Channels are there to prevent a suction lock. The suction lock is very irritating for those of us experienced it.

With the suction lock issue eliminated, you can easily push on Ultra Plush Carpet.


The Kenmore Elite 31230 has the intuitive technology to make the vacuum more appealing. What is so amazing about the Kenmore Elite is that the vacuum detects what the floor condition is and prepares cleaning procedure to go along with the condition.
Really smart, right?

Motor System

The vacuum has separate slots for its 2 motors. The 2-motor system allows efficient deep cleaning suction. The Brush Roll makes the vacuum more reliable.


  • Blue LED dirt sensor to respond to dust that is invisible to the naked eye


  • No significant cons are there to note. 

3. ​ Miele Complete C3 Vacuum Soft Carpet


One of the best soft carpet vacuums will really impress you with its ample features. Everything on this machine is designed in a way to give you the optimum cleaning performance.

Brush Roll, independent motor, Five Height Adjustments are some of the features to name.

Miele: A Brief Introduction 

Miele is another German company. The company is located in Gutersloh. It has been over a century that Miele, Inc. has been manufacturing vacuum cleaners. The first vacuum they manufactured was in 1899.

High-end, premium quality vacuum cleaners have been extremely popular among homeowners for more than half a century!

It is critically acclaimed that Miele, Inc. produces the best quality canister vacuums in the world.


The vacuum is designed for soft carpet. And, one of the components that makes this possible is the SEB 22 Soft Carpet ElectroBrush. The Brush Roll is powered by a motor that works independently. So, the vacuum doesn’t have a 2-motor  system like the Kenmore Elite has.


Height adjustment is an important aspect to look out for when shopping for a soft carpet vacuum. I previously mentioned this aspect. The Five Height Adjustment Settings make sure that you have optimum cleaning experience on soft style carpets.

Seven-Stage Suction

This is another important aspect worth mentioning. The seven-stage control includes a Soft Carpet Mode that completely negates the possibility of Suction Lock. For your convenience, there is a +/- Foot Switch that allows you to adjust.


The Miele Complete C3 Soft Carpet Canister Vacuum covers a variety of floors. The vacuum has specifications for Hardwood and smooth floors. All you have to use is the included Parquet Twister floor brush.

The floor brush rotates 180 degrees. As a result, you will have better maneuverability.

Dirt Loosening

The bristles of the Miele C3 is Natural Horsehair. The material is very efficient in lifting up dirt from any polished hardwood or smooth floor. As a result, you get to enjoy a smooth cleaning performance.


  • 36 cleaning radius
  • Telescoping stainless steel wand and crush-proof hose and a 33-foot power cord for easy maneuverability
  • Extremely quiet in operating
  • Sound insulated
  • A number of accessories, including Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Upholstery Tool


  • No significant cons found from the view of professionals

Soft Plush Carpets – What’s the Secret?

Soft plush carpets are made from fibers. And, they feel so soft and plush upon touching that you will feel tempted to take one home right away! Go ahead, rub your hand over the sample in the store, and tell me I’m wrong.

Soft carpets have their own distinctive construction materials too. The popular materials come available in nylon, polyester fibers, and triexta. The range of styles no doubt will overwhelm new buyers. The few styles you will see range from shorter looped Berber styles to thick friezes.

The carpet industry reenergized as the result of soft carpet production. Hardwood flooring, which has been the trend for carpet manufacturing material started losing its attraction. But, soft plush carpets have taken the carpet and flooring industry by storm.

The Problem with Soft Carpets

While everything seems alright with soft carpets, there is a small problem. The problem is cleaning them. Yes, cleaning soft carpets with a vacuum cleaner may seem nearly impossible to many. But, it doesn’t mean that soft carpets can’t be cleaned.

Vacuum Cleaners for Soft Carpet

Soft carpets have unique cleaning characteristics that people with traditional vacuum cleaners find it nearly impossible to clean. The issue with cleaning a soft carpet created a new niche market for vacuum cleaner industry.

Manufacturers, in recent times, produced vacuum cleaners that offer more and more suction power. With soft carpets in focus, too much suction power is really a barrier. As a result, manufacturers are looking to offer models specifically designed for soft carpets.

Why Is It Nearly Impossible to Vacuum Soft Plush Carpet?

In order to understand why it is so difficult to vacuum, first let’s understand what makes it tick.

Soft plush carpets feel so soft for a reason, right? First of all, the obvious reason is the fibers that soft carpets are made from are finer than those of traditional carpets. Finer strands will definitely feel softer than traditional carpets do.

Another reason is that an increased number of fiber strands makes up each carpet tuft. Compared to traditional carpets, the number is quite overwhelming. Soft carpets contain three times as fibers as standard carpets. It is also an obvious reason, right?

Now the reasons why it’s difficult to vacuum.

  • The increased number of fibers builds up the increased density of these carpets. The increase in density makes it difficult to push a vacuum through them.
  • When you try to push a conventional vacuum cleaner over soft carpets, the suction is powerful enough to pull the vacuum into the carpet. This could result in the nozzle plugging up with the long fibers. Ultimately, your vacuum cleaner gets stuck to the carpet. This lock is known as Suction Lock.
  • The weight of the vacuum cleaner can also cause a problem. If the vacuum is too heavy, the weight alone can pull it to the plush carpet pile. Once the vacuum cleaner is pulled hard, the problem is not over yet. Think padding beneath the carpet can make your issue worse.
  • As I said above, the density of a soft carpet is much higher. The density leaves the cleaner no space to collect dirt and pull into the vacuum nozzle.

Now you know why it’s difficult to vacuum.

But, should you not buy a soft carpet?

No, you should buy a soft carpet. And, cleaning can be a breeze if you have the right tool by yourself. Yes, I am talking about vacuum cleaners specifically designed for soft carpets.

Let’s find out what features those models have that make them efficient for soft carpets.

What Features Should A Vacuum Cleaner Have for Soft Carpets?


A vacuum cleaner will be effective at removing dirt from any carpet when it can create airflow necessary for individual strands. Suitable airflow is necessary as the vacuum cleaner is pushed across the carpet. 

This necessary airflow loosens up the dirt and lifts up dirt and into the vacuum nozzle. What happens with standard vacuum cleaners is that dense fiber strands of soft carpets leave no room for air to flow. As a result, the suction causes the vacuum cleaner to be stuck to the carpet.

Adjustable Height

This is important you shouldn’t ignore. Many vacuums can be adjusted to your height preference. They can be raised or lowered. Of course, the carpet surface determines the suitable height. Adjustable height is essential if you want to ensure proper airflow. 

Vacuums that are too low for the carpet eventually make it impossible to push through the fibers. Moreover, it can cause serious damage to your carpet as well. The suction on a vacuum is to lift up dirt and into the nozzle.

But, if it is used too close to the carpet support. It can pull the carpet off the padding lying underneath. This is what causes the bucking of the carpet.

If your vacuum brush is too low, then it may not bode too well. Soft carpet is likely to be damaged by the low vacuum brush. The rotating brush can be too abrasive toward the fibers if the brush is too low.

A vacuum cleaner may have a low brush in order to agitate the fibers for dirt removal. But, with soft carpets, the low brush can damage the fibers, leading to blooming, which gives your carpet a distorted, fuzzy appearance.

Solution: Try maintaining the most elevated height setting on your vacuum. Just make sure the vacuum is too easy to push and they don’t make contact with the fibers. Lower the setting carefully one at a time until the brush barely brushes the tips of the fibers.

Large Wheels

There are vacuums that come with large wheels. They are upright in stature. Upright vacuums with large wheels can probe long, dense carpet fibers easily. The wheel size of your vacuum has been relevant to your carpet’s fiber length.

Suction Power Regulation

You should be able to adjust the nozzle height and the suction power of your vacuum. With soft carpets, it’s difficult for air to flow around the fibers. This results in the vacuum to get stuck to the carpet. 

Adjusting the height and the suction power of the vacuum prevents the vacuum from getting stuck to the stuck.

Motorized Brush Roll

You may want to decrease the suction power and raise the nozzle. But, will it release the dirt from the carpet fibers? The answer lies in the motorized brush roll. A soft plush carpet vacuum has to feature a motorized brush roll.

The brush roll will loosen the fibers of the carpet. Moreover, air gets to pass through the fibers as the brush roll kisses past them. This is an important feature to look out for when shopping for a vacuum cleaner for soft carpet.

Optional Beater Bar

When shopping for a vacuum, you may hear about the beater bar or power head. A beater bar brushes up the carpet fibers, so that it can effectively clean between the fibers. However, beater bars do come with a drawback. They can damage some certain types of carpet.

If you have a carpet of looped style, then you shouldn’t use the beater bar on it. Additionally, beater bars can be damaging to very thick shag, long or frieze styles. Shop for a vacuum that allows you to turn the beater bar off, or to remove the power head.

If your vacuum allows such an option, you can replace the beater bar with a suction-only attachment.

The Right Vacuum

The issue with cleaning soft carpets has become so severe that Mohawk, a leading soft carpet manufacturer, has recommended a list of the best vacuum cleaners for soft carpet.
The benefits of soft carpets can be overwhelming, but there are disadvantages you should be aware of as well.

​Quick Review & Recommendations

Here’s a recap of the features a soft carpet vacuum should have.

  • The Suction Power should be adjustable to customize the suction for your certain carpet.
  • Large Wheels make it easier for you to push your vacuum. Large Wheels prevent vacuum cleaners from sinking into the carpet.
  • Motorized Brush Roll agitates the dense Plush Soft Carpet fibers. The Brush Roll features nylon bristles, which are suitable for lifting up dirt from Soft Carpet Fibers.
  • The Vacuum Nozzle has to come auto or manually adjustable. The Nozzle allows you to regulate height for optimum airflow.

    Since you have decided to buy a soft carpet vacuum, you should go for it. But, you have to keep the cleaning option in mind. And, an appropriate vacuum cleaner will keep your soft carpet in tip-top condition.

    Yes, I have tried to compile a list of vacuum cleaners suitable for soft plush carpets. The vacuum cleaners I have recommended have the desired features I discussed earlier. If you do not have a vacuum exhibiting the features listed above or do not want to buy a new one, then it’s best that you avoid buying a soft carpet.

    But, if you want to upgrade your vacuum cleaner that could be suitable soft carpet, then you have come to the right place!

    The vacuum cleaner models I have discussed in this article have higher customer reviews on Amazon. Additionally, these vacuum cleaners will be suitable for other carpet types.
    Without further ado, let's introduce you to vacuums for soft carpets.

Final Notes

Soft plush carpet can be a big investment for your home. But, if you don’t have the proper tools for it, soon you will find yourself replacing it. If you have the proper tools, you can care for the carpet and the performance and enjoyment you deserve from the carpet.