Best Steamer For Curtains: 4 Best Sellers Reviewed

Life was definitely improved when I got my hands on a decent steamer. And clearly, yes I am a bit of a cleaning nut so I may be exaggerating a bit. But finally finding what I truly believe to be THE best steamer for curtains has put great joy back in to the frustrating task of keeping curtains looking neat 😉.

Best Steamer For Curtains
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Steaming is a great way to achieve this. Unfortunately, there are a lot of steamers that are not hot enough to perform the task effectively, which is why in this article, we will discuss the best steamer for curtains. These steamers are not only efficient, but they are also versatile.

The best steamer for drapes includes:

Pure Enrichment is the best steamer for curtains that is easy to use and effective. To use the steamer, you need to step on a pedal that releases the steam on your clothes. This mode of operation is different from other steam irons that use buttons. The iron is powered with 1500 watts which produce heat reaching 208°F. The steam is safe for your clothes and still efficient in smoothing wrinkles out. 

The Pure Enrichment steamer for drapes comes with a hanger versatile for any clothes and a fabric brush. You can hang your clothes on the hanger and hold the upright steamer against it. One of the best things about the steam iron is that it heats up first. It only takes a minute or less, and it stays hot.

It has a 2-liter tank that is easy to fill and detach. Its tank is transparent, so you’re always aware of where the water level is.  The water tank allows you to smooth and disinfect your curtains. The steam iron is safe to use on delicate fabrics. However, it would be best if you did a test on a small part of your clothes first.

Extra Benefits… 

This steamer can also be used on beds, linens, upholstery, drapes, and clothes to eliminate insects or bugs. There are four heat levels, and each of them is suitable for different clothes. Level one is for humidity function; two is for ironing short sleeves, three is for shirts, and level four is for ironing suits. You can use any of these levels on your curtain, depending on the material. 

The steam iron is lightweight, and it has a 7″ cord length which makes it easy to store. The product has a five-year warranty and a customer care service you can contact if you have any troubles. 

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The Conair handheld steamer is a three-in-one attachment tool you can use to iron out wrinkles on your fabric. It has a soft brush, a silicone band, and a fabric spacer. These attachments allow you to clean more easily and control where the steam goes on your clothes. 

It is also the best steamer for curtains because of its simplicity and easy-to-heat feature. This steamer gets hot in about a minute or so, and for 15 minutes, you have continuous steam against your clothing, curtains, drapes, upholstery, etc.

It has powerful steam that can give you an excellent result. It’s easy to operate; it is handled and lightweight and the feature allows you to maneuver the steamer easily. It is powered by 1550 watts which can not only smoothen clothes but also kill dust mites, bed bugs, germs, etc.

The steamer for drapes has two settings you can choose from, and its water tank is up to 2 liters, which doesn’t leak. It’s effective in straightening out the rough appearance of your curtains. With this handheld steamer, you can keep your drapes looking fresh always.

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The Rowenta DR8120 X-Cel handheld steamer has 1600 Watts of power, and you can steam your clothes in a matter of seconds. The steamer for drapes is versatile as it can be used on furniture, beds, and other fabrics in your home. In addition, the steamer comes with extra accessories to make steaming easier. The Rowenta isn’t just the best steamer for curtains; it also sanitizes your home against germs, your beds against bugs, etc. 

There are different steam settings, so you can use it on delicate or tougher materials without worrying about damage. You no longer have to worry about your coat being rumpled as you can steam on Turbo mode. Your shirts will be safe with their Delicate mode, which ensures the right amount of steam is supplied. 

This steamer for curtains has a 6 ounces water tank you can fill up with tap water to steam for 10 minutes. Its water tank is easy to remove, and it doesn’t leak water. The steamer is powered by a 3m cord which is easy to store. 

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The SALAV GS18-DJ upright steamer can smoothen your curtains effectively and last up to an hour. The upright steamer has an adjustable hanger that can fit your clothes. The unit has wheels that make it easy to maneuver, and you don’t need to carry it around. For storage, you can easily fold it into a smaller unit.

The SALAV steamer for drapes has 1500 Watts and has steam that reaches 93°C (200°F). It’s efficient in smoothening the wrinkles on your curtains and refreshing the appearance. It has a one removable liter tank. Another feature it has is its double insulated hose that helps to regulate surface heat and steam temperature. It is also a versatile steamer, as you can use it in other areas of your home.

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Why You Should Use a Steam Iron For Your Curtains

1. They are Versatile 

You can use a steamer for drapes, furniture, clothes, etc. On the other hand, irons are limited to clothes. Also, you can use a steam iron to kill bed bugs

2. Easy to Use 

Steam irons are straightforward to use, and they are less likely to damage your drapes.  

3. Steam Irons Maintains Your Curtains

To keep your curtains fresh, smooth, and durable, you must use a steam iron. It allows the material to rejuvenate and last longer. Also, when you steam your curtains, it lifts the appearance of your room.

Conclusion on the best steamer for curtains

Choosing the best steamer for curtains goes a long way in prolonging its lifetime. Also, steamers can sanitize your curtains for germs. The steamers we discussed in the article can make these possible at an affordable price.

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