Best Spin Mop of 2020 | Expert Review & Buyer’s Guide

Fear mopping?

Cleaning your floors is hardly a fun activity. Mopping can get seriously untidy, time-consuming, and painstaking. How exhausting it is to scrub a dirty floor! But, with the great tool, you too can develop superpower.

Yes, the right mop can help you accomplish this household chore efficiently, quickly, and easily. All you need to find is the spin mops for handling your cleaning needs. When we think of mopping, the image of sloshing around with a heavy bucket comes to our mind.

But, with the best spin mop, you will not be under such a scenario. Nor do you have to doom yourself to rinsing a dirty mop head in the sink.

Pick the right mop and you will be completely relieved of all kinds of messes. In this article, I discussed, reviewed, and recommended spin mops that will get you closer to that goal. Let’s get started!




1. Stainless steel spin dry basket and handle

2. 180-degree swivel

1. Can handle heavy-duty and light touch-ups

2. Height adjustment feature

1. Lightweight

2. Easy to assemble

3. Top-notch cleaning

1. Ideal for cleaning a wide variety of surfaces

2. Mop head spins 360˚

1. Ideal for removing pet hairs

2. Great at cleaning surfaces

Spin & Go Pro Mop

Spin & Go Pro

1. Covers a wide variety of floor surfaces

2. Microfiber mop heads

1. Durable construction

2. Easy to use 

The 7 Best Spin Mop On The Market

1. Mopnado, Stainless Steel Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop


The Mopnado Spin Mop is designed for any individual looking for a high-quality spin mop. Highest-quality materials form its construction.

And, it will offer great flexibility in your budget too. The features of this product make it perfect for cleaning all types of all floors.

Mopnado Deluxe: Why is it the best?

The Mopnado Deluxe will make your cleaning effort a breeze. 

The mop features durable construction. It is equipped with everything that you have been looking for in a spin mop. It cleans up your floor and wrings itself out conveniently into a bucket. Previously, I was flustered with having to bend over and rinse a mop into the sink.

Typical mops used to consume so much time that I soon found mopping the most annoying activity. As mopping was becoming boring and annoying, the rooms were becoming dirty as well. I had to make a choice. Then, I came across the Mopnado Spin Mop.

The Spin Mop really changed my perception regarding mopping. I absolutely love how it efficiently wrings itself out with a plush into the bucket. An agitator makes sure that no dirt stays stuck with the head.


The Mopnado Spin Mop handles the cleaning of all types of floor efficiently. You can clean a variety of floors that include tile, vinyl, laminate, stone, vinyl, and concrete.


The spin mop comes with two handles and wheels for mobility. For those of us, who find cleaning hectic; try out this spin mop. You will absolutely love how easy it is to move around with the mop.

Hard-to-Reach Spots

The spin mop has the 180-degree swivel, which is made of the microfiber mop heads. As a result, you will be able to clean under furniture and hard-to-reach places. Besides floor cleaning, you can clean windows and ceiling as well!


Just extend your handle and lock it and you will be able to clean them as well!

You can machine-wash the mop heads, so you won’t have to worry about using the spin mop over and over again.


  • Durable


  • No significant cons

2. O-Cedar EasyWring


This product is a convenient, flexible, and inexpensive option. O-Cedar EasyWring is designed to offer the most flexibility and efficiency in cleaning.

It does the job it’s been designed to. Moreover, the product is well-built.

Most Flexible Spin Mop YET!

O-Cedar EasyWring is a best-selling product for numerous reasons. 

Its ample features are bound to make your mopping easier than ever! I absolutely love how snappy and intuitive the wringer is! It works hands-free too!

The built-in bucket is a snap to use. Moreover, you can control its mechanism with a foot pedal. The foot pedal will sure save all your arm strength for mopping. The easily extendable and collapsible handle makes sure you enjoy endless flexibility when moving from room to room!

What Makes the O-Cedar EasyWring So Special?

The O-Cedar Easy Wring is one of the most ultimate choices for those looking for a convenient, easy-to-use spin mop at an affordable price. It is a reliable spin mop for all kinds of messes. It is equipped with two wet mop pads and a dusting pad.

As a result, the O-Cedar EasyWring can handle heavy-duty or light clean-ups. The head of this mop is 18 inches long. The lengthy mop head speeds up your effort for chores.


Homeowners like me are very impressed with its durability. Unlike many of its competitors, the O-Cedar EasyWring has a stainless steel handle and an aluminum frame. The construction withstands deep scrubbing and frequent use. Many spin mops have flimsy construction material, such as plastic. These spin mops hardly get through a month of use.

Hard-to-Reach Spots

The mop head swivels 360 degrees. And, the handle can be height-adjusted from 4 feet to 6 feet. The combination of swiveling head and height adjustable feature allows you to clean under furniture. Moreover, you will be able to clean cabinets and other hard-to-reach spots comfortably.


  • Solid build
  • Stainless-steel construction
  • Suited for all kinds of mess
  • check
    Machine washable mop head


  • A bit heavy 
  • Can be a bit difficult to use it in small rooms

3. LINKYO Spin Mop Bucket System


Cleaning will be a breeze with a little spin. For this reason, the LINKYO mop has a spinning motion.

In addition to being a budget-friendly option, the spin is easy to maneuver and clean with. 

All you have to do is just put your mop inside the drum, and it will get to ring dry.

My Take on LINKYO Spin Mop

As a homeowner, I am no stranger to cleaning endeavor. Throughout the years, I have used numerous mops. The number is so big that I can’t tell you how many! But, one thing I can tell clearly that spin mops do not last long.

When your spin mops falter or malfunction, you will lack the motivation to continue mopping. When it comes to deep cleaning mopping, you need the right spin mop.


But, my perception drastically changed as I continued using the LINKYO Spin Mop. It has a bucket system that rolls around easily. And, the spin mop stays flawless when doing so. The handle is ergonomically made. And, it allows you to tote it from space to space.

The actual size of the bucket will impress you. The bucket takes in a good amount of water inside of it. Each component of the spin mop exhibits high quality. You can determine that nothing is made to skim you over anything.


Once you have purchased the LINKYO Spin Mop, you will feel that you have derived something from everything. The spin mop will be helpful in more ways than you can imagine. It won’t be the overstatement to say that the LINKYO Spin Mop will help you clean more than just your floors.

Mop Components

The mop components are easy to clean. Just rinse them off. You can wash the components with the machine washer. With machine washer, you will be able to save money on repeatedly having to change your mop.


  • Makes cleaning easy and effortless
  • check
    Drives you to mop more


  • Quite a large system, this storage can be an issue

4. Spin & Go Pro Mop


Mopping with a spin is an outstanding concept. And, thousands of happy reviewers online say that the Spin & Go Pro Mop is the twist mop that makes a great addition to their cleaning arsenal.

Everything related to Spin & Go Pro Mop makes the product quite amazing!

360-Degree Rotating Mop

The Spin & Go Pro Mop has the mop head that swivels 360 degrees. The rotating mop delivers a powerful spin cycle system. I discovered how wonderful this system is as soon as I started cleaning under furniture.

Besides cleaning furniture, the spin mop offered me with the flexibility to clean cabinets and hard-to-reach spots.

Additionally, the microfiber mop head treats grime as the worst enemy and does everything in its power to expel them. The microfiber mop head works so efficiently that I recognized the change in ambiance within 3 days!

I constantly struggled with allergy conditions. But, after including the Spin & Go Pro Mop in my cleaning arsenal, my conditions significantly improved. I don’t want to guess. But, I know the Spin & Go Pro Mop was my remedy.

Spin & Go Pro Mop​​​​: How it works?

The way this mop works will surely amaze you. There is the handle spinner in the water bucket that spins the mop. This will help you wring out excess water. Moreover, you can deal with messes with ease!

All in all, cleaning has become my new hobby as soon as I started using this mop!  

Construction & Additional Features

The Spin & Go Pro Mop boasts excellent construction all around. It features a mop handle, duster head, mop head, water bucket, and handle spinner. Overall, the features are enough for the average spin mop.

Spin & Go Pro Mop on the Floor

This spin mop is ideal for cleaning numerous types of the floor surface. It effectively cleans and covers tile, vinyl, marble, laminate, windows, hardwood floors, and more. Within seconds, you can change its mop heads. Therefore, let cleaning stay non-stop.


  • 360-degree swivel
  • check
    Machine washable mop head


  • No significant cons

5. Twist and Shout Hand-Push Spin Mop


What makes this product different from its competitors is the lifetime warranty. Yes, the Twist and Shout is a convenient and useful household item that offers a lifetime warranty as well!

Besides being lightweight, this spin mop features everything you want in a convenient floor cleaner.


The Twist and Shout boasts a lightweight design. It weighs just under 4 pounds. As a result, you won’t feel exhausted when lifting, transporting, using, and emptying out. Increased mobility makes this product a favorite to many homeowners.

The secret to the product being lightweight lies in its construction material. The Twist and Shout Spin Mop is made of industrial grade plastic. As a result, the product is extremely lightweight, compared to its competitors.

Features of Twist and Shout

The spin mop has an extendable handle that allows you to work with ceiling and windows. All in all, any hard-to-reach spots you have in your home will be accessible for cleaning. The handle is durable, yet lightweight. It features an aluminum alloy construction.

The handle allows you to make the adjustment from 44 to 55 inches. Besides the adjustable handle, the convenience of the bucket will keep you one step ahead.

Mop Head

The mop head of this spin mop is designed to self-wring. Therefore, you won’t have to exert effort in rinsing and wringing in the sink. This feature made my work a lot more effective. With just a simple push of the handle, you can make the mop self-wring.

I have had my fair share of trouble when trying to bend over to wring my previous mops dry. But, with the Spin and Mop, I will no longer have to exert much effort. I can now allow my mop to self-wring. All I have to do is just simply push a button.

It’s as simple as that!

Moreover, the mop head is machine-washable. The benefit of having a mop head machine washable is that you can prolong the lifespan of your mop. The infamy of the mop head not being able to last long is significantly reduced by machine washable mop head.

Moreover, you can use the dry mop to collect small particles, dust, pet hair, and more. All in all, you will have your chores done very quickly and easily.


  • check
    Very absorbent heads
  • check
    Bucket limits splashing


  • Flimsy in construction

6. Hapinnex Easy Spin 360˚


Happiness Easy Spin is an ideal mop for getting rid of dust, pet hair, and small particles. It works efficiently for cleaning surfaces. You can clean and wipe clean a wide variety of floor surfaces with it.


I am absolutely amazed at how efficient the Easy Spin is when it comes to cleaning surfaces.

No matter what the size of your floor is, you can get it past with the Hapinex 360˚. We all have different types of room to clean. For example, some may want to clean up a small bathroom. Or, others may want to clean a large ballroom floor. No matter what your need is, the Hapinnex Easy Spin has got you covered. It is really up to the task you dish out.

Main Features of the Hapinnex Easy Spin 360˚

When cleaning arsenal doesn’t have quality arms, try out this spin mop. The Hapinnex makes your cleaning effort a breeze. The detachable dispenser allows you to use the mop and direct into its bucket effortlessly.

The Hapinnex Easy Spin couples well as a dry and wet mop. As a result, you will enjoy cleaning every day. You know how good it feels to keep your house clean. And, the felicity feeling is bound to be evoked in you if you have the right tool.

The Hapinnex Easy Spin

  • Keeps no mark
  • Leaves no dirt
  • Takes in pet hair
  • Keeps your home neat and clean

Mop Fibers

The mop fibers of the Hapinnex 360˚ are durable. They are rather durable to your surfaces. You can machine-wash the fibers. There are a number of benefits for machine-washing. For example, you can spare yourself of having to spend money on mops on a regular basis.

If you feel that the mop fibers are worn out after extensive use, you can replace them easily. So, this way, you can save your money. The replacement will prevent you from buying multiple mops within many years to come. Yes, you can at least go past half a year with a replacement.

Cleaning Your Hapinnex 360˚

You are good to go when it comes to cleaning your used Hapinnex Mop. Mix a cleaning agent with water and rinse your mop.

Easy to Assemble

It’s very easy to assemble the spin mop. The first time, you may need instructions to follow for assembling. After that, you will find it very effortless to assemble.


  • Gentle microfibers from the mop head
  • check
    Very easy to assemble


  • The handle is short
  • Performance dwindles when filled with water

7. BulbHead Hurricane 360˚


The BulbHead Hurricane is specially designed for getting rid of pet hair. Besides removable of pet hair, the BulbHead Hurricane makes cleanup a breeze. 

You can easily machine-wash the mop head to prolong its longevity.

Pet Hair Removal

I am a proud owner of 2 dogs and 3 cats. So, you can imagine the amount of stray hair I find.

But, ever since I discovered the BulbHead Hurricane 360˚, no longer do I have to worry about pet hair.

What Makes the Hurricane 360˚ Special?

The spin mop works so neatly! All I had to do is swipe the brush on the couch and floor to get to rid of pet hair. It works so smoothly! A foot pedal powers the spin mop. Therefore, you won’t have bend over or exert force.

The arrow at the base of the handle will tell you which direction you need to swipe for maximum results. Then, fix the brush into the base and pull it out.


No hair!


  • Durable microfibers


  • No significant cons

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Spin Mop

The products listed on this page will narrow down your choices for a spin mop. But, are those really suitable for your needs? Check out the certain factors discussed below to know:

Space Size

The bigger the house, the bigger the best spin mop you should buy. So, how big is your house? A big spin mop means plenty of space covered.

Design and Construction 

Go for spin mops that feature strong construction. Solid build lasts long. The design should be ergonomic. You should feel comfortable with the design.


The materials that have been used determine how good construction will be. A spin mop has different parts. Each part has different construction material. You may want to avoid an all-plastic model.

Ease of Use

Cleaning the house evokes fear in many. But, what if you are equipped with the right tool? Then, you will enjoy cleaning; feel motivated to continue cleaning further. The spin mop that is easy to use will require less effort to operate and assemble for that matter.


Affordability is key for many. However, don’t sacrifice quality for the sake of saving some cash. The products listed in this article will offer cost-effective solutions for you.

Final Verdict

Spin mops are among the avant-garde inventions that make cleaning a breeze. These tools are compulsory in cleaning crews’ arsenal. For spending a few bucks, you too can give your house a professional cleanup.

House cleaning traditionally breaks a sweat. But, with the right spin mop, you can make cleaning a fun, enjoyable activity. Since the market is flooded with spin mops, owing to their effectiveness, new customers find choosing one a daunting task.

That’s where the guides such as this one come in!

The Best Spin Mops article intends to select the right mop to buy. The in-depth, honest reviews written by our experts will hopefully help you decide on the right spin mop. Happy cleaning!