Best Robot Vacuum For High Pile Carpet – Thick + Long Carpet

Robot vacuum’s sure have hit our industry in a big way, I can’t get through a dinner party without mention of one. But with shaggy, high pile rugs being so on trend at the moment I am finding myself asked what the best robot vacuum for high pile carpet is, on the regular? 

Best Robot Vacuum For High Pile Carpet Thick + Long Carpet

We all know a robotic vacuum can make a hell of a difference to how to quickly you can clean your home. The good news is, you won’t be left out of the party if you have thick carpet.

The Best Robot Vacuum for High Pile Carpet

The S6 MaxV is one of the best robot vacuums for high pile carpet the Roborock brand manufactures.

Key features

1. Smart Cleaning

The robot can learn four levels of your home, creating a map for every time it cleans. You can also set up virtual barriers to prevent the vacuum from cleaning certain home areas.

It uses dual cameras, a LiDAR navigation system, and a reactive AI obstacle avoidance to navigate around your home while cleaning. These features come in handy when you schedule a clean on your Roborock S6 MaxV, another important function the vacuum can perform. 

2. Strong Suction

The maximum suction power on this robot vacuum for thick carpet is 2,500Pa which is strong enough to pick up dirt from any surface, including high pile carpets. 

3. Two in One Vacuum Cleaner

It is not just a vacuum; it also has a mop feature that you control via an app. Its electric tank has a capacity of 297 ml. 

Cleaning Performance for thick carpet

The S6 MaxV robot vacuum for high pile carpet uses an app or voice control (Amazon Echo or Google Home) for its mode of control. 

MaxV does incredibly well on bare floors picking up smooth debris and chunky dirt like cereal, rice, or even pet hair. The robot vacuum for thick carpet has a carpet mode (which works for any carpet), which you can turn on via the app, which increases the suction level. This feature doesn’t always work, but when it does, it leaves your high pile carpet free from dirt, dust, and debris. 

You can control its mopping feature through the app, and since the vacuum doesn’t have automatic carpet detection, you have to set up ‘no mop areas’ on the app to stop the MaxV from mopping your rugs or carpets.

According to the manufacturers, it can clean up to 2580 square feet per charge, but the estimate depends on which suction power the vacuum is on. There are five to choose from, which are balanced, gentle, quiet, turbo, and max. When cleaning on the lowest mode, the vacuum lasts for about 180 minutes, on the Max mode, it can stay alert for up to 80 minutes. 

When the battery is 20% low, the robot stops cleaning and docks itself to charge and after which it resumes cleaning. 



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Key features

1. Smart Navigation

The robot uses vSLAM navigation to go around your house cleaning. It also has an array of sensors that allows it to go under furniture, prevent obstacles, and detect cliffs.

2. A Mop Plus Vacuum

The s9+ vacuums your home while the Braava Jet m6 mops around your house. 

3. Self Empties

When you place the s9+ robot vacuum for thick carpet on its charging dock, it automatically empties the bin’s contents into a bag you can easily take out and throw away. 

4. Edge Cleaning

Unlike other round robot vacuums, the Roomba s9+ allows it to clean the edges of your room without any issues. 

Cleaning Performance for long shaggy carpet

The Roomba s9+ uses its navigation and sensors to systematically clean around your house. It has dual side brushes that allow it to pick up dirt and debris from your floor. 

The vacuum brush is gentle on high pile carpets but can pick up dirt easily. There are instances where the robot leaves behind a trail of dirt. It is barely noticeable on low-medium pile carpets, but via its app control, you can send it back to the spot to reclean. Its design allows it to clean the edges and corners of your room efficiently. 

The Roomba s9+ comes with Braava Jet m6, a robotic mop. The mop’s navigation system is more sloppy and likely to get stuck. You can run the vacuum and mop simultaneously, but you have to ensure they do not crash into each other. 

The Braava Jet m6 has a sensor that detects carpets or rugs, which prevents the robotic mop from reaching them. It doesn’t matter if it is an area carpet; the Jet m6 wouldn’t go near it.

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It is one of the best robot vacuums for high pile carpet, and you’ll see why in a moment.

Key features

1. Long Battery Life 

The battery life of Neato D9 is up to 200 minutes per charge.

2. Smart Cleaning

The robot uses LaserSmart SLAM technology with LiDAR to create maps and navigate your home. Its laser navigation system allows the vacuum to work in the dark. You can also set up ‘no clean zones’ for the robot. 

3. Extra Large Brush 

Its brush is larger than the ones typically found on robotic vacuums. The design makes it capable of picking up dirt from any surface.  

4. Schedule Cleaning

With the Neato D9 robot vacuum cleaner for thick carpet, you can schedule cleaning at any time of the week.

Cleaning Performance for high pile carpet

The D9 robot vacuum for thick carpet uses an app (MyNeato app) for its control mode. You can clean on two modes; Turbo and Echo. 

The D9 is impressive on any surface. On high pile carpets, it picks up large chunks of debris like cereal, rice, corn, food crumbles, etc., without any problem. But for smoother dirt like powder, the vacuum has to do more than one run to fully get it out of the carpet. The vacuum is pet compatible, and it is great at getting rid of pet hair on hard floors. 

On low-medium pile carpets, the robot performs impressively well, but like with high pile carpets, it struggles to pick up smoother dirt.

On thick carpets, however, the robot leaves a little hair behind, and you have it send it back. It isn’t too much of an issue as the vacuum has up to 200 minutes of runtime, so you can send the robot cleaning more than once to ensure it effectively removes dirt from the floor surface.



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Key features

1. Smart Dynamic Navigation

RoboVac G30 uses Gyro-navigation technology to clean precisely and systematically rather than just roaming around.

2. Anti-Collision/ Drop-Proof Technology

The vacuum has nine anti-collision infrared sensors, which allow the vacuum to clean without bumping into obstacles. Its drop-proof technology allows the robot to clean without falling off the stairs or ledges.

3. BoostIQ Technology

Its BoostIQ technological feature allows the vacuum to automatically increase the suction power to suit the dirt and type of surface you’re cleaning. 

Cleaning Performance for thick carpet

On a high-pile carpet, the vacuum performs poorly, failing to pick up dirt even when the BoostIQ feature is on. However, on a low-medium pile carpet, it works efficiently. The G30 picks up dirt, pet hair, and debris without struggle, although you need to have the vacuum on its highest suction power to achieve this. It does even better on hard floors and can work at its lowest speed.

The navigation of the vacuum leaves room for improvement. Its bump sensor doesn’t work effectively on dark-colored objects. Also, the darker floor surface gives the robot a hard time when cleaning, and it finds it hard to detect if the floor is clean or not. 

One bright side about the vacuum is that it cleans back and forth rather than roaming around. Its systematic cleaning lets you track where it cleans in case you need to send it back. The vacuum doesn’t have a high noise level, making it best for households with pets and noise-sensitive people.

You can set up boundary strips to prevent the G30 from reaching certain areas of your home. Through its app, you can keep a log of the robot’s cleaning schedule, switch cleaning modes, schedule cleaning, etc.



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A final note about finding the Best Robot Vacuum For High Pile Carpet or Thick + Long Carpet

Do robot vacuums work?‘ is a common question people ask. Hopefully, this article shows you the unique features and cleaning performance these robotic vacuums can bring to every household. 

If you’ve been looking for ways to get the best robot vacuum for high pile carpet in your home, then this is the right place to begin. We’ve done a comprehensive review of some of the products we think will be beneficial to you.

Thanks for reading along! 

In some of our articles, especially product-based stories you may see that they contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through my link. The goal with my beloved Vacuum Base website has always been to educate and assist people using the in depth knowledge I have amassed through my career.  If you do purchase through an affiliate link, I appreciate and thank you for your support!

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