10 Best Corded Stick Vacuum of 2020 | Our Top Picks & Buying Guide

Are you annoyed with vacuums that are difficult to store and use?

Are you looking for a manageable vacuum that can handle bigger jobs?

Buying a vacuum cleaner that can clean your home and office is a wonderful addition to your house appliances. But, there are many different types of vacuum cleaners available. Each type has its own functionality depending on the usage.

The best stick vacuums - the logic behind of it: But, if you want a quick clean-up, then a corded stick vacuum can be a premium choice. This type of vacuums requires less maintenance, works well, and is able to handle bigger jobs. The distinctive advantages of corded vacuums encourage countless homeowners to buy.

Corded vacuums are favorites to many because they are easily manageable, cheaper, and easier to store. With these benefits, this vacuum has gained a competitive place in the US market




1. It is lightweight

2. Great suction power

3. Generous battery life

1. Lightweight

2. Pet multi-tool

3. LED light

1. Extremely lightweight

2. 16 ft cord

3. Bagless

1. Swiveling handle

2. 20 feet long cord

3. Easy to the empty dirt cup

1. Cyclonic technology and the Brush roller

1. Easy assembling

2. Enormous suction

3. LED lights help with visibility

1. Powerful suction

2. Generous cord length

3. It is safe for the environment 

1. Very easy to operate

2. Generous battery life

1. Easy operation and assembly

2. HEPA filtration helps control allergen and stop the spreading of bacteria

1. Easy cleaning and low maintenance

2. Can be used on multiple surfaces


Best Stick Vacuum in 2020 - Reviews

1. Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Stick Vacuum

Just like its corded peers, this Dyson cordless stick vacuum has powerful suction and does a good cleaning job. In fact, it is touted as the most outstanding cordless vacuum from Dyson. Its battery power is generously long and flexible in cleaning around tight corners at home. 

At its maximum suction power, the manufacturer claims that this baby can take in 25% more of dust and dirt than its close competitors. 

But the million-dollar question is; does this Dyson Cyclone stick vacuum cleaner perfectly meet your needs? Let us take a look.

Cyclone Signature Suction Power

This vacuum features the signature cyclone technology that greatly improves its suction power. This Dyson V10 vacuum can comfortably support 14 concentric cyclones. This gives it an edge not only on its brand sisters but also other competing brands. We are also very happy to let you know that this unit is very versatile as it can clean a wide range of surfaces.

Lightweight design and Usage flexibility

The design is thin and lightweight thus will not feel heavy in your hands. This gives it versatility such that you can use it on hardwood floors and indoor rugs. Dyson gave you a surprise inclusion by giving this vacuum a hybrid twist. You can easily remove the handle to clean areas near you or using the stick to reach high up into the ceiling.

We can confirm to you that this is one of the reasons why most people are going with this choice.

Large bin and a score of accessories

It comes with a large-size bin and many attachments to make sure you will not need a refill very often. This absolute V10 mode bin has a capacity of 0.77 liters. This is adequate to help you clean a very large area before you need a refill. It is also extremely easy to empty the bin thus saving your time.

Some of the attachments include a mini-motor mode and soft brush to take care of soft fabrics. In a nutshell, this is all you will need to take care of cleaning all surfaces in your home.

Battery life and 3 power modes

The vacuum comes with a rechargeable battery that will last for 60 minutes at full power. Even when cleaning a large space, one hour will be adequate to cover every corner. To fully charge the battery you will need around 3.5 hours, which may be longer than many people would be comfortable with.

You can alternate three power modes when cleaning different surfaces such as hardwood and carpets.

Cleaning floorheads

There are those edges in the house that can be tricky when cleaning. This vacuum comes with cleaning foreheads that will easily reach into those tight corners. It is also a perfect cleaning tool for pet homes and staircases. With all this versatility, this is a vacuum cleaner that will meet all your needs. It is a purchase that you will not regret.

What We Liked

  • Large size bin that is easy to empty
  • Very flexible to clean in tight corners, stairs and pet houses
  • Great suction power 

What We Didn't Like

  • Takes 3.5 long hours to fully charge the battery

2. Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik Vacuum

The Dirt Devil Simpli will surpass your expectations. No matter which aspect of it's you look at, you will be surprised as to how superior this is considering the price point.

The stick vacuum is lightweight, convenient, and extremely affordable. 

The Dirt Devil Simpli may be the cheapest stick vacuum available on the USA market. The stick vacuum is specially designed for hardwood floors. However, it doesn’t decrease tons of versatility this vacuum will give you. 


The Dirt Devil Simpli is incredibly lightweight. Weighing in at 3.8 lbs, this vacuum makes it possible for you to roam from room to room without feeling tiring. I have two sons that are fascinated with the use of vacuum cleaners. 

The lightweight feature of the Dirt Devil Simpli allows them to handle it expertly. If you are someone with back problems, this is the stick vacuum you want to work with.


The Dirt Devil Simpli comes with a 16ft cord. The cord is not lengthy, but adequate enough for you to work with.


This is by no means extremely powerful. A 1.25amp motor powers the Dirt Devil Simpli. For this reason, the stick vacuum falls a little short in terms of power. The power won’t be any problem if you are using the vacuum on bare floors or light carpet. 

If you have a thicker carpet, then this stick vacuum is not the best option.

Hardwood Floors

This stick vacuum is specially designed for hardwood floors. And, experts on this site too reached a verdict that this is the best vacuum for hardwood floors. The Dirt Devil Simpli doesn’t have a brush roller, therefore it’s ideal for bare floors.

For a lightweight vacuum, the Dirt Devil Simpli is the champion for hardwood and bare floors. This is a cheap, corded option that sure deserves your attention for versatility and functionality.

What We Liked​​​​​

  • Inexpensive
  • Coverts into the handheld vacuum
  • Works great on hardwood floors

What We Didn't Like

  • Not powerful enough when you really need it to be powerful. 
  • Doesn’t have a brush roll 

3. Shark Rocket DuoClean HV382 

The Shark Rocket HV382 is a premium-grade stick vacuum. Homeowners and experts find it high quality across the board.

This corded stick vacuum is given Excellent ratings on many eCommerce sites for bare floors, carpet, and pet hair.
This is an excellent product for edges.

It is sound insulted, therefore it creates minimal noise while operational. The number of accessories and the smaller motorized brush roll makes the stick vacuum attractive. It does great with pet hair.


Experts admire the vast number of useful accessories the Shark Rocket HV382 comes with. The stick vacuum features only two accessories. The two accessories included are a pet multi-tool and a crevice tool.

There is some confusion as the number of accessories your package comes with. I think SHARK needs to clarify this issue. It is recommended that you double check the model you intend to buy and the accessories that it will come with.

Pet Hair

The Shark Rocket Complete HV382 feature a multi-tool accessory for pet hair. Many homeowners like me commend the machine because it works as perfect as a traditional upright and canister would. 

The difference between the HV382 and a canister or upright is a bonus for the HV382 users. The HV382 comes lightweight and offers much more maneuverability. The LED lights of the HV382 will sure come in handy for spotting stray dust bunnies.

Many homeowners noted that the Shark HV382 feels so lightweight and works perfectly that they no longer needed a heavier upright.


The SHARK HV382 works perfectly both on the carpet and hard floors. You will be able to maneuver the machine effortlessly and expertly. The maneuverability of the SHARK HV382 earns much praise. 

What We Liked

  • Do carpet and hard floors perfectly
  • Powerful
  • LED light
  • A number of accessories 

What We Didn't Like

  • The motor is located in the handle, thereby creating issues

4. Bissell PowerEdge (81L2T)

The Bissell PowerEdge will surprise you with the power it packed for its size and price. If you are looking for a convenient, powerful, and affordable machine, then the Bissell PowerEdge is unbeatable. 


The Bissell PowerEdge has a unique V-shaped nozzle that lifts up debris and into the middle of the head.

And, that area is where suction power is the strongest. It makes use of rubber lips instead of bushes, thus it is effective at removing pet hair from bare floors.


The Bissell PowerEdge weighs in at 7.5 lbs and has a 20-foot cord. Maintenance of the machine is minimal.

What We Liked

  • Cleans corners, crevices, and furniture efficiently
  • V-shaped design allows more efficient dirt removal

What We Didn't like

  • Doesn’t come with any attachments

5. Hoover Linx Bagless Corded Cyclonic Stick Vacuum 

The Hoover Linx Corded Stick Vacuum boasts a robust construction and works perfectly on the carpet, as well as on hardwood. The stick vacuum has a wider head that allows efficient full-room cleaning.  

If you want to buy a stick vacuum for suction power, then you can trust on this. 

Utilizing WindTunnel technology, the stick vacuum takes cleaning power to an epic level! The only quibble you may have with this is it’s a bit on the heavy side.

Cleaning Power 

The Hoover Linx combines cutting-edge technology to make its cleaning power as efficiently as possible. WindTunnel technology increases cleaning power. Compounded with Cyclonic technology, the Hoover Linx is able to separate dust and larger particles from each other.

WindTunnel and Cyclonic technology make the Hoover Linx an unbeatable stick vacuum. The Hoover Linx is powered by a 2amp motor. The motor makes the vacuum incredibly powerful. That amount of suction power comes at a cost, as it is a bit heavy.

What We Liked

  • 20 ft cord and Bagless
  • Powerful suction

What We Didn't Like

  • Doesn’t convert into a handheld vacuum 

6. Shark Rocket DeluxePro

This corded stick vacuum is a powerful unit that will take on hard floors as well as soft surfaces such as carpets.

It is richly featured to ensure that you will not buy anything separately to keep your home tidy. 

Its quality is up there with the very best vacuums in the industry thus worth every dime you spend on it.

One thing you cannot argue about this corded vacuum is its pocket-friendliness and the high level of its performance. For those looking to buy a vacuuming unit that fits all needs, you would not be lost buying this Shark Rocket device.

Ultra-lightweight Design

At only 8lbs, this vacuum will not need you to use any effort to put it to work. This means you can easily and quickly use it to clean a very large area. It also means you can easily convert it from a stick-held unit to a handheld vacuum. Again, this makes it a perfect solution to all cleaning needs at home.

Swivel Steering

When cleaning around furniture, it becomes a little tricky to reach into far corners. This Shark Rocket corded stick vacuum has swivel steering to help you with easy maneuverability and leave no dirt and dust. When doing minor cleaning, you do not need to move the heavy furniture.

Storage options

When you are done cleaning and want the vacuum out of your way, this unit gives you two storage options. One, you can attach the handheld unit to the accompanying wand. This is an easy way to take care of your unit. Two, you can mount the vacuum on to a wall mount. Does it get easier than this?

Set of helpful attachments

Here you get a car and home detailing kit. This further makes this vacuum more functional and worth the money you are paying for it. There is also a Dust-away for hard floors, which takes care of dust without you having to bother with it. You also get a crevice tool, accessory bag, and Hard floor tool.

Great suction power

When it comes to suction power, this unit is unrivaled. When testing it, we found out that it outperforms a score of other units. It is able to clean all range of surfaces from hardwoods, upholstery, carpet, rugs, and stairs.

2-in-1 Design

It has a floor head that you can use to clean carpets and floors. Then there is the handheld part that you can use to clean the interior of your vehicle as well as the upholstery.

LED light

When cleaning at night or around dark corners, this unit will light up space with its powerful LED light. You can clearly see where you are cleaning and leave every inch of surfaces sparkling clean.

What We Liked

  • Long cord to allow you to reach a large cleaning area
  • Unbeatable pocket friendly price 
  • Very versatile when it comes to cleaning different surfaces

What We Didn't Like

  • Cannot stand on its own
  • Smaller dust bin 

7. Eureka 3-in-1 Lightweight stick Cleaner

Out there in the market, it is a tough job finding a stick-held vacuum cleaner that can do three jobs. What you find common are one-job vacuums and a few units that can manage two tasks. That is why this Eureka The 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner is considered a rare breed. 

It has a specific approach to its engineering and that is why its versatility cannot be easily matched by any other unit in here.

3-in-1 Usage

You can put this unit into three different uses. Using the stick, you can use it to clean the floors and stairs. When handheld, you can use it to clean carpets. It is also useful when cleaning high walls and the ceiling. That is versatility that hardly comes with many vacuuming units.

Eureka has refined the quality of this piece to make sure it will keep working for a long time.

Capture Nozzle and Swivel Steering

The powerful nozzle will capture all the pieces of dirt and leave surfaces spotlessly clean. You do not have to use any effort to collect all the dirt. Swivel steering makes it easy for you to move the unit and reach narrow spaces. You will not have any patches of dirt after spending a lot of time cleaning up your rooms.

Permanent Washable Filter and Large Dust Cup

It is not easy to keep replacing your vacuum filter after a few instances of using. This Eureka unit comes with a permanent filter that can be cleaned through normal washing. This completely deals with the trouble of having to replace a filter.

The large dust cup means it can accumulate a lot of dirt and dust before you can empty it. The dust cup is easily detachable and that is a big plus to many homeowners.

18-feet cord

This is an adequate length to let you roam around and clean a large area. You will not have to scratch your head looking for a nearby power source. You will also be able to reach dust high up on the ceilings.

2-Amp motor

When buying home appliances, one of the factors you root for is power saving. If that is your wish, you will find a perfect match for your low power consumption vacuum in this Eureka unit. At 2 Amp motor power, this will make a negligible contribution to your power bill. This does not mean that you should not expect it to perform at the highest level.

Built-in Crevice Tool

With this, the vacuum is easily customizable to enable you to make the best out of your cleaning chores. You can adjust it accordingly when working on different surfaces. Those tight spots and dust on your blinds will no longer give you a hard time.

Rubber Wheels

To help you easily move the device on the floor, it is fitted with rubber wheels. These wheels do not scratch the floors and immensely help make your work easier.

Noiseless operation

When at work, it does not make any sound. It is a stealthy cleaner that will not wake up those who are sleeping. You may not think that this is necessary until you decide to clean your house very early in the morning and end up waking everyone else.

What We Liked

  • Rubber wheel help with mobility
  • Lightweight and easy to operate
  • 3-in-1 design for great cleaning 
  • Does not take up much storage space
  • Ease of assembly
  • Very minimal power consumption 

What We Didn't Like

  • The power button is awkwardly positioned

8. Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean

Are you in the market for a new cordless vacuum cleaner? The Shark Duoclean vacuum is one choice that will not disappoint. It is built with the final user in mind and you find it easy to use. With its futuristic design and latest vacuuming technology, you cannot spend your money on a better choice.

Of the most outstanding inclusions is its invincible suction power. This power can take on the hardcore dirt and you do not have to use much of effort to get it done.

Great battery runtime

This Shark cleaning unit is shipped with two ion batteries. They are lithium-ion batteries created from the latest technology. They will keep running for a long time and allow you the convenience of cleaning a larger area. The spare pack means that you can swap them and keep cleaning for as long as you want.

Cordless and customizable

No hassle with entangling cord because this vacuum does not come with such. You can easily move around the cleaning area without the fear of toppling the glass-top coffee table. When you move to the next room, you will not worry about a power plug. The unit is also lightweight and you can easily lift it to clean high up the wall and the ceiling. You never have to complain about back pains.

Another perk is that you can easily convert this vacuum cleaner from a stick-hold to handheld device. This gives you room to easily work on carpets and couches. Since it is battery-powered and cordless, you can bring it to your garage and clean your car.

Duoclean Technology

Thanks to its collection of wonderful features, this vacuum can work on a variety of surfaces from carpets to hardwood floors. One is the bristle brush that is best suited
to cleaning carpets. Then there is the soft brushroll for pulling out large dirt particles from the floors.

Multi-flexing design

With this, you can easily make your way through tight corners that would otherwise force you to move furniture. There is also a wand underneath the vacuum to help you reach to those sticky spots underneath your kitchen appliances.

You also have a hinge at the middle of the stick that makes the unit portable. This serves two crucial purposes: help maneuver tight corners and underneath furniture as well take up less storage space.

Dusting Crevice Tool

Its small-size design gives you an advantage when cleaning crevices. It is no longer your place to lean on your knees and hands to get the dust from the baseboard. You have that covered by this versatile device. Besides, the dual-purpose feature allows easy dusting of blinds without leaving trails of dirt.

Easy-to-remove Dust Bin

This unit seems to make it up to you for the small dust bin by making it extremely easy to remove and empty the dirt bin. You do not need vacuum bags with this device and saves you from more expenses.

What We Liked

  • Foldable hence saves on storage space
  • Can clean a multitude of surfaces
  • Lightweight and compact design 

What We Didn't Like

  • Small-size dustbin
  • Battery overheats during use 

9. VonHaus 2 in 1 Corded Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner

This bagless stick and handheld vacuum comes with HEPA filtration system thus considered a very powerful unit. It is lightweight and can quickly be converted into a handheld vacuum for close range cleaning tasks.

Its ergonomic design makes it a popular choice for those looking for an easy and comfortable method of keeping their houses tidy. From our experience, this affordable cleaning tool does not choose when it comes to surfaces to be cleaned.

Powerful motor

When you clean, the last thing you want is a feeble feeling from your equipment. This piece is built for the big boys. It has a 5.5 Amp motor power. From it, you will get 14 Kpa suction pressure, which is powerful enough to collect all dirt in a very short time. It easily glides over surfaces picking up any dirt and dust leaving everything with a shining tone.

Generous-sized dust cup

The dust cup is 1.3 liters. That is a relatively large space to take up dust. It means you will not have to stop midway to empty the dirt. Once you start, you can do all your cleaning to the end and only then will it be necessary to empty the cup. No wasting time in between your cleaning sessions to clear out the dirt from the bin.

HEPA Filtration System

When using this vacuum cleaner, your safety is never compromised. The HEPA filtration has a lock mechanism that keeps all the dust particles away from escaping into the air. This also helps to prevent the circulation of bacteria in your home.

20-feet long cord

With this power cord, you can reach to every corner of your rooms. You do not need to have a power plug in every short distance of cleaning. This allows you flexibility and being able to clean a very large area at one time. You can as well pull the cord outside and clean your car.

Multiple attachments

To make sure that you are receiving a complete unit for all your cleaning needs, VonHaus makes sure you will not miss out on anything. That is why they have attached so many other accessories to this unit. When you purchase this vacuum you also get a dusting crevice tool, shoulder strap, a small brush, and a hose adapter.

Quick conversion and versatility

You can easily convert the stick unit into a handheld vacuum. This means you will be able to clean a long list of surfaces. Once you buy this, you are almost set for all cleaning jobs at home. With the easy glide over different surfaces and the accompanying powerful suction, every cleaning task becomes a piece of cake easy.

Lightweight unit

Who wants a cleaning tool that takes up a lot of effort to be pushed around? Nobody and that is why you made a great choice in this 2-in-1 vacuum. It is extremely lightweight to push around and lift over your head when cleaning the walls and the ceiling.

Effortless assembly

You do not have to be a handyman to put this unit together. With a little knowledge of how a vacuum cleaner operates, you will have it ready in a few minutes.

What We Liked

  • Lightweight and space-saving design
  • Shoulder strap will come in handy when you have to carry it 
  • The many attachments make it a multi-purpose cleaning tool

What We Didn't Like

  • No LED light hence you may find it hard spotting dirt in dark corners
  • The canister is fragile thus you have to handle it with extra care 

10. Bestek Stick and Handheld Vacuum with HEPA Filtration

Of all the 2-in-1 cleaning units, this Bestek upright piece is among the corded stick vacuum. It is fairly priced but still will outperform more expensive rivals with its impressive suction power.

Its filtration system is dedicated to making the home environment livable by preventing allergens and holding back bacteria from contaminating the air in your house.

Therefore, this is not only a versatile cleaning tool but one that keeps your family healthy all the time.

Sponge and HEPA Filtration System

We know you must be wondering why this system of filtration should mean anything to you. Well, it is the latest filtration technology that will tame allergens and prevent the spread of bacteria into the air around your home.

The system achieves this by locking up dust and dirt particles within itself and preventing recirculation of any harmful organisms. This could be the difference between saving on hospital bills and having to see a doctor every now and then.

Lightweight design

When cleaning with a heavy vacuum unit, you may not do a lot of work. When we tested this Bestek cleaning unit, we were satisfied with its lightweight design. You can keep working for a long time and never complain about hand fatigue.

This also makes it extremely easy to be moved from one room to the other. Not forgetting that it will not give you any trouble when packing or storing it.

Just like us, you will also be happy to know that it will not take much of floor space at home when you are not using it. Its compact design makes sure you will not be troubled even when your room’s floor space is not much to go around.

2-in-1 Function

It is a waste of money buying two separate vacuums to do your cleaning chores when you can buy one piece and get all the work done. Using the stick mode, you can work on the stairs, upholstery and the floors. When cleaning carpets and under furniture, the handheld unit will offer you much assistance.

You will also appreciate the fact that this unit is capable of cleaning a rich range of surfaces. You definitely would not have a better place to put your money for a cleaning unit than what this best corded stick cleaner is offering.

16.5-feet Cord

The length of this power cord is adequate to allow you to move around a large space. It can cover most of the distance in your large living room. Therefore, you will not need to shift from one power plug to the other when cleaning the same room. This also means you can reach high up the walls and the ceiling to do a thorough cleaning.

Inbuilt Crevice Tool

How about taking care of the dirt and dust on the blinds? Not many vacuum cleaners will help with this but this one comes with a crevice tool that will take care of that. You can even reach high up to the end of the blinds without having to boost your height with a stool.

Swivel Head

At times you may be forced to move your heavy furniture when you wish to clean every corner of your house. That is not easy and may require paying someone to help you. But why go through all the trouble when you have a solution in a very affordable vacuum unit?

The swivel head on this Bestek tool can maneuver 170 degrees and glide on all types of surfaces. This will give you the means to reach into the tight corners such as under your furniture.

Low Maintenance

Once you purchase this tool, you do not have to worry about keeping it in a working condition. It requires very little of your attention. All you have to do is detach the dust cup and empty the dirt once you are done cleaning. Store it safely until the next time you will need its service.

What We Liked

  • Comes with a crevice tool for dusting
  • Lightweight and extremely portable
  • Extreme flexibility to help clean in tight corners and under furniture

What We Didn't Like

  • May not do a good job thick rugs and
  • It could use a more powerful motor


There is a lot you need to know before buying a corded vacuum unit that will specifically fit your needs. Just like other buyers, here are some common questions you may be asking:

Q: Are corded stick vacuums better than their cordless?

A: Largely, corded sticks vacuums do not run out of power since most of them are plugged to a source of power. That is one area where they hand down beat the cordless models.

Q: Which is the top corded stick vacuum cleaner for me?

A: Well, there is a lot that goes into defining the best vacuum cleaner. First, the terms top or best’ is relative and it all boils down to your preference and your specific needs.

Q: Can these vacuums suck out liquid on surfaces I am cleaning?

No, they do not come with the capability to suck up

Should I Buy a Corded Stick or Cordless?

Many feel at a loss when trying to choose between a corded and cordless vacuum. Both options have their pros and cons. But, the corded stick vacuum will deliver more power and efficiency compared to its cordless counterparts.

The popularity of corded stick vacuums is on the rise as such vacuums challenge their cordless counterparts as far as durability, functionality, price, and performance is concerned. The biggest advantage may be power.

As you won’t have to worry about charging your corded vacuum, you will never have to worry about running out of power. Therefore, your corded stick vacuum can handle larger cleaning tasks uninterrupted.

A corded stick vacuum is as lightweight and convertible as a stick vacuum. So, if you are looking for an easily manageable vacuum cleaner, then you won’t regret checking out a corded stick vacuum.

Should I Buy a Corded Stick or Cordless?

If you have followed the comparison I have made above in this article, you will realize these two types aren’t on the same page. At times, it can be difficult to compare between them. Corded vacuums can be powerful and cost-effective.

You can get to clean your entire house right away. You won’t have to worry about running out of power in the middle of work. That can’t be said about cordless vacuums. If they run out of power, you will have to wait until it’s fully recharged.

Cordless vacuums will save your time and effort. As they are easily manageable, you will be able to spare yourself from the hassle of wrapping up the cord. With a cordless vacuum, you may not be able to clean your home as much frequently as you would with a corded stick.

Some Reasons To Choose a Corded Stick Vacuum?

Our team tested and analyzed numerous many different vacuums. After coming across several corded stick vacuums, I found out what they can be perfect for. Follow the conditions discussed below. If you feel the need for a vacuum for these conditions, it’s certainly a corded stick vacuum should be the best option.

Who’s the Corded Stick Vacuum for?

  • If you are on a tight budget, then a corded stick vacuum can be a great option
  • Many homeowners who don’t have carpet choose the corded stick vacuum. But, the corded stick vacuum cleans carpet very well
  • If you are living in an apartment, then a corded stick vacuum can be the best option. This type of vacuums works well with small or less permanent living situations

The primary purpose of this article is to help out those who consider a corded stick vacuum the best option. However, I will talk about a few disadvantages you may have to deal with a corded stick vacuum.

What are the cons of a corded stick vacuum?

​Well, I have talked about the benefits of using a corded stick vacuum. But, it does come with a few disadvantages. Of course, the corded stick vacuum is a cheaper and quieter option.

The main disadvantage of owning this type of vacuum is that they are not as powerful as Upright vacuums. If you want to use this type of vacuum for deep cleaning carpet, then you may want to look for other options. Cleaning laminate or hardwood with the corded stick vacuum will be great though.

The top picks for corded stick vacuums discussed here can clean carpet well. But, they wouldn’t clean as deep as some other vacuums would.

What to Look for When Purchasing

You are probably enough knowledgeable about the benefits of a corded stick vacuum. And, you may have decided to go for a corded stick vacuum already. Corded stick vacuums are usually associated with lightweight, convenient, and easy to store features.

Sure, you will easily be able to clean those hard to reach spots. Most people opt for a stick vacuum for its convenience. A good stick vacuum will allow you to move around easily and clean furniture, hard to reach spaces effortlessly.

Let’s take a look at some of the features a corded stick vacuum must have:


Most people look for a lightweight feature when it comes to purchasing a vacuum. The last thing you want is a vacuum that’s heavy and tiresome to use. A good stick vacuum will be lightweight enough to move around furniture.

Moreover, the retractable power cord has to be long enough. Flexible swivel steering allows you to maneuver into those hard to reach spots easily.


A good stick vacuum will have a longer lifespan. Traditionally, corded stick vacuums have a longer lifespan compared to cordless counterparts. It’s because cordless vacuums have plenty of things that could go wrong or malfunction. For this reason, cordless ones don’t last long.

Your neighbors may call you old fashioned for using a corded stick. Although the cord is sometimes conceived as dated at times, it provides a clean, unwavering power supply. A constant power supply is required if you want to clean your house effortlessly and peacefully.

Corded vacuums don’t rely on battery power, as battery power seems to be the first one to malfunction in many cases. You may argue that battery technology is continuing to advance. However, the technology is still new compared to the old fashioned plug and play models.


Most stick vacuums come with plenty of accessories. These accessories can be easily attached. You will have to make sure that these accessories don’t become a hassle. Some stick vacuums’ accessories can be hassling to store and attach.

Therefore, it’s important that you check out the accessories before purchasing your favorite stick. A good stick vacuum has accessories that are easy to store. Moreover, you can easily attach them to your vacuum.

Pro Tip: look for the best stick vacuums that features an efficient design, and the accessories can be easily attached and stored.


Most stick vacuums can be easily maintained. Many people consider the ones without replaceable bags the most convenient. Most of the time, you won’t need to buy replacements. Most stick vacuums come with a dirt container that easily opens to be emptied.

Make sure you purchase a stick vacuum that comes with a removable filter. Removing and cleaning your filter regularly ensures that your vacuum retains good suction. A removable filter has to be cleaned regularly if you want your stick to having better suction.


The biggest advantage of owning a corded vacuum over a cordless one is that you won’t ever have to worry about power. Time is vital when you are determined to clean the whole house. However, cordless vacuums take hours to be fully recharged and functional.

A corded stick vacuum saves your time as you won’t have to wait for it to be charged. You can get to work right away. All you have to do is the plug, and you’re ready to play. One may argue that you have to find a new outlet every time you switch rooms.

Yes, switching to a different outlet may take some time, but not longer than waiting for your vacuum to finish recharging.

How so?

The average cordless stick vacuum may take hours to charge fully. However, the running time is very meager compared to the time they take for charging. Yes, after 3 hours of charging, your cordless stick vacuum may give you only 15-30 minutes of use.

If you have a large area to cover, then it’s evident that the cordless stick isn’t the best option. Moreover, many of us even forget charging our phone, let alone a vacuum cleaner. So, charging requirement is something you have to keep in mind.

On the other hand, a corded stick vacuum is a cheap option and offers enough power to clean the space. An expensive cordless stick vacuum will contain a large battery to cover a small home or town home. As a result, cleaning with this vacuum will be cumbersome and tiring.

If the floor space in your home is anything larger than 1,500 square feet, then a corded stick vacuum can be the best option, no doubt!

Suction Power 

Besides the advantage of never having to charge, the corded stick vacuum is better and convenient for cleaning a large amount of floor space. A corded stick vacuum is your best bet to vacuum the entire area in one session.

A corded stick vacuum is more powerful than a cordless one. Since the corded vacuum is running on a steady flow of electricity, it delivers more suction power. On the other hand, a cordless one uses a low ion or nickel battery to conserve power. As a result, it is not as powerful as the corded one.

The extra power generated by the corded one could really be useful for cleaning thicker rugs. Rugs and carpets of thicker construction require a lot of power to remove all of the dirt. And, many of us own pets that shed and drop hair, therefore additional suction will come handy removing all.

After all, the main objective of buying a vacuum is to free your home of allergens and keep it clean. For your convenience, all of the vacuums discussed here come with a filter that can be removed, washed, or replaced when required.

Size of dust cup

Your aim here is to buy a vacuum cleaner that will not need emptying after cleaning a small section. That is why you should insist on a relatively large dust bin. In our reviews, we have highlighted the size of the dust cups of each product. Make an informed choice.

Level of noise

Like it or not, the level of noise in the unit you are about to buy is something you must consider. You do not want a cleaning piece that will scare your baby or wake up those sleeping every time you vacuum.

Battery Runtime

For the battery-operated vacuum pieces, you should be careful with their runtime. You need a piece that can last close to an hour and give you adequate time to finish your cleaning.

Power consumption

You already have a big domestic power bill and the last thing you want is an appliance that will add to it. It is critical you choose a vacuum that has lower power consumption rating. Most of the pieces reviewed here are in a good range of power consumption.

Bagged vs Bagless

How do you wish to take care of the dust once it is collected into the vacuum unit? That is where you have to make a decision between bagged versus bagless models. If you are allergic to animal fur and dust, the bagged type is your best bet. If you do not mind having to physically empty the dirt, you are home with the bagless option.


Corded stick vacuums, in general, aren’t expensive. The best option for such a vacuum will deliver enough suction power and be powerful enough to pick up dirt and dust off hardwood floors, thin carpet, area rugs, and bare floor.

With affordability, the stick vacuums will have advanced brush rolls that can handle a variety of situations. Especially for hardwood floors, you will require advanced brush rolls that could pick up dirt and debris while not causing damages to your floor.

Final Verdict

The stick vacuums discussed here in this article won’t let you down if you have hardwood, bare floors to cover. These stick vacuums will be effective for cleaning carpet, rugs, pet hair, etc. as well. In this article, I have discussed the various factors you need to consider when purchasing a corded stick vacuum. Moreover, I have listed our top picks of the best corded vacuums on the USA market.