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Best Carpet Sweeper of 2021 | Ultimate Guide and Review

If you get frustrated with having to pull the vacuum up every time you want to give your carpet a quick tidy up then a carpet sweeper could be an option for your household.
While many homemakers find vacuum cleaners as the go-to tools for deep cleaning, they do have some limitations. There are times when you just want to freshen up the floors between deeper cleans and vacuums cleaners are not the ideal solution for such an instance.
That’s where the carpet sweeper comes in!

Comparison Chart for Top 8 Carpet Sweeper

8 Best Carpet Sweeper in 2019 - Reviews

The reviews of the best carpet sweepers tested by our experts are shown below. Moreover, how do you find a suitable carpet swipe for you, special expertise of experts

1. Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet & Floor Sweeper


If you are looking for a convenient, easy-to-use, and inexpensive carpet sweeper, then the Fuller Brush is the best option. The Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper from Fuller Brush is quite a unique product! Homeowners favor the Fuller Brush due to lightweight and low height design.

Fuller Brush: A Brief Introduction on the Company

The Fuller Brush Company has been manufacturing home appliances for over 100 years. Products manufactured by Fuller Brush usually stand the test of time. The company has assembled many loyal customers over the years.


The Fuller Brush Electrostatic is designed to effectively clean all around the home. I absolutely love how easy it is to clean under furniture with this tool. The best carpet sweeper is effective on all types of flooring, including hardwood, linoleum, and carpet.

The Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper from Fuller Brush can pick up almost anything including dust and crumbs. If you have pets, you know how nuisance it can be to clean pet hair. The machine is really efficient in taking in pet hair.

Brush Roller

There is an option to include the extra brush roller. The brush roller is helpful in making sweeping hard floors easier. With the rollers, you will be able to clean hard floor effortlessly. Just gently pull the case apart at the axle points.



2. Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet and Floor Sweeper


This is an inexpensive carpet and floor sweeper. This product is particularly prominent for its dual brush system. With two brushes, the Bissell Natural picks up everything from smallest dust particles to crumbs.


The Bissell Natural Sweeper picks up dirt, fluff, and pet hair.
The sweeper is extremely efficient in picking up almost anything it comes in contact with. The sweeper uses both the forward and backward motion to clean. As a result, the Bissell Natural Sweeper makes cleaning faster and more efficient. When compared with many carpet sweepers on the market, the Bissell Natural surely is premium-grade.

Dual Brush System

The Bissell Natural Sweeper is constructed with two dirt pans and two brushes. With two brushes and two dirt panes, the Bissell Natural Sweeper makes cleaning more efficient and easy. The dual brush system is fixed with a two different length system. The system makes a transition from carpet or rugs to hard floors easy and fast.

Dirt Traps

The dirt traps of the Bissell Natural allows you to easily empty and clean the handle. The system remains in an upright position, so you won’t have on your toes whether the handle will fall over. The handle makes storage easy.


The Bissell Natural Sweeper weighs only 3.8 pounds. The 4-inch height clearance makes it easy to maneuver under beds and furniture. As a result, the places you had trouble cleaning will be relatively easy with convenient height clearance and lightweight.


Most carpet cleaners are environment-friendly. Bissell takes the feature to a new dimension as this cleaner uses recycled materials for some of the parts on this machine. You won’t have to replace most parts on this machine. Moreover, the product has no PVC parts used in the manufacturing of the product.



3. Shark Floor & Carpet Sweeper


This is an efficient, lightweight carpet sweeper that supports the cleaning of all floor types. The Shark Carpet is a very convenient and easy to use the carpet sweeper. The Shark Cordless Sweeper will help you clean all those hard-to-reach spots efficiently.


The Shark Rechargeable is extremely efficient in sucking dust and debris from carpets.
Its efficiency absolutely amazed me. Compared with other cordless models, the Shark Rechargeable is quite the champion!


Of all the domestic tasks, cleaning should be the most hassling. Even if it’s considered an exercise, most do not enjoy it much. However, the convenient size, easy-to-use features of this sweeper make your tasks relatively easy.

When you are using this carpet sweeper, you won’t need multiple sweepers for your carpet, as well as for your floor. With all the features involved, the Shark Rechargeable can couple as the cordless sweeper as well as the floor sweeper.


The Shark Rechargeable Carpet Sweeper can take in the dust, dirt, small particles, as well as pet hair. The container capacity of the sweeper is 1.8qt. As a result, you can use it more than once before you dispose of the dirt you collected.

The manageable size of the Shark Rechargeable allows you to navigate through furniture without moving them. You can clean around them effortlessly without breaking a sweat.



4. OnTel Swivel Sweeper Max


This is a battery-powered sweeper from OnTel. The sweeper can rid any type of floor of spilled messes. The OnTel Sweeper picks up debris covering all four sides. The 360 spinning head and Quad Brush Technology makes the sweeper more efficient.


The OnTel Swivel Max is designed for homeowners who want flexibility in keeping their house clean.
The lightweight design of the sweeper makes it the perfect choice for those who hate hauling around a heavy vacuum.


You can reach all those hard-to-reach areas efficiently with the sweeper. I am constantly amazed by its ability to pick up small particles. The OnTel Sweeper picks up the variety of different dirt particles, including pet hair, pet kibble, etc.

For germaphobes and people with allergy conditions, you can empty the tray using a one-touch button. Therefore, you won’t have to come in contact with any annoying dirt.


The OnTel Swivel Max offers maximum flexibility in pulling out long pet hair and other substances. The spring-loaded brushes make this possible. The sweeper is constructed with the latest RCR Technology.

The technology refers to Removable, Cleanable, and Reusable technology. What the technology actually means is that the parts of the unit can be cleaned with water, then put back to use again.


The OnTel Swivel Max is popular for its versatility. The machine pivots 360 degrees. As a result, you can effortlessly go under tables or clean the corners. The sweeper is powered by the 7.2-volt 20-watt motor. The 4 corner roller that the sweeper comes with spin at 4000RPM.



5. Rubbermaid Galvanized Carpet Sweeper


The Galvanized Carpet Sweeper from Rubbermaid provides an efficient cleaning solution for all types of floor. By investing a very little time, homeowners can clean corners, under the furniture efficiently.


Rubbermaid is a popular manufacturer of cleaning products. The company produces products for both domestic and commercial use. While the company produces a range of domestic sweepers, commercial-range sweepers are also available for domestic purchase.

This particular sweeper delivers a quick cleaning solution for all types of floor. Homeowners can invest a very little time to keep their homes clean. It is very simple and easy to assemble the sweeper.

All you have to do is attach the handle and you will have a machine ready to suck in dust and dirt. With a low profile, the carpet can easily slide under the bed and most other types of furniture.


The Rubbermaid Carpet Cleaner picks up a variety of different items, including pet hair and birdseed. As a result, the carpet cleaner is perfect for parents and pet owners alike. The Rubbermaid gets to action for instant cleanup when the little children are playing on the floor.

Rotating Brush

The rotating brushes of the carpet cleaner are made of natural boar brushes. Therein included a handy little brush that allows you to remove fluff and pet hair from the brushes. When it comes to emptying the tray, the process couldn’t be easier.

You can easily remove the dirt trap. Moreover, you can easily clean the dirt trap, then replace before storing the carpet sweeper.


The Rubbermaid Carpet Cleaner weighs at only 3.5 pounds, which is extremely lightweight. Therefore, you can enjoy cleaning up anywhere around the house very quickly.



6. Shark Ultra-Light Rechargeable Carpet Sweeper


This is an ultra light version from the Shark Rechargeable series. The Shark Ultra-light is too unbeatable when it comes to efficient cleaning. In fact, it is one of my favorites for its efficiency. The Shark Ultra-light is great at taking in the dust, debris out of carpets.


The Shark line of floor-sweeping products has always been competitive and popular among thousands of homeowners. Many prefer Shark products due to their efficiency, durability, and functionality.
The Shark Ultra-Light is no exception as far as cleaning efficiently is concerned. Users with light to medium needs can complement their tasks perfectly with the Shark Ultra-light.

Sweeping Made Effortlessly

Many of us have limited tolerance for the thought of cleaning the home. But, with this sweeper, you can enjoy cleaning the home. You will have fun and discover the easiest ways to clean. Cleaning has never been so stress-free with all the features involved in this product.

The Shark Ultralight couples as both carpet cleaner and floor cleaner. This product will function perfectly as a carpet cleaner, as well as a floor cleaner.

Debris Doesn’t Stand a Chance

The Shark Ultralight will make you completely relieved of the surroundings. If you have allergy conditions, then this is the perfect choice you will make. The size of the debris regardless of how they small are, the Shark Ultralight will take in anything efficiently.

With the Shark Ultralight, you can navigate through furniture without having to move them. Therefore, you will have immense benefits without breaking a sweat.



7. Bissell Commercial Carpet and Floor Sweeper


With the Bissell Commercial Carpet Sweeper, you can carry out your cleaning effort for up to 60 minutes without cordless. This is another excellent product, manufactured by the cleaning giant; Bissell. The floor and carpet sweeper can handle most of the cleanups in between vacuuming.


The Bissell Commercial is designed for any individual looking to handle the cleaning of almost all types of floor.

Yes, the Bissell Commercial multi-functions as both a carpet and floor cleaner. the carpet and floor sweeper handles all types of flooring from ceramic tiles.

For the homeowners who have floor types ranging from hardwood to carpet, don’t you worry? The Bissell Commercial supports the cleaning of those types of the floor as well. However, the Bissell has its limitations against hard floors.

But, you will be able to derive complete satisfaction from cleaning your carpets. Therefore, you will be able to save a lot of effort from having to pull the vacuum as often. The Bissell Commercial is constructed with a metal casing.

As a result, you will have a robust carpet and floor sweeper. The rubber bumper on the carpet sweeper protects your furniture from scratches and knocks.

Easy to Use

The Bissell Commercial is easy to use and assemble. It is lightweight as well. It weighs only 3.5 pounds. So, as you can see, the Bissell Commercial weighs less than a newborn baby. As a result, you will be able to perform a quick clean up anywhere around the house.


The Bissell Commercial comes with two brushes and two dirt pans. The sweeper is extremely efficient in picking up dirt, pet hair, fluff, and almost anything it comes in contact with.



8. Shark Ionflex 2x Duoclean Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum


The Shark Ionflexis designed for any individual looking for a cordless, convenient vacuum cleaner. This vacuum is the perfect alternative to the upright vacuum. It will make the floor, car, and shelves cleaning more effective and efficient.


The Shark Ionflex features a convenient design, equipped with everything to make cleaning effortless.
It relies on two types of brush rolls to work. Its DuoClean technology allows soft brushes to grab dust particles. The rotating action of the brushes allows a deeper clean. This is a cordless design, whose compact makes the DuoClean perfect for cleaning small to medium size homes. My home is no way big. But, I am confident that you will be able to clean your big home with this as well!


Many consider the vacuum a hassling, heavy machine – so difficult to maneuver. But, by just pressing the release button, you can turn the vacuum into a handheld vac. The release button will detach the handle and canister from the floor nozzle and wand.

How’s that for a trick?

With a handheld vacuum, you will be able to clean everywhere around your house. My home consists of ceiling fans, cabinets, door frames, and mantles.


The Shark Ionflex weighs less than 9 pounds. As a result, it will be light enough for you to maneuver without straining yourself. The handheld feature of this machine works great for automobile detailing.

SMART Response Performance

Not everyone has the same floor design. Your floor design determines the level of care it requires. Shark has integrated this Smart Response Technology in order to deliver you with complete freedom in adjusting the machine’s power settings.

There are two surface settings and two suction settings you can choose from. With the carpet setting applied, you can make the brush rolls spin faster for high-pile carpeting. Hard-floor surfaces require hard floor setting.

This technology allows you to control the suction strength. For efficient daily cleaning, the extended suction strength is perfect. Moreover, you will enjoy a double battery life between charges. Sometimes, the rooms next to our backyard require heavy-duty cleaning.

Now, the max power function allows you to handle heavy-duty vacuuming when necessary. The extended runtime mode shows its worth when handling heavy-duty tasks.

Power - Suction &Battery

The Shark Ionflex is equipped with a 425W motor and delivers 115AWof suction power. The vacuum is not powerful when compared with other leading products. But, the power is adequate.

The Shark Duoclean features a pair of 25.2-volt lithium-ion battery. LEDlights come fixed right on the batteries which display how much charge is left. This is a great convenience feature for me. The feature allows you to put the additional battery on charge before the one fixed on the cleaner runs out.


The Shark Ionflex comes bountiful with accessories. A vacuum requires many accessories for complete function. Of course, Shark didn’t stint on providing with such accessories. My Shark Ionflex comes packaged with all nice accessories. The accessories included:

1 Duster Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, 1 Wide Upholstery Tool, 1 Pet Multi-Tool, 1 Multi-FlexWand, 1 Battery Pack, Battery Charge, and the Anti-Allergen Dust. So, as you can see it’s the full house!



Things to Consider Before Buying a Carpet Sweeper: Checklist

Yes, the carpet sweepers listed on this page should be enough for all kinds of carpet and floor cleaning. However, you may have some other sweeper as your prime choice. Or, if you want to buy something else, then there are factors to consider. This section of the article will discuss factors you need to consider when shopping for a carpet sweeper.

Lightweight & Convenient Carpet Sweepers are best

Your future carpet sweeper has to be lightweight and convenient. A heavy vacuum will feel too painstaking to unload and use. Imagine taking your vacuum out of the cupboard just to clean up some spilled crisps.

Finding pet hair on the couch while you are trying to watch TV can be a buzz-kill. It is rather a waste of energy to clean up the mess with such a heavy machine. So, the solution is a carpet sweeper.

Carpet sweepers have to be lightweight so that it could be effortless to use. This may reduce the resistance to cleaning up a spill. If the homeowner is a senior citizen, then they can benefit from this as well.

Elderly people with disabilities are likely to struggle with heavier vacuums. Therefore, a lightweight and convenient carpet sweeper will be immensely beneficial for them.

Volume of your carpet sweeper

Unavoidable downside when buying a vacuum is the noise. You have to deal with noise if you wish to buy a vacuum. With the quietest vacuums, you will be able to converse with another while cleaning. However, they can generate noise.

If you want a machine that could be completely noise-proof, then choose a carpet sweeper. The carpet sweeper stays almost silent when in operation. Moreover, if you want to give your home a quick sweep before everyone wakes up, then the best carpet sweeper can be a perfect choice.

Effectiveness of the carpet sweeper

This article is not intended to push sweepers as the perfect alternative to vacuums. It is true that a sweeper will never match a high-quality as far as removal of dust, dirt, and hair is concerned. However, many carpet sweepers, as well as the ones listed here are surprisingly effective in picking up the smallest of the debris.

The cost of the carpet sweeper

Sweepers do not cost as much as vacuums do. You can get some of the most inexpensive sweeper models by paying less than $15. So, the best carpet sweepers are very good deals obviously. Since carpet sweepers are relatively cheaper, they can be great supplements to vacuum cleaners altogether.

Final Verdict

Carpet and floor sweeper are great tools if you need a lightweight and convenient machine for cleaning. On this page, we review eight favorite floor and carpet sweepers. This review article will help you make an informed decision, as well as an economical choice. Carpet sweepers can be a useful addition to your vacuum. The carpet sweepers discussed on this page are quiet, inexpensive, great for cleaning your home.
If you get frustrated with having to pull the vacuum up every time you want to give your carpet a quick tidy up then a carpet sweeper could be an option for your household.
While many homemakers find vacuum cleaners as the go-to tools for deep cleaning, they do have some limitations. There are times when you just want to freshen up the floors between deeper cleans and vacuums cleaners are not the ideal solution for such an instance.
That’s where the carpet sweeper comes in!
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