Best Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaners | Reviewed In 2022

Are you looking for the best bagged upright vacuum suitable for allergy sufferers?

best bagged upright vacuum cleaner
Bagged vacuums are a great option if you have allergy suffers in your family. A bagless vacuum cleaner isn’t a good idea for those irritated by dust and allergens because when emptying the dirt cup, the sufferer could be exposed to allergens. What good is a vacuum if it doesn’t free air from pollutants? After all, the main reason we invest in a good vacuum cleaner is to clean your house.
In this review article I will take you through a range of what I think are the best bagged upright vacuum cleaner options that will be sure to suck up all those pesky dust and dirt particles around your house.

Best Bagged Upright Vacuums - Comparisons

  • HEPA-certified filter
  • Dirt sensor
  • Long power cord
  • Wide cleaning path
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Strong suction for commercial use
  •  Advanced filtration system
  • Long power cord
  • Quality construction
  • Advanced filtration system
  • Long power cord
  • Quality construction

Best Upright Bagged Vacuum - Reviews

Kenmore is a respected brand among homeowners. This Kenmore Elite vacuum works on one of the most powerful motors available on the USA market. The Kenmore 31150 features a six-foot-long wand made of telescoping aluminum.

If you’ve got a pet, then you’ll know how frustrating it is that they leave a trail of fur balls around the house. It’s aluminum wand is a convenient way to collect these fur balls off the floor and sofa. The powerful inducer motor, height adjustment, and a number of accessories make the Kenmore 31150 an attractive package.

HEPA-Certified Filter

Of course, the Kenmore Elite comes with a HEPA filtration system that traps pollutants in the air and eliminates odor. Pet odours are bound to build up, especially if you have more than one pet. Eliminating them requires a machine as convenient as the Elite 31150.

General Cleaning

The telescopic wand that extends out to clean is a useful addition to the kenmore elite. It’s great for getting at those hard to reach areas…. you know, the ones that you *think* are clean until you catch them in a different light.
The LED light will be activated by the dirt sensor when you have left a spot unclean (clever cookie!). This powerful vacuum light illuminates the specific area that you need to clean.

Pet Hair

Getting rid of pet hairs from furniture is a real challenge for many pet owners. Most pet odor actually emanates from pet hair, interesting huh! This is certainly a strength of the Elite 31150 as it comes with an attachment called the Pet Handi-Mate. An extreme efficient tool.
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Bissell vacuum cleaners have been at the top of their game for decades. The Bissell BGU1451T will be a blessing for the homeowners who have large homes. It is lightweight and is manufactured with strong suction suitable for commercial use. This Bissell bagged upright vacuum cleaner would be a welcome addition to any household.

Fast Application

I think we’d all agree, vacuum isn’t generally classified as a fun way to pass time. With the Bissell being so light and effective, your Vacuum cleaning will be done in no time. The Bissell BGU1451T has a wide cleaning path that takes in more dirt in a short period (so simple, yet so smart!). Therefore, you will be able to cover more carpet, rugs, and furniture in much less time.

Adjustable Height

Why do I believe this is one of the best bagged upright vacuum cleaners? Because it allows you to adjust its height in five different positions. Height adjustment is a convenient feature for cleaning hardwood floors, linoleum, and carpets. Adjustable height is necessary for cleaning multiple surfaces as they will each require pushing at a different angle. This is also a great feature for when I try and get my husband to do the vacuuming every now and then. 

Advanced Filtration System

The Bissell BGU1451T vacuum incorporates a 3 stage filtration system that traps 99% of the pollutants in the air. If you have allergy conditions, you will thank this unit! It’s one I often recommend to family and friends for this reason.
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I think we’d all agree that a dream vacuum would be lightweight, compact and get the job done fast, yeah? The Bissell Zing certainly sits apart from the old bagged vacuums that are bulky and heavy. Heavy vacuums can be tiring for you to push around for a few minutes, never lone half and hour or so.
Besides being lightweight, the Bissell has powerful suction, telescoping wand, and allows multi-surface cleaning. Whoop!


The Bissell Zing weighs in at 12.5 pounds. This is generally speaking a pretty manageable weight for most people. It is as light as a typical bowling ball.

Ease of Use

Switching from carpets to drapes can be annoying, right? The Bissell Zing allows multi-surface cleaning. You can easily go from cleaning carpets to cleaning drapes with the flip of a switch. Big fan of that!


The Bissell Zing has variable suction control, which will come in handy if you are dealing with delicate cleaning projects eg rugs and curtains as mentioned.
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Sebo is renowned for manufacturing quality products. The Sebo G1 is a premium product in every aspect. The product combines advanced technology, necessary attachments, and functionality in an efficient way. Yes, they look a bit *dated*, but i find that quite sweet to be honest.

Flawless Filtration

The Sebo G1 can filter up to 0.3 microns of microscopic dust, which is quite extraordinary! This is what it’s categorised as “hospital grade”. The secret to this quality is two filters and a multi-layered bag. It’s first filter prevents the dust that could seep into the motor. Then the second filter prevents allergens from seeping out.

Design & Suction

The design of the Sebo G1 upright vacuum cleaner is hard to beat. Sebo G1 passes airflow around the bag toward the top, this is an effective design to aid strong suction. This Sebo vacuum continues to suck dirt smoothly even when the bag fills up. 

My personal opinion on the physical design of the Sebo range is that because of their huge following, the brand is too concerned to make any dramatic changes – they’d prefer to be old school and actually work than look new and trendy and do anything that may lose their reputation for quality.


The Sebo G1 doesn’t have any swivel steering. Therefore, it may be an issue for you to use it on stairs.
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The Hoover UH30600 upright vacuum does an excellent job on bare floors and carpets. This vacuum shows its worth cleaning carpets, hardwood floors, and picking up pet hair. I was a big fan of the “ergonomic handle” that felt like it made smooth work of maneuaveruing this machine.

Ease of Use

The Hoover U630600 has options for you to turn the brush on and off. It can handle a good variety of carpet piles, with different thickness’. The handle makes it easy to get around corners and alike.

WindTunnel Technology

The technology allows you to get the dirt trapped beneath the carpet. Dirt that creates odor can be removed really efficiently. This vacuum doesn’t just make your carpet look good after vacuuming, if you use it regularly you’ll notice a difference in your carpet long term.


The Hoover U30600 comes with multiple attachments and tools. You will get the telescoping Extension Wand, 12 inch crevice tool (so handy!), upholstery brush, and a special air powered hand tool.

HEPA Filtration

The Hoover UH30600 also has a HEPA media bag for advanced filtration. This is a self-propelled vacuum that makes vacuum going forward or in reverse easy peasey!
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How to find your best Bagged Upright Vacuum...

Bagged upright vacuums may seem a bit dated. But, there is a reason why this type of vacuum cleaner is making a comeback. The latest generation of bagged vacuums offers amazing deep cleaning and superior dust filtration.
We’re seeing that these Bagged upright vacuums are now in high demand as allergy sufferers find these vacuums very useful. Bagless vacuums have their drawbacks when it comes to filtering dust from the air. Moreover, bagged vacuums tick a big extra box here.
You don’t have to empty your bagged vacuum as often as you’d think. Even if you need to do once in a while, the vacuums don’t cause a huge cloud of dust. Therefore, the vacuums are perfect for someone with respiratory complaints or sensitive to household allergies.

A few years ago I had to go out and buy a bagged vacuum. Previously I had owned a bagless. But, it changed my “then” 9-year-old son’s has severe allergy condition. The physician who treated him recommended us to switch to a bagged vacuum.

So, if you have trouble breathing at home, a bagged upright vacuum is worth investing in. The bags are reusable. And, the content of the bag can be composted, which most people don’t know.

Will you benefit from one?

Naturally, Bagless manufacturers are not giving it up easily. They are trying to produce something that could have the pure sucking power of an upright bagged vacuum. However, they are still a long way behind.
The range of vacuum cleaners available these days really can be quite confusing. What seems to be the challenge these days is that finding the one that could be suitable for your home. Regardless of what may be your best option taking in to account all your specific needs, the upright bagged vacuum design remains a solid choice when it comes to quality of cleaning.
When writing this article I really wanted people to know that it’s not all about “whats new and trendy”, but rather about what just works best.
I hope this article work as your ultimate guide to buying a bagged upright vacuum.

Types of Upright Vacuum You Need To Know About

The average person may not have even considered which is better from a quality of suction point of view… So, what are the benefits of a bagged and bagless vacuum? It’s never wrong to learn something new. So I am going to discuss the difference between the two.

Bagged vs. Bagless


As the name implies, bagless vacuums don’t have a bag. Therefore, you won’t need to buy or make any adjustments to your cleaner. Sometimes, changing a bag can be a bit of a hassle. For those that find it a big hassle then bagless will be more convenient in this way.
And if you are thinking about long term operating costs, bagless vacuums are a good investment. They are easy to use and cheap too because you don’t have to buy replacement bags.
Don’t you like to see how much dirt you have picked up this morning?
Bagless vacuums let you see the canister fill up with dirt when you are cleaning your home. For some seeing this dirt accumulate is very interesting and satisfying!
If you love protecting the environment, you will love bagless vacuums. With no bag to store dirt, you have no bag to store the landfill with.
There is a drawback though. And, it is a drawback people with allergy conditions need to heed. Since, there is no bag in this vacuum, you have to empty the canister into a bin. When emptying, it is likely that a huge cloud of dust settles on your just vacuumed furniture.
People with allergies and sensitivity to dust have to consider this situation.
Moreover, bagless vacuums don’t match the suction power of a good bagged vacuum. That’s even more of an issue for the cordless ones. You may even have to charge them multiple times while cleaning your house.


Imagine emptying your bagless vacuum canister’s into a trash can on a windy day. It sure will leave such an unfortunate experience. I am just trying to create a scenario for those wishing to switch to a bagged vacuum.
Bagged vacuums have disposable bags that allow you to take the bag out and dispose of it into the trash can. Your bag won’t spread all the dirt you just collected from your carpet.
Even if you are careful with emptying the canister into the garbage, it’s likely that you have released some pollutants back where they are sucked from. This could be dangerous for people with allergy conditions.
Children with asthma or people with respiratory conditions dealing with this risk are unimaginable. This could make their conditions worsen.

Moreover, bagged units come with a range of filters that can filter the air pumped out of the back of your machine. Many vacuums have HEPA filters built in. These filters filter allergens and make sure that the air pumped out of the back remains safe to inhale.

Pros and Cons of Bagged Vacuums



Who is the Bagged Vacuum for?

What to Look for to find the best Bagged Upright Vacuum

Before going out to shop for a new bagged vacuum, you need to determine your budget. How much you are willing to spend will weed out the options that aren’t in your price range. I always set a range of what I’m willing to spend.
For example, you could settle for a price range between $300 and $400. And, this will give you a bit of flexibility to choose the best option available within your range.


The first thing you will have to notice in a bagged vacuum is the weight. Will you be able to use this vacuum up a set of stairs? You may want to use your vacuum while climbing up stairs. Then, you will need a vacuum that is an appropriate weight for you to manage this.
Would you be comfortable pushing the vacuum around a spacious apartment?
You have to keep the fact in mind that this style of vacuum can be weighty. Some of the industrial cleaners are heavy-duty. Therefore, you have to be confident in the product you’re buying.


Will a noisy vacuum both you? Fortunately, vacuums have come a long way and are much quieter than they used to be. But, the amount of noise still varies significantly. If you have sensitive ears, or neighbors that you’re worried about (good neighbor you are!) a lower powered device might be the best choice for you.
But, some of us like stick our headphones in, blaring loud 80’s music, then a noisier machine isn’t necessarily a negative. More often than not, power and noise go hand in hand. Therefore, a higher-powered machine is likely to generate much more noise than a less powerful one.

Allergen Filter

Allergen filters make sure fine particles remain inside the bag. The filters make sure that anything coming out of the machine stays clean. Some brands even come with odor eliminators that prevent the spread of musky smell.

Price of Bags

How often you have to replace these will depend on how much dirt you bring in to your house of course. This is the type of expense that you have to deal with on a regular basis, or not too commonly at all. Therefore, it’s a good practice that you check out the cost of bags and have a think about what that might work out per year.
One thing you can keep in mind is that the better the filtration your vacuum provides, the higher the cost of bag will be.
Brands like Miele manufacture the most expensive bags in the USA market. The bags from Miele are usually high priced due to the high level of the filtration system. Multi-layered design, the self-locking auto-seal feature can also affect the cost of the bags.
If you are looking for cheap options for bags, check out the bags from Oreck. Oreck manufactures inexpensive bags for vacuums. But, the downside of them is they won’t filter very well.

HEPA Filtration

HEPA filtration is the advanced filtration system, compliant with healthcare regulatory. This type of filtration system adds an extra level of filtration that prevents the dust from being released back into the room.
The filtration system is usually located just outside of the motor. HEPA filters aren’t washable. Therefore, you will have to replace them as soon as they are overused. Usually, the lifespan of HEPA filtration is between 6 to 12 months – depending on how often you vacuum and how much dirt you have in your home.
So, as you can see, you can’t use HEPA filtration for longer than a year. You can expect the added cost to expend for changing HEPA filters.

Cord Length

Cord length is a very important aspect to consider. A shorter cord means you have to relocate the plug more often as you move around the house. This will obviously prove tiring if you have a large home to vacuum.
Most upright vacuums usually have 30 feet long cord. You can find longer cords for sure. The longer the better if you have a large house to vacuum.

Canister vacuums are the ones that usually come with short length cords, which tend to be shorter than 30 feet. The cords of canister vacuums, however, come with cord rewind. Therefore, you won’t have to deal with the hassle when tidying up the cord.

Power and Motorized Brush

Some vacuums are slow, but they pack a heavy punch. Others don’t have much power but can work faster. You have to choose what suits you the most.
A powerful motor is an important aspect to consider for deep cleaning the carpet. The most powerful vacuum variants usually have 10 and 12 amps motor. Smaller vacuums usually have 5 amps motors.
Another feature you should consider is the motorized brush. Motorized brushes agitate and shake off surrounding dirt trapped under carpet strands.


If you are looking for deep cleaning and convenience, then the bagged upright vacuum will be the right choice. In this article, I discussed everything related to bagged upright vacuums. This article can act as your guide to finding the best option.

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